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Защо да рекламирате на is the largest scale modeling website on the internet. Our targeted and up to date content covers every aspect of the plastic modeling hobby.

We offer multiple online advertising options (Banner campaigns + marketplace): from broad awareness campaigns to very targeted campaigns!

You have full control in our self service portal to start/stop/adapt your campaigns including very granular insights in (near)real-time.

Статистика November 2020

Google Analytics

  • Месечни показвания на страницата: 5,711,327
  • Посещения за месец: 1,358,203
  • Уникални посетители на месец: 562,458
  • Средна продължителност на посещението: 3m 20s

Външни класации

  • Alexa Traffic Rank: 107,492
  • Google Pagespeed: 100/100
Best ranked scale modeling website globally

Advertising options

Option 1: Banner advertising

Targeted banner campaigns getting most out of your marketing budget. Show banners only on pages matching your audience (topics/scales/sections/geo).

Typical website
Интелигентно насочване
No targeting options
Фокусирана експозиция
2-5 banners per page
4-15 banners per page
Кръстосано устройство
Детайлни HD банери
High resolution
Standard resolution
Кампании с няколко банера
Multi banner & multi-size
1 banner per campaign
На самообслужване
With instant changes
Подробен репортинг
Ценообразуване на реална CPM
Fixed montlhy fee
Кратки кампании
1 Hour
1 Month
Изберете цената си
Платете предварително

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Option 2: Marketplace

Display an attractive teaser with an up to date price, logo and direct link to the matching product in your shop. We have 430.000+ products in our database, a starting point for many modelers before buying a kit. To see it in action look here SCM Market Place example. Members can setup a personal wishlist, your line items will be proposed whenever they look at their wishlist. See it here.

The best conversion rates and most optimal targeting for eCommerce shops.

A sample view of 1 of our 430.000 product pages showing price info from 25+ different online hobby shops across the globe.

Typical website
Високи проценти на конверсия
Highly targeted audience
Без поддръжка
Effortless marketing
Информация за цените на живо
Updated every hour *
Информация за акции на живо
Updated every hour *
Гео насочване
Currency conversions + display order
Гео блокиране
Limit display to certain countries
Подробен репортинг
Stats per products, Geo, Date
Интелигентно ценообразуване
CPC based on product price (capped)
Многократна защита от щракване
Repeated clicks are invalidated
Кръстосано устройство
Used by 25+ shops since 2013
Платете предварително
* configurable: every 15mins up to every 24 hours

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Факти и цифри

  • Language: English
  • Demographics: Male (Older)
  • Audience: Worldwide (USA, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Canada, Australia, Spain, Czechia, Japan...)
  • Interests: Plastic scale modeling, Aircraft, AFV, Cars, Ships, Sci-Fiction, Military and civil...
  • Online since: December 2010
  • Members: 59.000+

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