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1:46 Ictineo II (Wooden Kit 108WK)
Ictineo II first air independent and combustion powered submarine
Wooden Kit 1:46
2018 | New tool
1:72 Tracteur de piste Armée de l'Air (Maquettes Dauzie AC 72 004)
Tracteur de piste Armée de l'Air
Maquettes Dauzie 1:72
AC 72 004
No Golf Cart Set (Fascinations MMS108)
Golf Cart Set Metal Earth
2017 | New tool
1:700 Kyushu-Maru 1942.10 (Fairy Kikaku S054)
Kyushu-Maru 1942.10
Fairy Kikaku 1:700


Below is a selection of the many kits covering the "Uncategorised":

1:72 Armée de l'Air contemporain (TRAME DIORAMA TD28)
Armée de l'Air contemporain Mechanic on his knees
1:35 British flags (Alexander the Great )
British flags
Alexander the Great 1:35
1: RAF Hunters Pt:2 (Blackbird Models )
RAF Hunters Pt:2
Blackbird Models 1:
1:72 Red Stars on Night Sky (OWL )
Radar Aerials Gneais 2 & 3
Red Stars on Night Sky
OWL 1:72

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Fun with Scale Modeling (Unknown )
Fun with Scale Modeling Everyone can enjoy building a scale model car
Bruce Kimball
Panther (Schneider Armour Research )
Panther Meilenstein der Panzertechnik
Frank Koehler
Sniper Rifles (Osprey Publications 6)
Sniper Rifles From the 19th to the 21st Century
Weapon Nr. 6
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Michael Valentan
Now, as i finally finished my scatch-built Leichttraktor they make´s always the same...Thank you guys, i will get one, just to see how good my scratching abilitys are...AND THEN I BURN THE KIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
1:35 Leichttraktor rheinmetall 1930 (ICM 35330)
Leichttraktor rheinmetall 1930
ICM 1:35
2019* | New tool
17. January at 18:44:24 Share
Alex Ok, now please scratch-build a Grosstractor, I would like to see one from ICM, too :)
17. January at 18:53:46
Michael Valentan I did already...years are gone since i finished it, maybe i find it in my "already finished and now placed in storage"-place...was a really large thing, around 50 centimeters long and about 25 wide and 10 cm high...if i remember right. Built it out of white sheets of Plastic (like Evergreen) from my shop for accessories in architecture...we have one in Vienna!
18. January at 08:49:39
Alex You should inconspicuously post some pics where the good people from ICM can "discover" them :)
18. January at 18:05:04
Rui S Or us in scalemates ;)
19. January at 01:18:22
Michael Valentan Ok, i will...maybe i have some build-phase-pics somewhere in a file...have to look!
19. January at 07:48:52
Alex Looking forward to it....
19. January at 08:01:29
Michael Valentan Ok, album is on...look for K-Wagen oder Grosstraktor
19. January at 10:15:08
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Sören Reifert added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: January 13, 2019
11. July 2016 at 06:23:27 Share
View full thread with 83 comments
Alex-Ovidiu Mihailescu Philippe, story goes somehow the same . Everything starts with a question like : When do you build a plane?
Then it goes like this : two days after I start a build comes the following question: is it not ready yet? After a couple of days: your tools and stuff are all over the place , if someone comes in our house they trip over because of your stuff . So I have to work on the kitchen table or on the living room table and than , at the end of the day pack things up and store them until next time. As for the kits they are stuffed on top of the closets and wherever there's a tiny place . So I think Sören is one of the lucky ones. ;)
02. March 2018 at 15:53:04
coporado Very nice place to be Sören
13. January at 16:31:05
Rob Yes, Alex, I had that until we built own own place, too. I now have my own modelling room to hide in and I never have to pack anthing up if I don't want to!
14. January at 03:15:24
Sören Reifert Thx a lot Sascha ;)
14. January at 05:41:11
Alexander G. I like workplaces and yours seems to be very cozy and well organized Even with a scalemates logo!
14. January at 05:49:04
Miro Herold Why looks it so clean? I would'n show you my dirty workplace because my shameles
18. January at 10:34:13
Sören Reifert Thx Alxeander

@ Miro
It always looks like that ;)
18. January at 10:38:11
Andreas Koziol Unser aller Lieblingsplatz!
18. January at 12:53:16
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Gaius Baltar added a new photoalbum.
93 images
View album493847
Updated: January 16, 2019
16. April 2016 at 21:29:44 Share
Alec K Great dioramas! Nice work
26. March 2017 at 00:34:02
Gaius Baltar Thanks Mate!
26. March 2017 at 14:22:40
Clifford Keesler Very nice work.
21. April 2017 at 21:53:33
Gaius Baltar Thanks Mate!
04. May 2017 at 20:09:34
Thomas Kirschbaum very impressive!
16. July 2018 at 20:36:22
Gaius Baltar Thank you!
18. July 2018 at 14:32:37
Spanjaard i really like the Roswell one
16. January at 23:16:35
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Dmitriy Andreeshchev added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 16 images
In progress
1:46 Ictineo II (Wooden Kit 108WK)
11. January at 11:00:10 Share
Gerald Jonker added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: December 31, 2018
18. January 2016 at 23:41:21 Share
View full thread with 13 comments
Ben M One build a week....
03. January at 00:45:47
Gerald Jonker I stil forget the Fokker D.XXI and Fokker C.X
03. January at 10:10:41
Gerald Jonker Now on the workbench a NH90, Fokker D.VII, 4 Phantoms 1/72 (Italeri) and a F-4E "32 TFS" 1/32 Tamiya
03. January at 10:12:55
Gerald Jonker 2018 I have build 20 models (4 months I have not built by health problems)
03. January at 10:20:08
Kees Kleijwegt You've got a busy 2019 ahead of you Gerald! Following with interest
03. January at 12:03:12
Ben M Gerald: Ryan STM-S2
03. January at 14:06:05
Gerald Jonker Because I am ill I do not buy any more models☹

