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John Coverley added a new photoalbum.
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New: 17. October at 07:41:47
17. October at 07:39:18 Share
Igor Zverev I Like Japan Aircraft! Wonderfull Work!
17. October at 07:43:48
John Coverley Thanks Igor. I wasn't sure how it would turn out at it was my first attempt at a bi-plane.
17. October at 07:47:38
Spanjaard very nice indeed.
17. October at 08:30:11
John Coverley Thanks Spanaard
17. October at 09:45:42
Miro Herold Lovely Pete! Superb painting job, not too bright green contrast, looks like a fine washing. Note 1a
17. October at 11:17:59
John Coverley Thanks Miro, I did a lot of pre-shading in desert yellow and gradually build up the green.
17. October at 12:29:03
Alec K Outstanding work
17. October at 13:13:03
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Yose Dutto added the Dragon UH-1N "Gunship" (1:35) to his stash.
1:35 UH-1N "Gunship" (Dragon 3540)
UH-1N "Gunship"
Dragon 1:35
2008 | Changed parts
17. October at 13:12:23 Share
Dale Marston added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: October 15, 2017
Project: Lowe - Fantasy Sheme in scale 1:35
1:35 Löwe Panzerkampfwagen VII (Amusing Hobby 35A005)
15. October at 15:07:30 Share
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Spanjaard thanks for the information!!
16. October at 20:05:59
James C That's awesome. You wouldn't want to run head on to that thing coming the other way!
16. October at 21:01:21
16. October at 21:51:17
Vinny Panda Excellent diorama.
16. October at 22:10:01
Dale Marston Thanks for your encoragement Spanjaard, James C, Bastian and Vinny
17. October at 09:44:50
17. October at 10:00:23
coporado Thanks for sharing that how to Dale!!!
17. October at 11:47:19
Dale Marston Thanks Gerald and no worries any time Coporado.
17. October at 13:11:58
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Greg Baker added a new photoalbum.
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New: 17. October at 04:13:43
Project: Tintin: Explorers on the Moon in scale 1:72
1:72 Leopard 1 A5 (Ace Corporation 3325)
13. October at 07:55:19 Share
Spanjaard i am really curious about this one :)
17. October at 08:34:52
Greg Baker Heh... that makes two of us!
17. October at 10:59:38
Martin Oostrom I really like your warped mind!
17. October at 12:37:18
Spanjaard i have to ask... but how is that the text in the comic is in Spanish?
17. October at 12:54:01
Greg Baker Thanks Martin! Warp speed ahead! As for the Spanish text... Tintin comics have been translated into over 100 languages... English and Spanish are high up that list. I actually try to buy a Tintin book translated into the language of whatever country I visit. So far (in no particular order)I have English, French, Chinese (simplified), Korean, Malaysian, Chinese (traditional), Japanese and Vietnamese. Still looking for an Indonesian volume as I had to settle for an English edition of Flight 714 at the airport in Kuala Lumpur. ;)
17. October at 13:11:55
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warton1987 added the Riich.Models M-ATV in 1:72 to his wishlist
1:72 M-ATV (Riich.Models 72005)
M-ATV MRAP All-Terrain Vehicle
Riich.Models 1:72
2017* | New tool
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Nils Steyaert added a new photoalbum.
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New: 17. October at 13:11:15
Project: Soviet Airfield in scale 1:144
No Diorama Material Gras (Tamiya 66615)1:144 Bundeswehr Vehicles (Revell 03351)No Plain Opaque White Polystyrene Sheet 1.5 x 305 x 610mm (Evergreen 19060S)
15. October at 11:23:55 Share
Marko Interesting
15. October at 11:41:09
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Zsolt Szekretár added Consolidated PBY Catalina to his favorite topics.
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Zsolt Szekretár added M4 Sherman to his favorite topics.
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Hobel Ramon added the Modelcollect LuftKrieger, 1948 in 1:72 to his wishlist
1:72 LuftKrieger, 1948 (Modelcollect unknown)
LuftKrieger, 1948
Modelcollect 1:72
17. October at 13:10:01 Share
Hobel Ramon added the Modelcollect Germany Schwere Plattformwagen Type SSYMS 80 in 1:72 to his wishlist
17. October at 13:09:44 Share


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