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Kitty Hawk Attempt.


7 | 28. January, 18:29
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Roland Gunslinger
Hmm... Foxbat?
30. January, 23:39
Sir is a connoisseur . it is indeed a Foxbat.., I'll do a project for this at some point, at the moment just playing with it.. Kitty hawk.... my first kitty hawk kit.. the fit is...interesting I think is best way of saying.. without resorting to foul language.
31. January, 00:26
So some more pics.. a weekends worth of work.. just to get that far... 22 parts for 3 sub-assemblies.. Who ever designed that part breakdown needs their heads read. The front fuselage sides alone is 6 parts..
31. January, 22:00
Roland Gunslinger
He probably thought it was a good idea when designing it 😄
PS: Call me heretical, but is that intended that this album is attached to the fortress project?
2. February, 00:17
yeah.. probably.. someone should of "encouraged" them to maybe reduce the breakdown..
Shapes, ok (ish) but fit is a monster.. not to mention warpage where you would not expect it. But.. I have a fueslage.. wings etc next and then dreaded paint.
2. February, 00:20
Roland Gunslinger
I haven't built a kitty hawk kit yet, but unfortunately I haven't read anything good about their kits.
2. February, 00:29
Other than the fact they have a better jag than heller/airfix.. I would avoid now.. sadly I have a pair of Mirage F-1's and a Two seat jag from these clowns..
2. February, 08:24
James C
I have this kit as well... so will be following😉👍
2. February, 17:03
Hi James.. welcome 🙂 I can give you lots of advice on how to build this now.. its fun
2. February, 19:14
Roland Gunslinger
I also have two kitty hawks in my stash. I'm curious how they are...
2. February, 21:00
also.. Mig-25.. lot bigger than I thought.. Its bigger than an F-14
2. February, 21:48
James C
That's taken shape nicely!
3. February, 05:53
Well.. lots of clamps, bands etc needed to get it to hold a shape to then glue lol
3. February, 09:28
Jos Jansen
Interesting...I've plans to purchase one on the near future.
3. February, 10:02
Might be worth looking at the ICM one.. Not that I have built one but have one.. might have a look.
3. February, 10:12
Slavo Hazucha
Ah, I´ll better take a seat, this will surely be worthwhile! Nice start, it´s growing big pretty quickly 🙂
3. February, 11:47
Welcome Slavo 🙂 I'm sure there's free seats.
3. February, 12:17
And so our next part of genius engineering.. wingtips that have butt joints that follow no known panel line and are frankly such poor fit.. to make it good, I'm going to obliterate any surface detail around it. Ohh.. and the tips are thicker than the wing. by about 1mm FML
3. February, 23:58
Kinda given up on the kitty hawk wing.. So introducing a ICM and Kitty hawk hybrid. So will be looking for a spare pair of ICM ones to replace the ones I just stole from an ICM kit.
4. February, 20:40
Maciej Bellos
Wow, that s@cks to put it mildly... Paying top dough for crappy fit,darn you Kittyhawk!
4. February, 21:01
Hi Maciej, its a unique engineering decision they made.. but with the difference in thickness's etc.. fixing it would be a utter nightmare so decided to take the easier option and just replace the wings
4. February, 21:18
Couple of updates with progress.. captions on pics explain
7. February, 20:07
Patryk S.
Taking a seat, looking forward to see how your brave endeavour into kittyhawk fitland ends (unfortunately have some in my stash also).
7. February, 20:28
Welcome Patryk, hopefully, I can do it justice with ICM wings.. seems to of worked so far 🙂 Now to get the paint right.
7. February, 20:41
Little too much on the dirtying up the backend, but once some black goes on and some dry brushing I think its saveable
7. February, 21:51
Slavo Hazucha
Pic 19 & 20 are a spot on treatment - the green on 21 cool too, some matt black and dark brown grime streaked or drybrushed in direction of flight could take it even further😉 very nice work all of it 👍
7. February, 23:42
Thanks Slavo 🙂 work in progress for sure.
7. February, 23:50
Had a change of heart so cleaned up a little and this is where I am at now.
8. February, 16:33
Quick update as am back at bench post surgery.
13. February, 22:46
Roland Gunslinger
Hope everything is fine after the surgery.
Pic 31 WTF Is it the right part? 😮
13. February, 23:16
Hi Roland, everything is going fine and I'm healing nicely..

Pic 31.. yea thats the right part totally not the right shape.. I'm actually almost at the point of binning this pile of shit as I am just so fed up with parts that just dont fit.. I can get a ICM one cheap enough and then can claim the wings back from this back to the donor kit..
13. February, 23:27
Ok I called it.. this one is going in file 13.. and I've ordered ICM's as a replacement.
Not total waste, learned to avoid kitty hawk kits.
14. February, 00:48
Hello Augie, found late and yet to see the usual disaster of Kitty Hawk, my sympathy, I've already tried / made several kits from them 🙁 it was never fun / I still have MiG 25, but from ICM and there I will stay, only the UM version, that will also be Kitty Hawk and an orgy of spatulas and parts construction, thanks for the report and the pictures 👍
14. February, 01:03
Hi Jens,

Thanks, it was a worth while attempt. I am glad I had got the kit cheap else at £79 I would have been very annoyed. Hope the pics will help others too

14. February, 01:04
James C
That's disappointing, but sometimes it's just best to walk away, rather than to continue trying to push shit up-hill.
14. February, 05:23
David Taylor
Seems to be a theme with Kittyhawk kits,ill fitting.Always fancied the twin Jag but have been put off.
14. February, 08:12
MiG-25 PT/SD Foxbat😉
14. February, 09:29
Thanks guys. I think if it had'nt been for such shit wing design and then poor fit on top.. far to expensive for what it is when you can get ICM one for half the price
14. February, 10:10


1:48 MiG-25 (Kitty Hawk KH80119)
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-25PD Foxbat-E
SU Military Voyenno-Vozdushnye Sily (Soviet Air Force 1918-1991)
Blue 75

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