I have forgot the Hawker T.7 and PC.7 Turbo Trainer
03. January at 15:33:21
Gerald Jonker For a while back I have many Dutch Aircraft models sold; Farman FH22, Fokker C.V, Fokker C.I, Fokker T.VIII, Catalina PBY5, Martin Mariner, Grumman Avenger, Lynx, Sea Fury, CH-47 and F-16AM Demo
03. January at 15:41:37
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Gordon Sørensen added a new photoalbum.
View album1
Updated: December 30, 2018
27. April 2014 at 20:47:28 Share
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Arash Zakeri I love them all
11. July 2017 at 20:59:09
Clifford Keesler I want Revell's new 1/32 Spitfire MKIX. and ME-262.
12. July 2017 at 20:37:21
C Marques de Sá WOW! Fantastic collection! Loved it! Loved the photos of the finished models, so many spitfires! Also liked the photos of the stash, one is not so visible, I am curious... :)
30. July 2017 at 15:52:20
Gordon Sørensen Heller Spitfire XVI built when I was 12 or so.....37 years ago! Had to fix a prop tip, and cast a new gear leg/landing gear door and pitot tube.
14. December 2017 at 22:02:16
Augie Nice collection :) beware of the styrene addiction.. it sneaks up on a person.
15. December 2017 at 00:14:47
Clifford Keesler Nice collection. Yes I know I am a confirmed styrene addict, bad.
15. December 2017 at 19:07:33
Gordon Sørensen I think I have had a stash since I was 6 years old, so I do qualify as a Styrene Addict! The Heller Spit, Revell Stearman, and Frog Ta-152 are the oldest, all built in the early '80s...There are 22 Spitfires in my display case, with 3 more on the bench.
16. December 2017 at 11:16:13
Gordon Sørensen Got these Nail Polish Holders from aliexpress for $2.25 (including shipping!). Kind of a tight fit for the Micro-Sol bottle or a Model Master paint bottle, but should help prevent spills...
30. December 2018 at 17:39:03
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Bernard PERCONTE Added a new review for:
Reviewed on
28. December 2018 at 07:45:38 Share
Gaius Baltar added a new photoalbum.
45 images
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Updated: December 26, 2018
01. October 2015 at 16:20:57 Share
Gary Nice work. Great weathering!! Gary
01. October 2015 at 17:36:01
Davide Rassati Very nice!
23. October 2015 at 13:53:46
Rui S I think this is a nice Jagdpanther model and a great OOB work on it. Congratulations, Gaius.
However (I hope you don't mind me saying IMHO, because I think it's a positive critic), the end result would have gained much if the decals had received the same weathering treatment.
23. October 2015 at 16:53:59
Gaius Baltar That's a good suggestion Rui S, I will take care on the next tank, thank you!
25. October 2015 at 18:29:48
gorbygould That 'wounded Tiger' is very good Gaius
31. October 2016 at 16:24:48
Gaius Baltar Thank you, I really appreciate your comment!
01. November 2016 at 17:35:53
Thomas Kirschbaum nice works !
26. December 2018 at 22:22:41
Gaius Baltar Thanks mate!
27. December 2018 at 18:59:25
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Michael Franz added a new photoalbum.
View album278995
Updated: September 05, 2016
01. July 2016 at 06:50:43 Share
04. July 2016 at 10:29:07
Brian Eberle Fantastic build of a `46 panzer.
04. July 2016 at 13:14:41
Choppa Nutta great build
05. September 2016 at 20:07:33
Michael Franz Thanks a lot :)
06. September 2016 at 07:25:55
Stefan Schacht wow, great weathering
06. September 2016 at 15:17:40
43 Rascarcapaco Good job mate!! top notch
06. September 2016 at 17:03:46
Andreas Koziol one of my upcoming models. a really inspiring example!
27. December 2018 at 10:08:57
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Gaius Baltar added a new photoalbum.
94 images
View album0
Updated: December 26, 2018
02. January 2016 at 14:22:35 Share
Spanjaard certainly no lack of imagination :)
04. January 2017 at 15:14:52
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Bernard PERCONTE Added a new review for:
1:48 Late war Bf 109's (AIMS 48DO24)
Late war Bf 109's
AIMS 1:48
Reviewed on
23. December 2018 at 11:33:28 Share
Charles Villanueva added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: December 22, 2018
11. February 2013 at 08:30:25 Share
Bernd Müller A very nice Nell in good company. All 1:72 ?
21. October 2017 at 09:01:05
Lost_Erik Nice collection. I particularly like the G3M3.
21. October 2017 at 14:00:01
Charles Villanueva Bernd the Nell is 72nd scale the Zero's and George are 48th
28. October 2017 at 19:33:42
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Nathan Dempsey added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: February 25, 2016
25. February 2016 at 21:50:02 Share
Nathan Dempsey Here's another ugly one! I painted this one in a winter scheme as homage to some beatiful armor kits I had seen at a model contest.
26. February 2016 at 02:57:26
26. February 2016 at 03:07:41
Nathan Dempsey Thanks! I had posted the album for this kit a while ago and realized there was no project attached to it. Glad you enjoyed.
21. December 2018 at 23:33:09
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Nathan Dempsey added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: December 04, 2016
18. February 2016 at 02:47:54 Share
View full thread with 17 comments
Erik Leijdens Very nice project! I'm in
18. February 2016 at 19:55:31
Ben STONE That 2a-U2 version of the 262 is my favourite, looks mean.
18. February 2016 at 20:41:22
Nathan Dempsey Added a few pics of nose art ideas for the recon version and a camo idea for the U2.
26. February 2016 at 03:58:48
Nathan Dempsey Added pictures of the completed kits so far. Two more to go!
04. December 2016 at 04:48:18
Spanjaard wonderful so far, i am certainly in and expecting the grand finale when the full squadron takes flight
04. December 2016 at 09:18:32
Erik Leijdens Ah wow mate! They all look great! Very good builds and paint jobs. Can't choose which I like most! Eager to see the others. What versions will that be?
04. December 2016 at 09:31:58
Wim van der Luijt I agree with Erik they all look really good. I'm curious to see the turboprop version.
04. December 2016 at 10:21:40
Spanjaard I got three 262 in my stash, plus detail set for all of them..... looking forward to build them, pity not to have more time..... :(
04. December 2016 at 15:13:57
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Urban Gardini added a new photoalbum.
10 images
View album184592
Updated: December 20, 2018
07. June 2013 at 16:16:20 Share
View full thread with 15 comments
07. June 2013 at 16:25:25
scalemates hehe :)... now the error is present for eternity :)
07. June 2013 at 16:26:08
Urban Gardini But it's a removable one...
07. June 2013 at 16:26:47
Rex I hope that the various AMT/Matchbox releases are not considered "one of the errors on SM",,,,,because they were really three different releases of the model.
05. June 2015 at 05:22:27
Urban Gardini No, that wasn't the error back then. See, they're in two different groupings. But that's fixed since long ago.
05. June 2015 at 08:40:18
Rex oh, sorry,,,,,,,,,,I didn't look at the dates

