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база даних масштабного моделювання | менеджер запасів

Тему розпочав користувач Jan Peters

Jan Peters will attend
Scalemates Mitsubishi A6M Zero Group build 2021 in
Scalemates Mitsubishi A6M Zero Group build 2021
1. Квітень до 31. Грудень 2021
1. April, 14:22
Jan Peters
Sofar there are only two exhibitors.... Come on people, join the fun!!
2. April, 06:04
Greg Baker
Uh oh...😉
2. April, 07:17
Jan Peters
Are you joining the group build Greg?
2. April, 08:10
Martin Oostrom
It starts in 2022, enough time to (re)consider ;)
2. April, 09:53
Soeren .
😁 was thinking the same
2. April, 10:15
Roland Gunslinger
Thats weird because the Start Date is entered correctly :S
2. April, 10:23
Soeren .
obviously fixed 🙂
2. April, 10:25
Roland Gunslinger
It seems that the end date April 1st, 2022 was the problem. I changed it to December 2021. It is possible that an event over the turn of the year is not yet planned or it is a bug.
2. April, 10:27
Soeren .
Hmm that's indeed possible but good that's now working
2. April, 10:29
Jan Peters
No more excuses then... :)
2. April, 10:43
Roland Gunslinger
@Jan Thx for this GB, good idea 👍
2. April, 10:47
Jan Peters
Not my idea as such, it came to mind when discussing Japanese aircraft with Daniel and Sebastian ;)
2. April, 11:01
Soeren .
Love the idea and maybe a way to find my mojo again and also an opportunity to start the A6M1 🙂
2. April, 11:19
veeeeery interesting....
2. April, 11:23
Sebastian Meyner
What are you waiting for then!? ...join Spajaard, join, join.... 😄
2. April, 11:41
Daniel Klink
Yes Jan, good idea even more projects on the shelf argh 🙂
Ah so what, lets do it...👍
PS: But because its got to be a quickie the Hasegawa Resin kit bash A6M8 is off the list. But i have a few more Zeros in my stash
2. April, 13:18
Jan Peters
There is always room to fit in a Zero Daniel :)
3. April, 19:14
Carlos Cisneros
If I have a Zero barely started is that ok for here?
5. May, 05:27
Greg Baker
Yep! All aboard!
5. May, 05:35
Carlos Cisneros
Ok, sounds great! I think that I did minimal assembly & painting on the engine and cockpit before sidelining the kit for some no longer remembered reason.
5. May, 18:01

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