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Thread started by Yellowwing

Bernhard Schrock added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: February 16, 2019
5. December 2018 at 19:53:50 Share
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Treehugger Interesting. I've always wanted this kit. Nice to see the extra work and curious what else you plan to do here. :)
6. December 2018 at 08:16:21
Bart Goesaert I agree with Bobinspokaloo... I'm in
6. December 2018 at 08:18:05
Holger Kranich Seems to be important for Berhard that the plane is one Thing at least: Ugly! ;)

It s like an accident on the Highway, you have to watch it! Hang in there, Bernhard!
6. December 2018 at 13:42:26
Wim van der Luijt you designed a PE set for rigging wire? (just out of curiousity, how much does that cost?)
6. December 2018 at 14:37:20
Roberto Rocat This one made me remember the movie Murphy's War (
6. December 2018 at 14:44:28
Stefan Schacht Hallo Bernhard, I'm curious and take a seat :)Cheers Stefan
6. December 2018 at 18:34:42
Bernhard Schrock Wim, many years ago I designed with Thomas Gatermann a similar etched plate but meanwhile I'm slowly running out of stock.
Some months ago I created an artwork for the antenna for the Hayabusa space vehicle and I was very happy with the result that I got from AEHC (small company specializing in custom etching). The rigging plate (200mmx100mm) is similar in size to the Hayabusa antenna and I suppose that the cost will be similar too (aprox. 45-50€).
6. December 2018 at 20:27:45
Treehugger Impressive (photo 3). What trickery is was done to get the metal parts into the somewhat translucent parts there for the floating device? Is that styrene or something else?
8. December 2018 at 12:26:54
Bernhard Schrock Treehugger; they are cotton swabs (Qtipps) stretched over a candle (picture 11).
11. December 2018 at 20:05:02
Bernhard Schrock After revising the artwork (200x150 mm matching the standard sheet size) I received today the etched plate and I'm veeeeeery happy with the result. Crisp and absolutely flawless quality!
21. December 2018 at 12:38:13
Bernhard Pethe Bernhard und die Wasserflugzeuge ;) Es bleibt interessant. Frohe Weihnacht. :)
21. December 2018 at 17:20:01
Thomas Bischoff impressive work - I'll join as I have this on my list as well
23. December 2018 at 18:37:24
Christian Bruer impressive as always
23. December 2018 at 20:49:29
Daniel Klink Quak, Quak, following!! Quak, Quak!
28. December 2018 at 15:48:18
Dieter Bihlmaier Great start Bernhard!
28. December 2018 at 21:31:11
Hanno Kleinecke All these precious small details in the cockpit, actuators and rigging look as if they were functional. Masterly Bernhard !
31. December 2018 at 16:47:41
Bernhard Schrock First I wish all Mates all the best in the new year! Thx for watching and kind commenting my projects :)