I logged in, clicked the newsfeed, and this was at the top, so I posted on it.

I see why it was there, too,,,,,,,it became a "current topic" when new photos were added to it,,,,,,so, silly me, I actually thought it really was something current.
05. June 2015 at 11:58:13
Urban Gardini The two last ones is current and describing my problem.
05. June 2015 at 18:01:35
scalemates I'll check in the weekend!
05. June 2015 at 18:18:56
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ronan lallet added a new article to his personal gallery:
Rony la maquette
General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon Thunderbirds
Hasegawa 1:Egg

by ronan lallet on Rony la maquette

19. December 2018 at 16:11:28 Share
ronan lallet
F-16 Eggplane de Hasegawa.
General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon Thunderbirds
Hasegawa 1:Egg

by ronan lallet on Rony la maquette

19. December 2018 at 16:10:27 Share
Viktor Mullin Added a new review for:
1:144 German Staff Car Cabrio (Brengun BRS144039)
German Staff Car Cabrio
Brengun 1:144
Reviewed on
11. December 2018 at 06:37:19 Share
Viktor Mullin Added a new review for:
1:144 German Staff Car Cabrio (Brengun BRS144039)
German Staff Car Cabrio
Brengun 1:144
Reviewed on channel
11. December 2018 at 06:36:25 Share
Bernhard Schrock added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: July 17, 2014
17. July 2014 at 18:10:13 Share
View full thread with 22 comments
Es-haq Khosravi Great job!
11. September 2014 at 14:21:27
Choppa Nutta very nice
11. September 2014 at 14:28:13
Gary Very nice of an unusual plane. Gary
11. September 2014 at 14:44:51
antonio coral great job, very nice plane! greetings from Colombia
11. September 2014 at 14:55:18
Bernhard Schrock Thank you mates. I'm glad that you like them.
11. September 2014 at 15:09:49
Daniel Klink Mindblowing built fantastic
1997...Lecko Funny Tante Anni
03. December 2018 at 22:07:30
Neuling Perfect.
03. December 2018 at 22:32:35
antonio coral Amazing work! congrats!
10. December 2018 at 16:17:37
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Gábor Bélik added a new photoalbum.
10 images
View album474777
Updated: May 15, 2018
Project: Dragon Tiger P
10. May 2015 at 17:27:46 Share
Rui S Loking good , nice camo, Gábor
11. May 2015 at 02:37:32
Eric This is great! Love that thick frontal armor, and the wiring on the Bosch looks nice.
11. May 2015 at 02:45:30
Ulf Petersen This is a phantastic camo scheme, Gábor! Great that you included the brown and green in the highlighting. Looking forward to the next update.
11. May 2015 at 05:17:52
Gábor Bélik Thanks guys.
I used 11 colores for that modulation. :)
11. May 2015 at 07:05:30
Gábor Bélik Resurrected from the shelf of doom 3 years later :)
07. December 2018 at 18:55:21
Rui S Cool weathering
09. December 2018 at 11:34:49
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Viktor Mullin Added a new review for:
1:35 US Field Safe (Hauler HLU35109)
US Field Safe
Hauler 1:35
Reviewed on channel
06. December 2018 at 20:20:54 Share
Viktor Mullin Added a new review for:
1:35 US Field Safe (Hauler HLU35109)
US Field Safe
Hauler 1:35
Reviewed on
06. December 2018 at 20:19:24 Share
Piotr Nowik added a new article to his personal gallery:
06. December 2018 at 10:06:18 Share
Jens added a new photoalbum.
15 images
View album0
Updated: August 11, 2013
10. August 2013 at 14:17:14 Share
View full thread with 25 comments
James C Very cool.
06. July 2018 at 23:59:49
Thomas Bischoff absolutely stunning this camo! Very nice work Jens!
07. July 2018 at 18:10:14
Christian Friedenberger Die Lackierung ist der Wahnsinn!
07. July 2018 at 18:41:56
Spanjaard what a beautiful camo!
08. July 2018 at 23:56:02
Clifford Keesler Very nice as always Jens.
09. July 2018 at 02:19:49
Jens Thank you, thank you, thank you :) James C, Thomas Bischoff,
Christian, Spanjaard, Clifford Keesler, the model was already created in 2013, at that time I had as a template a photo of a prey MiG 3 on a wagon in Russia, described as a plane from Stalingrad, but it was originally from the Baltic Front and was there with the change to Hurican to Stalingrad delivered, at the time the production of the MiG 3 was already stopped, as I said, the model was built in 2013 in the summer ;) and was yesterday with an exhibition near Leipzig
09. July 2018 at 10:07:10
Bart Goesaert That camo looks extremely nice... splendid work, but we know that the AB doesn't have many secrets for you...
30. November 2018 at 13:06:25
Jens Thanks Bart, I'm glad if the MiG you like, I've done with the Revell student and fine nozzle, now I have IWATA and Tamiya, but still the Revell remains a faithful companion
30. November 2018 at 13:12:24
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Viktor Mullin Added a new review for:
Reviewed on
26. November 2018 at 22:31:35 Share
Viktor Mullin Added a new review for:
Reviewed on channel
26. November 2018 at 22:27:21 Share
Jens added a new article to his personal gallery:
25. November 2018 at 14:50:21 Share
Holger Kranich added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: June 05, 2015
05. June 2015 at 12:17:17 Share
View full thread with 45 comments
Glenn . Well maybe if she's STUPID!!! Otherwise she could end up very well off with loads of new shoes and handbags! My girlfriend might be able to buy a Porsche or have a world trip! :(
09. November 2018 at 02:09:02
09. November 2018 at 02:54:52
09. November 2018 at 04:15:31
Spanjaard LMAO :D: :D
09. November 2018 at 06:04:19
Steve Wilson Hi My name's Steve, I'm mumble mumble years old, I live in London UK, I've been a K - K - K... a... K - K - K... Kol... (kough)... I have been a Kollektor of M - M - M... Model kits for many years, sinse I was six in fakt... It's time I admitted I have a problem... I DO NOT have, see see D... I have KKD... Kompulsive Kollektors Disorder. Yes... finaly I kan kome out and admit (sob!) I kan't pronounse the letter SEE...

