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Thread started by Warlock

Dirk Fries Added a new review for:
1:35 T-54 B (Takom 2055)
Takom 1:35
2016 | Changed parts
Reviewed on
10. January at 09:43:07 Share
Fabian D. Nice review. I assume you got one of the first batches of the kit where the correct hull was put in the box by the importer or the shop. The later versions (like the one I received last week) don't include the wrong hull anymore.
10. January at 13:54:05
Dirk Fries Thank you ! I got mine in the middle in december from Modellbau König. As far as I know is Modellbau König the Importer for Takom in Germany. So I'd guess that I should have a rather "fresh" one. But maybe this kit was on the bottom of a big pile and all the new kits were put on top :) Anyway, it's a great kit I think it's a great move from Takom to correct the lower hull
11. January at 20:02:17
Fabian D. Just had a look at the kit again. Apparently I've got only the A0/2015 hull, but have a sticker on the box "Retooled lower hull" Well...
I also bought it at MBK, so getting the replacement shouldn't really be a problem.

->Advice to anyone with just one hull in the box, check if you got the correct one.
11. January at 21:39:56
Ingo F Got a second turret in my T-55 AM kit. :)
11. January at 23:02:09
Fabian D. Ingo, you just had to rub it in, didn't you? :D
12. January at 01:47:30
Dan M How can I tell if a box has the correct hull ? My local hobby shop has the kit but there's no sticker on the box. I can look inside but I don't know what I'm supposed to be looking for :)
12. January at 10:21:25
Dirk Fries @DAn : Take a lot here :

The old Hull has Partnumber 00-00163A0 and "2015" and the new one has "00-00163A1" and "2016" molded into the hull

@ Ingo : If we put our spare parts together we can build a "T-54,5" ;)
12. January at 10:24:19
Dan M Thank you Dirk
12. January at 10:29:16
Dan M Actually this raises an interesting question. If I'm not mistaken the ZSU-57-2 (another Takom kit) is supposed to use the hull of T-54. Does that kit have the correct hull or it also uses the T-55 one. I see there are some differences on the hull bottom between Takom and Trumpeter. Wondering which one is correct.
12. January at 10:33:13
Dirk Fries The ZSU hat another different hull. While the hulls of the T-54B and T-55 are round shaped at the edges the one of the ZSU is angled
See :
12. January at 10:57:24
Dan M Good to know, thank you :)
12. January at 14:09:43
Ingo F Yes Dirk. :D We need some more spare parts from other Takom kits. :)
12. January at 18:39:18
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