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Stupino scale-models contest


Подробиці події

Ім'я:Stupino scale-models contest
Місто:Stupino RU
Клуб-організатор:KITSM "PATRIOT" (Stupino)
About:We invite you to take part or visit the XIV international scale-models and military-historical miniatures exhibition-contest in Stupino (Moscow region)!

Since 2007, we have been trying to make our event as convenient as possible for guests and participants. Over the past years, the Stupino exhibition has grown from a small competition to a fullfledged international event that is respected not only by Russian modellers, but also by our regular participants from other countries.

The exhibition-contest in Stupino is:

Participants from different cities, regions and countries!
Many interesting models!
Presentations, demonstrations and workshops!
Hobby goods fair!

From 24.08.2020 we plan to organize transfers to military and technical museums in Moscow and Moscow region and to ARMY-2021, more information you can find in the schedule of exhibition - contest.

For all foreign participants we will provide best support and personal care, please do not hesitate ask us any question.
Конкурс:На заході є конкурс


Дата:20-22 Серпень 2021


Місто:142804 Stupino
Вулиця:Bakhareva 8
Карта:Show map
Варіанти паркування:Free

Entrance fees

Вхідні внески:Participants fee 350...500₽, entrance included.
Visitors 50..80₽


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Denis Savchenko will attend
Stupino scale-models contest  in Stupino
Stupino scale-models contest
RU 20-22 Серпень 2021, in Stupino
13. April, 19:12