During the last days I had a bit of time and continued my actually project. I discovered some mistakes in the kit :( For example the position of the rear short struts is wrong. They have to be fixed approximately 5 mm more forward.
Between the first and second fuselage panel should be a gap when you look from the rear. In the kit both panels are flush to each other.
At last the edges of the oil cooler inlet are not sharp but funnel shaped. The grid is mounted not outside but inside. Unfortunately I saw that too late...
3. January at 09:46:49
Bernhard Schrock Engine is completed. Exhaust stacks and intake pipes: rarely I have had to do the same task as often....
5. January at 15:12:04
Björn Svedberg Another awesome build! Following.
5. January at 20:04:08
Stefan Fraundorfer Perfect craftsmanship as always Bernhard. I'm watching your steps.
6. January at 09:02:17
Marco Gallmann Bernhard, that is an amazing work on the Engine. Especially the weathering effects on the exhaust pipes. Als well the other parts of the Duck too.
6. January at 09:52:36
Treehugger What aftermarket kit is that engine? It looks like resin because of the color. The painted engine looks really nice.
6. January at 09:56:55
bughunter Bernhard, again a great project! Love all the details, especially the trim control and the engine
6. January at 10:00:59
potez452 Really great project Bernhard ! amazing detailing. Are photoetched riggings aftermarket ones or personnal works ?
8. January at 21:28:55
Daniel Klink Art of Modelling
8. January at 22:05:06
9. January at 00:22:40
Bart Goesaert More fine work as usual... always a pleasure to watch...
9. January at 07:43:06
Bernhard Schrock potez452: So far I know there is nothing comparable at the market. Because of that I designed the sheet myself. I think there are enough rigging for on dozen biplanes or so
9. January at 08:30:59
Burkhard D Oh, I am late to the party :D
11. January at 19:46:53
Bernhard Schrock Next to last task before painting is completed: landing gear. Next step is the greenhouse canopy. Last week I vacu formed over the kit part new parts too leave the cockpit open. Unfortunately the kit provides only one clear piece for all 5 separate parts. It's impossible to divide it up.
13. January at 13:53:04
bughunter Your scratch build gear with evergreen is fantastic I hope it can support the model.
13. January at 14:22:07
Bernhard Schrock Very good hint. Thx. But ...everything is reinforced with wire :)
13. January at 15:50:40
Bart Goesaert looking good... no reinforcement strip around the wheel well? shame on you ;) (Just kidding by the way )
14. January at 08:09:07
Hanno Kleinecke Cockpithaube á la Toaster ? Wenn das Brot erst mal ein paar Tage alt ist, hilft der Toaster auch.... :) Nive job on the „flight ration" ! Bon appetite ! :)
14. January at 17:44:59
Treehugger Aha. I guess it was fortunate that the kit part for the canopy glass was one piece, which I guess made it easier to make a vacuum shape from it.
14. January at 17:56:20
Bernhard Schrock Yesterday I finished the last task before painting and so I visited today the excellent picture gallery on Seawings. I wonted to look for details for painting. Again I discovered a lot of mistakes. I don't won't to be picky but there were not small. I almost lost heart to finish the duck. My first idea was smash my kit, boxed it and send it back to Merit. It is scandalous that an American company which has half a dozen Ducks around the corner is unable to produce a decent kit. By the way: the fabric surfaces do not remotely look like the original as well. Even Lindberg did a better fabric-job more than 40 years ago.
I think I'm going to leave this junk and tomorrow I'm going to start Tamiya Wildcat.....
15. January at 20:09:24
Bernhard Schrock I just decided to cancel the project.
15. January at 20:10:49
Hanno Kleinecke Oops accidently deleted my post..... Really cancelled ? After all that brillant detailwork ? That would be a real shame ! Maybe consider it a „ What if I would'nt have noticed" :) ?
15. January at 20:18:24
Treehugger Ouch. I haven't researched this particular subject since I made a 3D model of the Grumman Duck on a computer a long time ago, so I don't know how accurate the Merit kit is. I did find it odd that the side windows by the wing root seemed to look like being flat, when I think it should be more like a box. That was the only thing that stopped me from buying the kit, for quite a while now.
15. January at 20:43:32
Thomas Bischoff that's sad to hear - especially after all the work you put into her but I see your points and agree with the mentioned defects.
15. January at 21:16:52
bughunter Pity. Really pity, after all the effort you spent. I hope you can at least save the engines fro another project.
15. January at 21:51:56
Wim van der Luijt such a shame after all the fine craftsmanship you displayed here.....hope the next one will be better
16. January at 07:22:27
Bart Goesaert too bad about that decision, but to me, and with your skills it seems manageable... may not a true replica in the sence of a scaled down original, but it looks like the changes needed are doable, maybe after a good nights sleep and when you are over this disappointment...
16. January at 08:24:45
Bernhard Schrock Everybody earns the second chance, and particularly a duck! :)
17. January at 15:02:19
Bart Goesaert what the duck? you ducked it ;)
17. January at 15:08:06
Johne 69 If you finish this duck youre a ducktor :)
17. January at 16:38:12
Bernhard Schrock Thank you for the specDUCKular support. Now I have to finish the bird. :)
17. January at 17:37:37
Hanno Kleinecke Ich bin beeinD(r)UCK(t) ! Evergreenrohr ? Excellent solution for this kitbug !
17. January at 18:22:47
bughunter There is nearly nothing on this planet, which cannot be corrected with Evergreen by Bernhard
17. January at 18:28:48
Martin Oostrom Ducks are meant fly, fly high little bird
17. January at 18:39:01
Bernhard Schrock :). Hanno: i used 1,2 mm thick plate and "carved" the triangle. The rest is 0,25 mm sheet and Tamiyas CA.
17. January at 18:39:17
Alexander G. As always fantastic craftsmanship, Bernhard
17. January at 20:41:00
Marco Gallmann Bernhard - the Lord of plastic, it is amazing, how you have added and created the missing maintenance stap
17. January at 21:03:29
Bernhard Schrock Picture 48: I would like to hear you opinion. Are the prop tips painted yellow (1) or red/yellow/blue (2)? I tend to paint them (2).
21. January at 13:57:42
Bart Goesaert according to the Classic airframes instructions, it should be yellow. Thinking in some photo's i see white/red/white ( which seems more plausible... So no answer, more questions... ;)
21. January at 14:31:06
bughunter That picture shows clearly (2): [img1] ;)
21. January at 15:10:35
Bernhard Schrock Now I have an idea for a display! :)
21. January at 15:30:31
bughunter You need to respect the curves - of the duck! 8)
21. January at 16:01:02
Bart Goesaert