Well... what other problem did you think I had??? honestly some people.
No wait a minute... don't go... please... kome back... I DO have another problem... Honest!!!
:D :D :D :D
09. November 2018 at 08:28:19
Clifford Keesler I defentiley have compulsive collectors disorder.
09. November 2018 at 20:35:56
Treehugger Blocking out the sun.. :D
09. November 2018 at 20:50:55
24. November 2018 at 07:23:09
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Manuel Schwarzenberger
Slowly but surely Christian moves with his Dark Viper in the direction of the finishline. The 4th part of his Photo Build, is dedicated to the weathering.
22. November 2018 at 17:21:15 Share
Francky added a new article to his personal gallery:
20. November 2018 at 12:53:39 Share
Stefan Fraundorfer Thanks for sharing these nice pics. From the shown fighters I have four in my stash. And when I see your pictures I have to build them as soon as possible.
20. November 2018 at 18:27:05
Francky I know the feeling. The stash always wins :)
20. November 2018 at 19:53:14
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Francky added a new article to his personal gallery:
20. November 2018 at 12:44:41 Share
Bart Goesaert interesting... thanks for the hint...
20. November 2018 at 13:19:06
Francky how one can learn some tricks from an old monkey :)
20. November 2018 at 13:24:43
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Francky added a new article to his personal gallery:
20. November 2018 at 12:45:47 Share
Martin Bishop added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 1 images
1:9 Hans Rudel Stuka Ace (Mitches Military Models KC02)
16. November 2018 at 16:51:24 Share
14. November 2018 at 09:52:57 Share
Viktor Mullin Added a new review for:
Reviewed on channel
14. November 2018 at 06:23:04 Share
12. November 2018 at 09:44:15 Share
M Nicolas added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: November 23, 2015
23. November 2015 at 16:22:07 Share
View full thread with 34 comments
Michael Hickey Your work in 1/72 is just brilliant and absolutely a treat for the eyes. I wish I could do my dioramas in 1/35 half as good as yours in 1/72.
09. November 2018 at 23:25:20
Alexander G. What do you all mean 1:35? With the right lighting and photography it would easily pass as 1:1! Incredible, never seen that density of detail in that scale. The figures seem so real!
10. November 2018 at 00:17:09
M Nicolas thank you all for your kind comments ! :D Next project will be… I hope… theatrical and gigantic ! :D
11. November 2018 at 00:33:34
Spanjaard Looking forward to it!
11. November 2018 at 07:44:09
seb H superbe nicolas, bravo !!
11. November 2018 at 16:02:34
Burkhard D That is pretty impressive, wouldn't have guessed 1/72
11. November 2018 at 16:59:15
Zsolt Czegle Awesome work!
11. November 2018 at 17:43:58
Thomas Kirschbaum impressive work!
11. November 2018 at 21:40:06
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Mario Matijasic Added a new review for:
Reviewed on
08. November 2018 at 14:54:03 Share
Mario Matijasic Added a new review for:
1:35 Electrical boxes (Royal Model 813)
Electrical boxes
Royal Model 1:35
Reviewed on
07. November 2018 at 21:04:06 Share
Gustavo Antonelli Added a new review for:
1:72 Bad Animals (Wolfpak Decals 72-121)
Bad Animals
Wolfpak Decals 1:72
2018 | New tool
Reviewed on
06. November 2018 at 21:58:00 Share
Gustavo Antonelli Added a new review for:
1:72 USAF Europe (Wolfpak Decals 72-120)
USAF Europe
Wolfpak Decals 1:72
72-120 Multitopic
Reviewed on
02. November 2018 at 17:19:30 Share
Ronan added a new photoalbum.
38 images
View album323087
Updated: February 27, 2017
05. January 2013 at 19:47:51 Share
View full thread with 37 comments
Michael Wohltmann It´s great !!!
28. February 2017 at 15:56:26
Ronan Thanks mates :)
@Bart : yes the grey scheme is very nice but get so dirty, i've seen one of them last year on Evreux air base. The french C160 transall are aslo very inetresting for modellers... 50 shades of grey :D
28. February 2017 at 20:09:07
Bart Meeldijk Haha, this one is much, much better! Still trying to figure out your 'shading' technique. Really looks great with all these subtle hi-lights!
31. October 2018 at 10:26:22
Xander Jansen very nice job!!!
31. October 2018 at 10:55:37
Patrick Hagelstein Really impressive!!!
31. October 2018 at 14:26:27
Daniel Klink Perfect job Ronan! Nothing else to say
31. October 2018 at 14:49:59
Konrad Limmer Very nice Ronan! Like it mate !
31. October 2018 at 15:30:28
Ronan many thanks, mates ;)
31. October 2018 at 20:55:05
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Manuel added a new article to his personal gallery:
31. October 2018 at 12:30:36 Share
Gerald Willing Added a new review for:
1:72 M.B. G3 Kfz.68 (MAC Distribution 72139)
M.B. G3 Kfz.68
MAC Distribution 1:72
2018 | Changed parts
Reviewed on
18. October 2018 at 15:06:31 Share
Jean Tchao Added a new review for:
Plastic Soldier Review
Reviewed on
Plastic Soldier Review
14. October 2018 at 21:05:24 Share
JOHN THOMAS added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: May 09, 2015
09. May 2015 at 17:09:56 Share
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JOHN THOMAS Wow, Clifford that really cool that you worked on that Aircraft.
29. August 2015 at 17:10:37
Clifford Keesler Thanks John. I am glad that a few have survived and are in musuems and not all blown up. I think there is another one on Display a Holliman AFB, that I also worked on. We converted 188 A's and B's to target drones.
30. August 2015 at 01:37:36
JOHN THOMAS My album for T.C. Bradley
08. October 2018 at 13:12:58
Spanjaard wow, missed this album before, amazing stuff to see! thanks for sharing.
09. October 2018 at 21:11:43
Glenn . Great photos of some big firecrackers John
09. October 2018 at 23:31:29
JOHN THOMAS Thanks, Glenn and Spanjaard
10. October 2018 at 00:11:46
Marcel Klemmer These picutures are always worth to be looked at.
10. October 2018 at 06:58:03
JOHN THOMAS Marcel, Thanks
10. October 2018 at 12:18:44
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Gareth Windsor added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: September 28, 2018
03. January 2016 at 02:13:29 Share
M.Julian Marles thanks for the pics! :)
03. January 2016 at 02:57:51
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Travis Blackburn added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: September 20, 2018
Project: show rods
20. December 2014 at 20:07:10 Share
Matthias Weiss That's a hell lot of paints you have there, compared to my little Vallejo stock...
I want more paints!! :(
21. December 2014 at 01:29:26
Holger Kranich Looks like a comfy place!
20. September 2018 at 13:41:36
Norbert Steffens This is a huge many rooms do you have?
20. September 2018 at 13:44:37
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Viktor Mullin Added a new review for:
1:35 Brunnen / Well (Hauler HLU35107)
Brunnen / Well
Hauler 1:35
Reviewed on
18. September 2018 at 05:05:05 Share
Viktor Mullin Added a new review for:
1:35 Brunnen / Well (Hauler HLU35107)
Brunnen / Well
Hauler 1:35
Reviewed on channel
18. September 2018 at 05:03:36 Share
Heinrich Kosior added a new photoalbum.
8 images
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Updated: November 12, 2015
12. November 2015 at 16:58:33 Share
Eugen P. I think I know it from the Flugwerft Schleissheim :) In original it looks really good
12. November 2015 at 18:20:51
Reinhart Bartsch Klasse gemacht :)
12. November 2015 at 18:23:14
Es-haq Khosravi Great job!
12. November 2015 at 19:26:11
doctorcolor Great GM
14. September 2018 at 15:49:01
Spanjaard excellent job!
14. September 2018 at 17:37:36
Timothy Heimer Just awesome work!
14. September 2018 at 21:27:10
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Ayala Botto added a new article to his personal gallery:
De Zeven Provinven Provinciën-Klasse Niederländische Lenkwaffenfregatten
Dodo Models 1:700

