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Basler BT-67

A&A Models | N° 7242 | 1:72

Boxart Basler BT-67 7242 A&A Models


A&A Models
Basler BT-67
Maquette complète
2024 Nouvel outillage
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3800237894260 (EAN)
Boîte rigide (ouverture par le haut)
Douglas DC-3 » Hélice (Avions)


Douglas DC-3

Basler BT-67
CA Kenn Borek Air (1966-now)
US US Forest Service (1905-now)
US White Desert (2005-now)

Contenu de la boîte

Grappes de plastique (Light gray), Grappes de plastique (Clear), Grappes de plastique (Light gray), Décalcomanie (à l'eau) (Multi-colored), Feuille de masquage (Light gray), Instructions (papier) (Multi-colored)

Contents Basler BT-67 7242 A&A Models

340x240x80 mm (13.4x9.4x3.1 inch)

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A&A Models
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Casey Beckett
Got mine today -Looks like a BT-67.
Initial assessment , not too bad!
So, what I see - fuselage is stretched. Clear parts are rough,(pits and not clear) - but do install from the outside of the fuselage, so that's a plus. Sprue gates are in some not too good locations, (leading edges, sides of wing/belly center section, a few others will need some careful separation. Detail looks mediocre, but a good start. Instrument panel is flat. Yokes and rudder pedals are awful thick. You do get weighted or unweighted tires, a nice touch. Minimal flash, but it is there. Sink marks are few but large inside the fuselage. Full interior although simple. The tail cone on mine was separated from the spue, it looks to be tough to clean up. Small short part, 4 radii, and leading to a point.
Panel lines - well they certainly are THERE. Far too heavy, have not compared them for accuracy with a proper line drawing of the aircraft.
Decals look great, particularly the Australian and Canadian flags. The prop logos are bit out of register. Carrier film looks to be just the right amount.

Now the big question, which scheme? So many lovely options for this airframe! The 3 in the kit are all good. One BT with is based near me in Smithfield NC, purportedly for "paratroop training" terribly boring scheme on that one, all white with two lime green? or gold? cheat lines - rumor has it it's a government plane used by our three letter agencies. I am leaning toward the "White Desert " scheme of Theia Aviation.

A replacement windscreen is a must, it's just too thick and pitted. Shame there.
3 May, 01:23

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