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Bob in Spokaloo added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: February 28, 2019
5. January at 02:11:37 Share
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Bob in Spokaloo This is an old Monogram kit of the Kingfisher, the plane that was launched from the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor.

I want to build the Revell Arizona later this year and, with the Kingfisher aftermarket decals (Yellow-Wings Decals), its possible to match the unit colors exactly and the squadron emblem on this plane.

The plane will mostly be aluminum but the upper wing is a bright yellow-orange.
5. January at 02:30:16
Bob in Spokaloo Monogram 1-48 Kingfisher - Early attempt (25 years ago) at photoetch for Monogram here - the kit is called High Tech
9. January at 03:33:51
Bob in Spokaloo Monogram 1-48 Kingfisher - Some progress...but, its clear this 42 year old kit shows its age. I won't try real hard to fill in too many gaps, etc..

The canopies were a challenge....all 5 of them. No aftermarket masks for this kit, fursur
25. January at 21:42:02
Cortex Never seen this Monogram kit before! thanks for sharing
27. January at 19:08:07
Bob in Spokaloo Monogram 1-48 Kingfisher - Correction...I found the year 1967 stamped on the elevators with a Monogram initial next to it.

That makes this design (and molds) 51 years old! (not 42, like I thought)....and why I'm not sweating too much about the details here...its the overall effect that will be the goal, with the bright yellow wing and the USS Arizona decals
31. January at 16:48:08
Bob in Spokaloo Monogram 1-48 Kingfisher - Rear Canopies installed and center canopy roughed in -

The fit is actually pretty good on the two outside canopies on the rear but it leaves major gaps when the center is installed. One way to make sure paint doesn't get into the cockpit is to mask the seams and then hand paint them later.
1. February at 05:12:03
Bob in Spokaloo Monogram 1-48 Kingfisher - Base Coat of Tamiya Aluminum laid down - looks OK to me for this old kit
4. February at 05:34:32
Bob in Spokaloo Monogram 1-48 Kingfisher - masking complete for wing and tail painting...tail and elevators on this version were bright red.

Next is the bright orange-yellow (or is it yellow-orange?) wing...that will be fun
8. February at 19:29:00
Bob in Spokaloo Monogram 1-48 Kingfisher - a painting disaster - some masking tape got hold of the paint as it was coming off and took a giant hunk with it.

Sanding it just made it peel and left a big scab....This Model Master gloss paint is really tough to fix without a complete paint removal (and that is not happening)

I may just have to live with this, put decals over it if I can and muv on with my modeling life.
9. February at 05:53:14
Bob in Spokaloo Monogram 1-48 Kingfisher - Here is one answer - peel ALL the paint off - and start over on the wings
9. February at 05:57:08
Thomas Bischoff Watching! Had this kit years ago but never built it. Re-Painting the whole wing is the right decision!
9. February at 07:06:32
Bob in Spokaloo Monogram 1-48 Kingfisher - Remasked and primed (there was no primer on the first go round, just the spray paint base)

This time with two different primers (Mission Models Red Oxide sorta gloss on the left, Vallejo German Green Brown matte on the right) as a bit of a test.

BTW...I used a Paasche H for the primer...I want to see if that works...Its a great way to keep primer out of a delicate double action airbrush and only clean up the little parts the external mix H has...the question smooth is result? So far...its working but it hasn't really been tested yet.

yup...its a dangerous time for a model here.....experimenting is being done on it.

Whimsy is beginning to set in a bit around this guy....Now, lets see if I can pull off a bright yellow-orange wing.
10. February at 16:51:39
Bob in Spokaloo Monogram 1-48 Kingfisher - Wing Painting complete - masks off and there may be reason for hope

The wing is more orange than I would like, but it matches some examples out there.

Lots of touchup, decals and etc to do....
10. February at 21:35:30
Bob in Spokaloo Monogram 1-48 Kingfisher - Some of the legacy photoetch is just not working and doesn't really look right - it will be replaced by wire
11. February at 01:10:38
Bob in Spokaloo Further testing with the Paasche H and primers shows its a very good loss of fine detail with the Mission Models primers or the Vallejo primers
11. February at 07:48:42
Bob in Spokaloo Monogram 1-48 Kingfisher - At some point, the 28 (I counted them) individually masked cockpit panes were just going to have to be good enough and it is time for clear coat and decals....
16. February at 22:07:03
Clifford Keesler Nice project. I have one in my collection, I think I built like 15 years ago, the white belly has kind of turned yellowish. I use a Badger 350 for primer, it is also single action and I also use it to spray metallic laquers, using my double action airbrushes for mainly acrylics, though I do have one I use for small metallic jobs and enamels.
17. February at 01:42:57
Bob in Spokaloo thank you...this one is getting close to the decal stage, which is what it was all about.

BTW, the comment about the paasche was about its being an external mix (and easy to clean) , not necessarily single action.
17. February at 01:55:57
Clifford Keesler Yea the Badger is an external mix also and very easy to clean.
17. February at 01:57:35
Bob in Spokaloo there u go....
17. February at 03:36:59
Bob in Spokaloo Monogram 1-48 Kingfisher - The decals are started and its really fun to see it take shape.