built on Modellmarine

03. September 2018 at 09:46:47 Share
Bart Goesaert Nice model, beautiful casted too, too bad the lower hull in 3D print is very costly for it's size...
03. September 2018 at 11:12:20
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Gerald Jonker added a new photoalbum.
10. January 2016 at 13:11:58 Share
Martien Lourens Very nice Dutch collection.
10. January 2016 at 13:23:31
arne vd burg Pretty cool collection you got there Gerald
10. January 2016 at 14:21:50
Gerald Jonker Thanks, This collection consists of models that have built in the 80's to the present day
11. January 2016 at 13:59:26
Gordon Sørensen Great looking collection, Gerald!
26. April 2017 at 13:36:51
Łukasz Gliński Very nice collection. Nice to see another Revell's "Dutch Spezial" finished :) Jealous of your Atlantic & F-27 ;)
01. September 2018 at 19:37:42
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Paulo Valado Added a new review for:
1:35 PzKfw. E10 TD (Cromwell Models )
PzKfw. E10 TD
Cromwell Models 1:35
Panzer Modell
Reviewed on
Panzer Modell
30. August 2018 at 15:50:40 Share
Kamil Feliks Sztarbala Added a new review for:
Reviewed on
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Mussa Zekoreev Added a new review for:
1:72 Shavrov IM (Prop & Jet PT7201)
Shavrov IM
Prop & Jet 1:72
2018 | New tool
Reviewed on
19. August 2018 at 09:17:18 Share
Mussa Zekoreev Added a new review for:
1:72 Yak-19 (First prototype) (Prop & Jet 7228)
Yak-19 (First prototype)
Prop & Jet 1:72
2018 | New tool
Reviewed on
19. August 2018 at 09:08:08 Share
Gareth Windsor added a new photoalbum.
25 images
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Updated: August 08, 2018
26. February 2014 at 22:42:53 Share
Alan Rush Nice collection. You mentioned service in the Navy and I detect a certain bias toward naval aviation. :) Nice tip of the hat to the Canadian Armed Forces with the Hawk you have finished.
27. February 2014 at 02:59:49
Gareth Windsor Thanks Alan. Yes, I have quite the collection of Fleet Air Arm models waiting for my attention. I'm 23 years in the Royal Navy and still going. As for the Canadian connection, the wife is from Toronto.
28. February 2014 at 20:22:08
Alan Rush OK. I live in Courtice, just east of Toronto, next to Oshawa. I worked for a time in Scarborough as well. I grew up in Windsor, Ontario and after a few other places have settled here with my family.
I am collecting some kits to mark as Canadian vehicles, especially for the Ontario Regiment, which is based in Oshawa. I volunteer at the Regiment museum and wanted to finish some kits for their time in Italy in WWII.
28. February 2014 at 22:25:28
John E Great stuff, Gareth! I like the pic of the Swordfish on the Merlin. hehe
25. July 2015 at 00:33:52
Kerry Cox What a pleasant surprise to find when logging back in after a few days away. :)
An awesome collection of aircraft Gareth.

Especially the Swordfish. !
But where did you get that launch controller from. ??? :) :) :)
28. June 2018 at 02:40:38
Spanjaard great collection!, yes, the pilot is giving all his attention to the controller, no doubt :D
29. June 2018 at 07:03:26
Dave Flitton Nice collection
29. June 2018 at 17:15:17
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Frank Krause Added a new review for:
1:35 Silo (Macone Models MAC35167)
Macone Models 1:35
Panzer Modell
Reviewed on
Panzer Modell
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Bernhard Schrock added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: August 31, 2013
31. August 2013 at 15:57:29 Share
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Kevin Farrell Wow!! You just saved me from having to research the History of Earth to find the color schemes on the R-1820l! Your's looks fantastic and I am going to unashamedly copy every brushstroke!

