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She's done XS600 17 Sqn RAF Desert Storm.


13 | 26. January, 18:48
Palo M
Fancy looking!
26. January, 21:21
Carlos Cisneros
Great "What if?" build of this aircraft!
26. January, 21:45
Thanks guys 🙂
26. January, 21:58
Nathan Dempsey
Awesome finish Augie. I love the colors and the armaments.
27. January, 02:35
Jos Jansen
Beautiful colors... nice build!
27. January, 05:53
Thanks Guys 🙂
27. January, 09:00
Slavo Hazucha
It´s done then 🙂

Cool idea to carry over the grey-green RAF pattern to desert colors. In december I watch a documentary/panel on the TSR-2 on youtube - bursting with nostalgia, so it´s really nice to see one built here and not as a prototype but "the real thing" - in such a very nice way! 👍
28. January, 09:10
Hi Slavo,

Yeah she's done, for such a large kit.. its fairly basic but you can add some details as needed.
Fits typical for a pre-bankruptcy airfix kit, you can tell they were rushed out the door.

I got the idea from the Red Flag buccaneer scheme they did, where they just painted over the Slate & Slime with desert colours, the rest is just my own ideas given the size of the airframe compared to canberra's. So the Forward under fueslage pylons are from Hasegawa's weapon set along with the pods.

Wing pylons are left over F-105 resin pylons from a F-105 build and weapons are from the spares box.

IFR Probe is from tornado but fits perfect. Decals are a mix of Tornado decals from multiple sources.

Glad she came out nicely, not up to most peoples standards, but keeps me sane lol.
28. January, 09:27
Roland Gunslinger
Nice build 👍 I like the desert colors. Now i want build my RAF Tornado 😄
28. January, 23:19
Lol Thanks Roland, glad you like. Was nice to go off and just do what I wanted with it. Its a big bugger I'll say that for it.
28. January, 23:57
Donald Dickson II
Very cool! Came out great!
29. January, 00:05
Thanks Don 🙂
29. January, 01:21
James C
That's a great result Augie👍
29. January, 05:25
Thanks James 🙂 was a surprise when she came out bigger than a Canberra.
29. January, 09:22


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