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Andyjn .added the Academy Lockheed F-117A Nighthawk in 1:48 to his wishlist
1:48 Lockheed F-117A Nighthawk (Academy 12219)
Lockheed F-117A Nighthawk "Last Flight"
Academy 1:48
2010 | Changed decals
30. April at 05:16:44 Share
Robert W Martel .added the Roden RAF S.E.5a in 1:48 to his wishlist
1:48 RAF S.E.5a (Roden 419)
RAF S.E.5a w/Hispano Suiza
Roden 1:48
2005 | Changed parts
30. April at 05:15:50 Share
Glenn . added the Matchbox/AMT '77 Mustang II (1:25) to his stash.
1:25 '77 Mustang II (Matchbox/AMT PK-4179)
'77 Mustang II
Matchbox/AMT 1:25
1980 | Changed ???
30. April at 05:14:33 Share
Ken Erikson .added the Eduard Ju 87D-5 Stuka in 1:48 to his wishlist
1:48 Ju 87D-5 Stuka (Eduard BIG4979)
Ju 87D-5 Stuka Italeri
Eduard 1:48
2012 | Changed box
30. April at 05:12:39 Share
John Bollig
IMHO, Hot wheels have no place on scalemates. I know that might offend some people, but it Hot wheels are not model kits. Not even corgi diecast airplanes should be allowed. This place is for model kits. Someone needs to get Tim on board and tell him wth is going on with his website.
24. April at 16:03:53 Share
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Steve Wilson ...
Reading this Tim... I visualize your building area like a Blue Peter studio, lots of sticky back plastic, Copydex, Pva, Cereal boxes and Fairy Liquid bottles, (woof! woof! down Shep')...
Listen... once you've cut your 'ead off mate, you can always use it as a grimace smiley and stick it in-between those empty brackets in your post. ((( :D ))) jesting Tim, not serious, we're not beating a path to your door!!!... yet.
29. April at 09:31:13
Roger Judd What about all metal or metal/ resin kits? I have a 1/144 'Red Eagle Miniatures' AEG G.IV that is almost finished. I haven't added it to my stash as there doesn't seem to be any similar kits listed here. It's not for table top gaming; just a one-off impulse buy from e**y.
29. April at 10:43:46
Steve Wilson To me Roger, that and the like are fine to add, they are model kits...
The majority of my kits in 1:20 and 1:24 are Metal/Resin kits. I say add yours too!!!
29. April at 12:52:25
gorbygould Well I for one would like to see your airbase diorama when it's done Tim. In the words of Wellington, "publish and be damned". ;)
29. April at 16:49:42
John Bollig Ok, lets make one thing clear, what I am against is diecast prebuilt metal and plastic toys. I am aware of Resin and resin metal kits. They are considered kits .
29. April at 22:15:55
Tim Annear Hi Gorby and thanks mate, I completely understand the views here and rather than being burnt at the stake, beheaded or having my diorama likened to that of a backwards 4 year old, I'm happy to leave the debate.

My only response to any hobbyist would be that I have a hobby which involves building aircraft kits and dioramas and I love all aspects of what I do. what you love and love what you do! The pleasure I get planning, researching, building and the finished product from whatever I've built is for me and me only. I can't determine what is right or wrong for anyone else but in order to not draw flak, I will refrain from posting pictures and it can stay private.

Interesting footnote....
Definition of model aircraft:
30. April at 02:07:57
Alec K Just curious what is at issue here? My quick look (and I mean brief) through the database revealed a single user who apparently uses Scalemates to catalog their diecast collection (89 entries). If the concerns expressed above relate to additions of items not related to scale modeling to the database and similar activities, I am in agreement. However, what Tim Annear is describing falls, seems to me, perfectly within the scope of scale modeling; I certainly do not see any non-scale modeling related listings in Tim's stash or wishlist. Again, just trying to understand the basis for all the hoopla. Cheers
30. April at 03:43:59
Glenn . It's quite simple Alec. NONE of us want Pre-Built (Buy off the shelf, open the box or rip it out of the plastic bubble pack) Models/Toys LISTED! Such as Pre Built Die Cast Collectables eg. Corgi, Hot Wheels etc. Added on Scalemates. If you put it in a diorama then i guess fine, As long as it's with something you have MADE eg. Glued, Screwed or Snapped together from MODEL KIT items! Everyone is well aware of the full die cast (whitemetal) model cars and other items eg. Warhammer kits that you have to build. That's fine they are kits. It's the other stuff mentioned above were talking about. And no one is saying you can't photograph it and include it on your build. Like i said before, IF YOU DIDN"T BUILD IT, DON'T LIST IT! simples! :)
30. April at 05:12:11
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Ken Erikson .added the Italeri Ju 87 D-5 Stuka in 1:48 to his wishlist
1:48 Ju 87 D-5 Stuka (Italeri 2709)
Ju 87 D-5 Stuka
Italeri 1:48
2012 | Changed parts
30. April at 05:11:09 Share
skankosis added the Hasegawa F-8E Crusader (1:48) to his stash.
1:48 F-8E Crusader (Hasegawa 64739)
F-8E Crusader "Shin Kazama" - Area 88
Hasegawa 1:48
2016 | Changed decals
30. April at 05:01:22 Share
Reizei added the Academy Ju 87G-2 Stuka "Kanonen Vogel" in 1:72 to his wishlist
1:72 Ju 87G-2 Stuka "Kanonen Vogel" (Academy 12404)
Ju 87G-2 Stuka "Kanonen Vogel"
Academy 1:72
2005 | Changed parts
30. April at 04:56:54 Share
Curtis H. added the Trumpeter Russian T-72B MBT in 1:16 to his wishlist
1:16 Russian T-72B MBT (Trumpeter 00924)
Russian T-72B MBT
Trumpeter 1:16
2017 | New tool
30. April at 04:50:38 Share
Curtis H. added the Trumpeter M1A1 AIM in 1:16 to his wishlist
1:16 M1A1 AIM (Trumpeter 00926)
United States Main Battle Tank
Trumpeter 1:16
2017* | New tool
30. April at 04:50:17 Share


2017-04-30 04:50:17


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