Thanks for letting look over your shoulder!
02. September 2013 at 20:12:42
Felix Troschier wonderfully built - BSH Models at his best!
03. September 2013 at 11:55:06
Steve Desarzens Amazing work Bernhard ! Respect :)
03. September 2013 at 13:54:52
Sebastijan Videc just perfect!
03. September 2013 at 16:39:54
Christian Meyerhoff Perfect work! Love every bit of it.
03. September 2013 at 18:15:28
Shahriar Khalvati excellent job!
06. September 2013 at 05:38:21
Pierre-Christian Baudru Great job ! Cheers, Pierre.
06. September 2013 at 09:49:59
Norbert Steffens Fantastic. Looks like real.
02. August 2018 at 04:05:18
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Kerry Cox added a new photoalbum.
This album no longer exists
This album does not contain any images.
Updated: January 01, 1970
06. February 2016 at 22:06:14 Share
Kerry Cox This is EXACTLY the same as "Clear fix".
Water soluble and perfect for applying decals.
Also, perfect for fixing clear parts in place.
06. February 2016 at 22:10:01
James C Thanks for that mate, will keep an eye out for it. I've already got a small 28ml bottle of Humbrol clear fix in the stash that I use for attaching my aircraft canopies. I used Pledge floor care "Finish" as my clear coat to seal and protect the paint as well as to create a flat surface for the decals to adhere to. Strangely, I've not had the white residue problem using it before now though. :S
I'm praying that another clear coat of the Pledge will fix my current problem.
07. February 2016 at 00:05:58
Kerry Cox Unfortunately, Pledge is a different compound from what you get in the shaky isles, . But the Elmers is my constant companion on the decal side of my modelling.
Cheers mate. :)
07. February 2016 at 00:34:12
Clifford Keesler Do you use it straight from the bottle or do you mix it with something?
08. February 2016 at 21:59:50
David Barclay Hi Kerry! I too wonder if you use straight or dilute??

