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2S6 Tunguska

All you need to know about 2S6 Tunguska from a scale modeler perspective.


Category:Vehicles - Self-propelled artillery
Vehicles - Self-propelled artillery
Also known as:SA-19 Grison
Used from:1986–Now
Used by:Military
Model:2S6 Tunguska

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1:72 Tunguska (W-Model WB63)
Tunguska 2K22/2S6 SA-19 Grison
W-Model 1:72
WB63 2018 | New tool

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Thomas K. Tom40

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Przemek Przybulewski added a new photoalbum.
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Doing suspension
3 | 13. February 2020, 18:31
Przemek Przybulewski
Started some time ago but it is hard to build it in one go.
Plastic is not too good - hard and tends to crack. A lot of seam lines. Myriads of small parts. Unclear instructions.
Will build it in the meantime of Su-25 and Faun.
Hard to clean all those tiny parts parts that see very well on this green plastic.
Most likely will be a lot to correct after spraying primer.
13. February 2020, 18:35
It could be helpful cleaning the small parts when they are still on the sprue.
13. February 2020, 18:44
Przemek Przybulewski
Yeah, I tried this as well. I helps sometimes, but usually small parts are attached with tiny sprue pin. One bad move and they fly away like a sling shot ;)
13. February 2020, 18:52
Palo M
Any progress? Really curious what you'll make of this piece
8. June, 19:47
Ruslan Gaynutdinov
Has Panda discontinued this kit, I only can find two on eBay and they are really overpriced?
28. June 2018, 05:29
Palo M
Look at the reviews, they say it's garbage.
22. March 2019, 01:17
Vesa-Pekka Palmu
Yeah, the kit is Trademark Panda Hobby quality, parts don't fit, there are parts missing that aren't even on the sprue molds, the instructions have completely different parts than the sprues and for example the rocket pods don't fit at all. Unless you are willing to do major scratchbuilding and detective work the kit can't be assembled.

IMO this is even worse than their TOR, which is famous for missing one outside roadwheel, all of the inside ones are there in the kit, but you need to cast one outside wheel yourself...
23. March, 09:18
Palo M
There is Meng and Hong, really no reason to go with this one.
23. March, 11:52
Vesa-Pekka Palmu
Sadly, not of Tunguska, there is a meng shilka that is nice. And hopefully the upcoming zvedna tor is decent.
23. March, 20:32
Palo M
Ooh, I missed that this is the Tunguska. Would like to build one at some point too. Shame it's such a bad model.
24. March, 17:03