Now, lets get a modern 1/48 Kingfisher kit!
20. February at 21:15:20
Clifford Keesler That is looking very nice, Kitty Hawk does a 1/32 Kingfisher I believe.
21. February at 01:50:54
Bob in Spokaloo Just a short Paasche H note . I am finding it needs its paint or primer to be thinned a bit more than an internal mix brush (tip drying is the culprit?)- and the primers are thick - I used a number 5 tip...that is a good combination for me.
22. February at 21:21:49
Bob in Spokaloo BTW...both Paasche for the H and Badger for the 350 recommend 30 psi for heavier paint (like primers) takes a bit more pressure than a gravity feed internal mix (I run those at 20 psi).

That should help with the flow of the heavier all, very happy with the decision to try the H for primers
24. February at 06:47:29
Bob in Spokaloo all this airbrush testing with primers and PSI is getting me interested in how the Testors Aztek airbrush system might work well with increased pressure and a big nozzle for primers as well...

...i do luv the far the easiest airbrush I've ever used....and easy to clean...i will report back to the internet on my extensive findings...
25. February at 02:01:20
Bob in Spokaloo Well...the "testing" is complete...and it went very well, once thinned a good bit (50:50?)....Aztek brush, orange tip, 30 psi

However, the Mission Models primer is tenacious and really wants to stick to the plastic Aztek parts...a bit tuff to clean....not like the Paasche (or Badger)...guess that's why its good primer, yes?

Anyway, I've come away with a new appreciation for the good old external mix, easy to clean airbrush (these can be left for months with dried up paint and cleaned up with a good thinner in no time...try that with an internal mix).

I started with the Paasche H years ago and left it but, its easy to see now, with experience gained over the years, that it (or the Badger....its basically the same brush) would be a great all around tool.

25. February at 03:14:05
Bob in Spokaloo Monogram 1-48 Kingfisher - The final push is on to try and finish this today..painting the engine with the model in the HobbyZone jig...i like the jig.. does this fella..
26. February at 00:34:49
Bob in Spokaloo this kit is truly funky in some ways...i just discovered that the holes for the photoetch were only drilled at half the locations...which is confusing, because there are holes in that area for footholds...should i try to fix that?...nah

...basically...we need a new detailed kit..

...this is fun to decal and a pain to build (it IS 51 years old, after all)

it won't be done tonight..some paint needs to dry.
26. February at 03:13:54
Bob in Spokaloo Monogram 1-48 Kingfisher - all done - just a little prop touchup and the pictures can be taken
27. February at 23:58:35
Bob in Spokaloo Monogram 1-48 Kingfisher - Finished - This was a nice project, but we sure need a modern Kingfisher.

The decals were a joy to work with and even the prop decals worked.

In all...very happy...its fun to look at...with all the obvious kit and builder flaws...enjoy.
28. February at 00:38:13
Greg Baker Man, I love that! It looks like a really clean build and the colours really POP!
28. February at 00:49:30
Clifford Keesler Very nice final result. Nice job.
28. February at 01:01:04
Bob in Spokaloo Thanks, guys...this was a kick...these "Yellow WIngs" era planes really jump
28. February at 04:42:14
Thomas Bischoff A masterpiece in your collection!
28. February at 05:27:59
Stephan Ryll Great work very nice build
28. February at 18:33:54
Bob in Spokaloo thanks all...this one was fun
1. March at 23:28:07
Bob in Spokaloo Just ordered the Kitty Hawk Model 1/32 version of this...with Eduard masks and etch...lets see how good it is.
7. March at 20:45:25
Daniel Klink Wonderfully colorful Bird, exceptionally well done Bob...Congrats
7. March at 20:46:57
Bob in Spokaloo thank u for taking time out of your busy modeling schedule to notice...

thanks, was fun...
7. March at 20:49:04
Greg Baker A bigger version of this baby? Count me in!
7. March at 23:04:19
Bob in Spokaloo yes...with masks for the 28 canopy panes this time....

The Yellow-Wings folks have the decals...

those decals also have a wartime version (USS Washington)...right now, I can't decide to make that or try to make a better version of the prewar (USS Arizona) 1/48 scale monogram kit from 1967, only in the bigger 1/32 Kitty Hawk model
OS2U Kingfisher (Kitty Hawk KH32016, 1:32)
with lots of after market stuff, etc....tuff call.

Also just ordered this...

OS2U Kingfisher (Riich.Models RS20003, 1:200)

didn't know it existed...

does this feel like TinTin yet? many Kingfishers r there out there...lets find out...

1:32 OS2U Kingfisher (Kitty Hawk KH32016)1:200 OS2U Kingfisher (Riich.Models RS20003)
8. March at 00:55:38
Greg Baker The decision will come to you in a dream... trust your instincts. ;)

As for Tintin, I didn't have any plans for a Kingfisher, but the Curtiss SC-1 Seahawk (Směr 0866, 1:72) is on my project list. ;)

1:72 Curtiss SC-1 Seahawk (Směr 0866)
8. March at 01:37:09
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