Thanks in advance!
12. February 2016 at 08:10:10
Rui S Hey Kezza,
I'm wondering if you use this all over the kit, like mates do with Pledge floor care, or just in places with decals?
13. February 2016 at 14:26:55
Kerry Cox Rui, NO.
This is used only where the decal will go, with all the excess wiped away with a damp cloth after all decals have dried and "set".
Then, the final sealing coat of clear is applied.
The Elmers glue is water based, like the glue that was originally on the decals before they are slid off the backing paper, and so, this lets you clean the whole model without any 'residue' remaining.
I should actually make a short video of the process, as it is so easy to do, but the results are just awesome. :)
Cheers mate.
13. February 2016 at 22:19:57
Rui S Hey mate,
Thank you. I thought so. And you use it oob?
14. February 2016 at 04:12:49
Kerry Cox I try not to drink it OOB, as it does taste like raspberry. :), but yes, just a small amount on a clean surface you can dip your brush into is all you need. .
14. February 2016 at 04:25:44
Rui S Hehehe you better drink a beer Mate.
Thank you ;)
14. February 2016 at 14:53:00
Kerry Cox All is good mate. :)
14. February 2016 at 19:43:18
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Mike Kryza added a new photoalbum.
29 images
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Updated: May 03, 2014
24. April 2014 at 07:42:15 Share
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Mike Kryza Hi Augie, hi mates - thx a lot for your nice comments. Sorry for the late answer, but today we exhibit in a little event in Leipheim. (Was possible to look at SCM, but could not write...) Meet some mates and spent some nice hours with them.
-- And as I wrote in the introduction this is a very good kit. One of the best kits I've ever held in my hands. Not cheap - but it's worth. ;) :)
New pics will be uploaded after my "comfortable hours" but this may take some time.
And Frank, you can nearly copy what you want... :)
04. May 2014 at 17:53:36
Eelco Gregoire This is a really great kit. I built one myself, photos are online too.
04. May 2014 at 20:19:03
Holger Kranich Glorious result, Mike! A feast for the eyes!
05. May 2014 at 07:35:31
Jonns Pfeiffenberger I saw this pile of metal yesterday, and I must say that it looks even better in real life! now let him even go through the dirty brittany! :D
05. May 2014 at 09:05:33
Mike Kryza Thx - not yet ready - Patience please... ;)
@Jonns - thx. Sometimes pics are better and somtimes real life is better. :)
05. May 2014 at 15:56:08
bonifacio sobrino A wonderfull job!!
26. July 2018 at 00:25:04
Christian Bruer Very nice
26. July 2018 at 11:28:42
Mike Kryza Thx a lot mates.
26. July 2018 at 15:56:01
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Steffen Arndt Added a new review for:
1:72 Spanish Sailors Artillery 16-17 Century (Red Box RB72104)
Spanish Sailors Artillery 16-17 Century Set 3
Red Box 1:72
2017 | New tool
IPMS Deutschland
Reviewed on
IPMS Deutschland
19. July 2018 at 20:55:02 Share
Steffen Arndt Added a new review for:
1:72 Italian Sailors in Battle XVI-XVII Century (Red Box RB72107)
Italian Sailors in Battle XVI-XVII Century (36 w/4 Guns)
Red Box 1:72
IPMS Deutschland
Reviewed on
IPMS Deutschland
19. July 2018 at 20:54:36 Share
Es-haq Khosravi added a new photoalbum.
28. September 2014 at 22:07:43 Share
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Holger Kranich Hey Essi, do you think its possible to etch german or US dogtags? Or dogtags generally?
03. November 2014 at 17:33:12
Es-haq Khosravi Of course Holger! Why not! Very good idea! :)
03. November 2014 at 18:20:58
Acki Support your local (Iranian) Model dealer! Today I got my set of glasses. Everything went perfect.
08. November 2014 at 21:21:44
Es-haq Khosravi Thank you Acki! It is my pleasure! :)
08. November 2014 at 21:59:51
Holger Kranich Oh the god of pe let etched brass rain on us! Cant wait to wear my new glasses! LOL :D
09. November 2014 at 10:29:31
09. November 2014 at 10:44:11
babak chalangi excellent work essi
09. November 2014 at 18:20:26
Es-haq Khosravi Thank you dear Babak! :)
09. November 2014 at 20:19:42
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Rui S added a new photoalbum.
323 images
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Updated: November 01, 2015
13. June 2015 at 13:59:06 Share
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Rui S Be welcome Clifford. My pleasure, mate.
26. November 2015 at 12:36:58
Rui S Schürzen with Ostketten.
05. December 2015 at 00:15:27
John Dunbar Hey Rui, great new stuff in MT! Thanks a lot!!
05. December 2015 at 07:02:46
Rui S Hi John.
