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Jos Jansen (Banshee13)

WIP | Força Aérea Brasileira | EMB-314 Super Tucano


23 | 9. April 2020, 09:46
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Jos Jansen
Change of plans...bought this nice kit last year, it will be my first prop! PE time...🙂
9. April 2020, 09:48
Roland Gunslinger
I take a seat 🙂
9. April 2020, 09:51
Holger Kranich
I am gonna watch, too!
9. April 2020, 14:04
Slavo Hazucha
Looking forward to see it spinnin...!😉
9. April 2020, 14:09
Eelco Gregoire
Nice start Jos
9. April 2020, 15:43
Jos Jansen
Welcome guys...easy build, fitting is good...and that for a Hobbyboss kit...👍
9. April 2020, 15:44
Roland Gunslinger
"and that for a Hobbyboss kit"
Do you had negative experience with Hobby Boss? Just asking because the "F-14A" and "Australian Pig" i built, the fitting was very good, too; IMHO nearly perfect like the Tamiya F-14.
9. April 2020, 15:50
Michael Phillips
Oh I am in! I just bought this kit recently. Glad to hear the fit is good. I might throw this in the queue one of these days soon since this looks to be a less involved build for a break from all the complicate jets and Helos I have been doing lately and have coming up in my queue.

Can't wait to see what you make of this, I am sure it will be epic!
9. April 2020, 15:51
Jasper Breur
Interesting subject Jos!
9. April 2020, 18:44
Jos Jansen
@Roland...I have the experiences of friends of mine, I also thought that the F14 from Hobbyboss wasn't great but the opposite is true, luckily! I've also this kit in stash. Great to hear Roland that the F14 of Hobbyboss is nearly perfect just like the Tamiya F14...!

@Michael...I think that too, it is a fast build but a great kit! Those modern big jet fighters are often so complicated and sometimes over-engineered. Don't wait too long with it, because I am sure you will find a great kit!

@Jasper...It is a different subject then I usually build, for the first time a prop, but a modern one! 👍
9. April 2020, 20:06
Jos Jansen
Nice detail PE from Eduard...!
10. April 2020, 15:47
Slavo Hazucha
The PE bits all sit there nice & clean, it's surely worth to pimp the cockpit up since it all will be well visible through that huge bulge of a canopy! 👍

The eduard set is really nice with the depth-effect & some levers breaking the usual PE flatness. It's a pity they mostly tend to miss the Russian interior blue tones with their printed cockpit sets...
10. April 2020, 17:21
Jos Jansen
I agree Slavo, this aircraft his indeed a huge canopy and the big advantage of this PE set is that the canopy can now also be opened. When the canopy is open, the entire cockpit is visible. I like resin pits, for example those from Aires...but I have now built a few models with this pre-printed PE and it does give a nice realistic effect.

You mean that Eduard doesn't have the right printed cockpit sets?
10. April 2020, 20:42
Slavo Hazucha
Jos what I meant is that for Soviet/Russian planes, while the instruments are as fine & correct as ever, they do not hit the specific tones of blue of MiG & Su cockpits all too well, so there is often need laboriously re-paint the PE... They hit the grey cockpits just fine though AFAIK.

I totally like their printed seatbelts, for instruments & panels, it's a case-by-case for me... Don't like it too much when its an all-flat PE print (not the case here!) A dream combo would probably be main panels - Edurard print PE + rest of the cockpit in Aires resin... but I'm not sure I'd like the bill for that on every model 😄
10. April 2020, 21:48
taking a seat as well, very nice cockpit jos! - which is half of the plane done and painted😉
11. April 2020, 19:44
Jos Jansen
Dry-fitting cockpit..superb fitting from Hobbyboss, excellent 👍!

@Slavo... check! Indeed it costs a few cents, but it makes the model way much more realistic...it's a hobby but I sometimes spend too much money on it 😄
11. April 2020, 19:49
Jos Jansen
Thx Daniel... it's a quick build😎
11. April 2020, 20:27
Mirko Römer
I'm really excited, how this will turn out. Looks fabulous so far!
11. April 2020, 20:32
Jos Jansen
Thx Mirko, stay tuned mate 👍

Cockpit ready...!!
12. April 2020, 17:50
Jos Jansen
So far the build... I have to wait on ordered aftermarket stuff... 😄
13. April 2020, 18:53
Juergen Klinglhuber
great job - it looks very good!
13. April 2020, 19:29
Michael Phillips
Man Jos, that cockpit looks fantastic. You got me thinking about getting that Eduard PE set. And I HATE PE. LOL
13. April 2020, 19:32
Slavo Hazucha
Agree with Michael, the cockpit looks just gorgeous, including the crisp seats with the data plates... 👍

Already feeling the Rio vibe...😉
13. April 2020, 21:01
Roland Gunslinger
Beautiful office 👍
13. April 2020, 21:21
Günther Decock
Dag Jos, de cockpit ziet er al fantastisch uit en zeker een mooie set van Eduard. Ben benieuwd naar het resultaat.
13. April 2020, 22:09
Nathan Dempsey
Interesting subject. I'm in.
14. April 2020, 00:15
Adam Gudynowski
Following 👍
15. April 2020, 07:31
Ah the spoon paint test is such a fun concept for previewing colors. I will try that out.
15. April 2020, 07:48
Jos Jansen
Thx guys, appreciate your kind words...totally awesome 👍!