Maybe the caracal decal sheet they will release sooner or later can shed some light, so maybe you can ask what they have concluded so far.

Main question, are the pictures with red/yellow/blue prop-tips early versions, wartime or before...
21. January at 16:09:33
bughunter Bernhard, if I look at your picture 48, then I see in the upper arc (wing and above) a shadow outside of the bright color, so I would assume also a multicolor wing tip.
21. January at 16:19:38
Bernhard Schrock bughunter and Bart: thx for our feedback. During the transition time between the grey to grey/blue gray scheme both of prop top colours were used. I agree bughunter: outside of the bright arc I see a second arc, a bit darker and probably red.
21. January at 17:44:12
Marco Gallmann Bernhard, maybe this will help [img1]

I use this website for black and white photos, sometimes it works great, sometimes not but it was a big help in the past more than once. It looks like white and red to me.
21. January at 17:56:21
David Thor Beeindruckende Details, danke für den schönen Bericht. :)
24. January at 20:13:52
Michael Hickey You always seem to amaze me with what you are capable of Bernhard.
24. January at 20:28:03
Gordon Sørensen I was looking at an older issue of Aeroplane (March 2015) and it had an article about a Duck, although it is a J2F-4. The pictures of the aircraft show the prop with Red/Yellow/Blue tips (from the tip in).
28. January at 17:13:36
Bernhard Schrock Thank you Mates for propeller-support. I painted the tips in three colors.
Yesterday I applied the decals (roundels). Because the Duck is my first kit by Merit and I have no experience with his decals I played it save and used Aeromaster. Also with the letters Merit did not do a good job: see the original in comparison with decal. It looks like I will do the letters myself.
2. February at 08:34:41
Bart Goesaert Can't you use the letters, but cut the words up to place them closer, or are these too small overall?
2. February at 11:49:52
Bernhard Schrock Bart: unfortunately the letters have the wrong shape and the distance between the letters is too small. All in all I think that new decals are the best and simplest way. I spent about one hour to create them.
2. February at 14:43:42
Bernhard Schrock Moveable canopy parts: the effort (more than 1 hour masking) was worth. I'm very happy with the result (picture 69 and 70 :)
6. February at 06:48:33
Treehugger Nice progress. :) I was wondering if you had stopped completely or not, I had to come take a look today.