Little progress on the Tucano...but in the meantime I made myself a new paint rack and cleaned up my bench...let's build... 🙂
18. April 2020, 13:02
John Thomas
Nice work and work area
18. April 2020, 13:14
Ivan VT
OMG!! the bench, workshop of my dreams!... enjoy it. beautiful.
18. April 2020, 13:34
Slavo Hazucha
No wonder such beautiful things emerge from this room layout... 👍
18. April 2020, 16:21
Jos Jansen
@Treehugger...every new color I buy I spray this on a spoon, but first I put a black primer on it. This way you can check the colors quick and well!

@Ivan VT...just realize your dream bench...😉

@Slavo...I am happy that there is more daylight every day ...! The best part of this hobby is inspiring and motivating each other, one you do with me my friend...👍!
18. April 2020, 19:36
Jos Jansen
Starting with the exterior PE of Eduard...
23. April 2020, 21:52
nice pit! and beautiful work area
25. May 2020, 21:28
Jos Jansen
Thx Spanjaard...the build of the Tucano is currently on hold ... my focus is now on the Jolly Rogers Cat! The biggest advantage of my workplace is the abundance of daylight... love it 👍
26. May 2020, 20:48
Jos Jansen
Found somewhere Tucano time...added some PE
..Iam halfway with it 😄...!!
4. June 2020, 19:24
Slavo Hazucha
You are definitely the type of person that sees the glass half-full! 😄
7. June 2020, 07:56
Jos Jansen
Slavo, model building is a party, and you should celebrate a party ...! 😉
7. June 2020, 08:34
Holger Kranich
Very very nice Jos!
15. June 2020, 11:44
Jos Jansen
Started again with my Tucano...pffff lots of PE, still going strong 😄
2. September 2020, 20:09
Nathan Dempsey
Nice to see this little prop job going again 🙂
2. September 2020, 20:56
Jos Jansen
I am not at home during the week, I have this project elsewhere. This turbo prop also has to be finished once, every time I looked up to sticking all that PE on it...!
2. September 2020, 21:16
Roland Gunslinger
Very nice progress 👍
2. September 2020, 21:26
Slavo Hazucha
Indeed Jos, it already looks more patched up than a child protagonist in a Charles Dickens novel...! And there is still a ton of Brass on the PE sheets... 😄

But it will be great, glory to the brave, leaving the comforting roar & power of afterburning jets & muscular supersonic bodies for the docile hum of thin propeller blades and ascetic light airframe... 👍 No puns to regular prop-builders intended!😉
2. September 2020, 22:15
I am looking forward to your progress. The cockpit and workbench look great!
3. September 2020, 06:53
Jos Jansen
Thanks Roland, still my F-14 is on my bench at home...this weekend hopefully finishing the decals!

@Slavo, your comment is always nice to read, it has something poetic ... haha! I'm not a great commenter myself, but nevertheless I can really appreciate this, my friend! I still have a bunch of models on my shelf of doom. This Super Tucano is actually my first prop model, I finally want to get it ready. It is a super model from Hobbyboss, a little gem.

@WhiteGlint....thx, stay tuned... 😉
3. September 2020, 09:40
Sergej I
Checking in late 👍
1. November 2020, 19:42
Jos Jansen
While waiting for some ordered PE seatbelts for my Tomcat and the final photoshoot, I decided first to finish this Brazilian 'samba festival' before starting a whole new project...😉 👍!
28. December 2020, 16:47
Slavo Hazucha
Still not finished - good, so I can mingle IN with some "wisdom" before the prop starts spinnin... 🙂

Very much looking forward to see this birdie with all that brass galore done & in color 👍
1. January, 15:07
Somehow missed this, but looks like I am not too late to the party. And your progress so far looks great! 👍
Have the same kit in my stash with a bit more aftermarket and already started it, but I decided to tackle the Eurofighter first and do that afterwards. Will certainly be a "break" after my "current large scale construction site" of a build 😄 .
21. April, 14:59
Jos Jansen
Added extra weights in the nose...no tailsitter anymore!
21. September, 09:05
Back on the Tucano, great! 😄 👍
21. September, 10:11
Flight Line Media
Wow! That looks great!
22. September, 11:10
Yees! One of my favorite builds currently - not at all related to the fact that I own the kit myself - so great to see you pursuing it again Jos. 👍
As I see, you're past the myriad of PE parts already.
23. October, 00:58


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