Btw, as you can see on your model (image 58 ), on each side, or perhaps only on the port side, there are panel lines for an in-step thingy, one for the front and the back seat respectively, which iirc springs inwards once you put the tip of your foot inside, so I guess this is supposed to look closed on the molded model surface. An interesting detail if one had a rag-doll like figure with bendable arms/legs which was posed to look like it was climbing into the canopy.
6. February at 13:30:16
Burkhard D What a lovely thread 8)
7. February at 20:55:49
Hans Robben Nice work, spacing of the letters looks better. Not sure about the letter C though.
8. February at 14:17:01
bughunter Again a impressive clean build. Not the smallest mishap visible
9. February at 20:33:04
Bart Goesaert Wonderfull Bird you are building. stunning craftmanship and attention and excecution to/off details. Isn't the tube a visior/telescope for reconnaissance? Fighters used this to identity planes in the distance... Maybe the same, but for identifying reasons.
10. February at 08:14:51
Olivier Another masterpiece ... Well done !
10. February at 08:56:11
bughunter My guess is too a telescopic sight, was already used in WWI, search for "Aldis sight". But, it looks like, that your sight needs to go more to on side, otherwise it will be blocked by the air scoop on top of the engine?
10. February at 10:13:50
Dieter Bihlmaier Mensch Bernhard, um ein Haar könnte man meinen, dass das Modell in 1:32 wäre! Toll gemacht, wie immer.
10. February at 13:39:43
Treehugger The canopy glass looks really good I think. :)
10. February at 13:50:44
Thomas Bischoff Simply perfect! Canopy looks excellent!
10. February at 14:08:51
Bernhard Schrock Thx for supporting me on the last 111 yards. If you can remember one of the mistakes: the rear fuselage struts were too near the cockpit. I have corrected it and pleased too early... then the connection point on the upper wing is wrong also (arghhhhh!).
10. February at 14:26:47
Olivier Arghh indeed...
10. February at 19:26:23
Hanno Kleinecke So the bug list is still growing longer ? Looking excellent so far though !
10. February at 19:29:59
potez452 Almost perfect and a real source of inspiration
10. February at 20:53:50
Johne 69 mercyless good
11. February at 08:04:47
Bernhard Schrock I'm very glad that you like duck (meanwhile it's more a „hässliches Entlein" by Hans Christian Andersen) :)
11. February at 11:34:51
Lee Fogel That's phenomenal!
12. February at 20:48:53
Bernhard Schrock Thx! Wiring is now in place. It was very easy to apply (my own) etched flat wiring. Just finished the spread bars.
13. February at 19:33:15
Bernhard Schrock Model_Mania: your idea honored me. Thx. Indeed I would like to wish that a company release such a etched plate. Obviously to little demand...
16. February at 12:02:52
Bernhard Schrock Today morning I finished the Duck and as usual immediately photographed the bird.
16. February at 12:04:28
Holger Kranich Geiles Teil Bernhard! Hat wie immer Spaß gemacht, zu zuschauen. Ich hoffe Du hattest genauso viel Spaß bei der Sache.
16. February at 12:16:20
Nathan Dempsey That Duck came out great! I think seeing this one being built may have influenced me to buy that Seamew at the show last weekend.
16. February at 13:44:01
Hanno Kleinecke Fertig ! I'm glad that you saved the duck, beautiful result Bernhard !
16. February at 14:01:42
Treehugger Looking very nice. A great display piece. :)
16. February at 14:51:14
Alec K Not sure how the heck this sneaked past me. What a build and what a recovery! Just awesome. I wonder how the ciabatta turned out... :P

Question: assuming you printed your own decals, what type of printer and decal paper do you use? I always have an issue of the ink shrinking once dry, leaving spiderweb- like cracks. Thanks, and again, masterly build
16. February at 16:02:51
Ronan Awesome as usual with Sir Schrock
16. February at 16:23:34
bughunter What a great result I like the light green algal plague!
16. February at 16:29:51
Bart Goesaert Glad you finished this one... Awesome result too...
16. February at 16:34:48
Neuling Very clean and detailed build. A work of art.
16. February at 17:27:34
Johne 69 Another Masterpiece from you. If you had not finished this kit you had felt like an duckel :)
16. February at 18:05:45
James C That's awesome Bernhard!
16. February at 19:04:01
Alexander G. Another crown jewel in Your collection, Bernhard! Always a pleasure following Your projects
17. February at 10:48:31
Bernhard Schrock Alec K: sorry, I've forgotten to replay your question. I used a standard decal paper probably Xpert choice Decals an printed them with a Minolta office Printer / copying machine.
18. February at 04:55:54
Kerry COX Exceptional in every way. :)
18. February at 05:01:39
Alec K Than you Bernhard for the info
18. February at 05:11:04
Michael Hickey Amazing.
30. June at 13:16:33
Tim Heimer Nice one Bernard! Looks good!
30. June at 13:39:28
Ben Schumacher There is nothing not to love about this. Stunning, Bernhard!
12. July at 07:57:52
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