This post was already there, but thank you very much anyway for your nice comment. Glad you like it Mate
05. December 2015 at 11:57:26
Rui S @ Spanjaard,
Thank you for your comment.
You are not the first mate to say that the albums should be shorter.
That was why I created the MT2.
No I don't think that is possible to upload more than 6 photos at once.
My MT albums where mounted in various occasions but as you say it takes a lot of patience and care.
I always enjoy to share other mates interests with my reference books and magazines. ;)
Also I take real pleasure helping mates, especially if with the same topic interest. 8)
24. September 2016 at 23:29:13
Zoltán Balogh Nice collection Rui. Thank You for bringing my attention to it.
01. March 2017 at 10:22:39
Rui S Hi Zoltán,
Thank you for your comment, and be welcome.
The Military Thinking (MT) is for all mates that like mainly WW II German AFV themes like my self (but not only) and there are now already 4 MT 8)
01. March 2017 at 11:24:42
Rui S The HE-219, PART I and PART II. A beautiful and innovative WWII aircraft.
I was really impressed with the length of the fuselage of this FIGHTER aircraft in 1/32 scale.
15. July 2018 at 12:40:06
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Jens added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: May 14, 2016
08. October 2015 at 10:10:06 Share
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Jens einem Airbrushprofi wie Dir kann man nichts vormachen :) Danke für das Kompliment :)
14. May 2016 at 09:31:26
Martien Lourens Ich bin seit 2 jahre kein profi mehr aber hobby airbrusher. :) Das gibt kein stress :). Aber du hast schöne linien, kringen gezogen. Ohne unterbrechungen und spetter. Das ist doch mal was und konsentration. Übung bezahlt sich immer aus. Oder du bist eim natur talent. Ich habe die linien nicht kontroliert. :) :) :) Ein fehler in linien sieht man gleich. :)
14. May 2016 at 10:42:30
Jens alles ist stück für stück gemacht , ausser am Leitwerk, da habe ich Linien gezogen,aber, ich habe eben bei den neuen Bilder aber dann doch einen kleinen Felck entdeckt, da habe ich wohl ohne Luftstop gedreht :(
14. May 2016 at 10:47:36
Jens so Tamiya Heinkel 219 completed, on the neighbor bell Monster
I think even 2 biplane fun on model building, and then the Ju 88 G1 and G6, of course meanders :)
14. May 2016 at 10:52:16
Christian Ristits Very impressive Jens, cool "underwater" camouflage!
14. May 2016 at 11:21:43
Jens Danke Christian :) Unterwasserlackierung für Mäander iss mir auch neu :) speicher ich mal für die Antworten in den einzelnen Foren :D
14. May 2016 at 11:36:43
James C Very nice mate. Looking forward to see what you do with the 1/32 scale version. ;)
14. July 2018 at 18:48:58
Clifford Keesler Very nice Jens. A beautiful model. I have the 1/32 one.
14. July 2018 at 23:56:08
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Gaius Baltar added a new photoalbum.
87 images
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Updated: July 14, 2018
03. January 2016 at 15:40:42 Share
gorbygould There are some good models here Gaius, well done.
31. October 2016 at 16:27:49
Gaius Baltar Thanks mate!
01. November 2016 at 17:34:47
Es-haq Khosravi Really nice jobs! Great job!
16. January 2017 at 18:02:32
Łukasz Gliński Nice, I like Henschel and Wessex the most
16. January 2017 at 20:22:21
Aaron Liles Great! Thank you for sharing
16. January 2017 at 20:40:30
ice As a helicopter guy, I really like your collection.
16. January 2017 at 21:35:36
Gaius Baltar Thanks mates!
10. February 2017 at 21:12:48
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Gerald Jonker added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: July 09, 2018
10. January 2016 at 10:30:23 Share
James Turnbull Nice. Go on the Brits!
10. January 2016 at 11:18:50
Gerald Jonker Thanks, Two of my German Tornado`s be loaned to the UK Tornado SIG, and can be seen in the UK by meetings
on the tables of the Tornado SIG
11. January 2016 at 13:58:08
Mike Daniels Great collection of Airfix models. Very well done. You need four more Hawks for the full set of Red Arrows !! I did the full nine when I was a kid with the Airfix Gnat.
09. July 2018 at 15:51:27
Michael Hickey Cool looking Buccaneer, I really need to get into some of the Airfix 1/48 Buccaneers that I have, she's such a beast.
09. July 2018 at 23:44:53
Gerald Jonker Mike Daniels, once I had nine Reds, but for have been destroyed☹
12. July 2018 at 06:56:51
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John Irwing Added a new review for:
1:8 US Touring Bike (Revell 07937)
US Touring Bike
Revell 1:8
2018 | Changed decals
Reviewed on
10. July 2018 at 11:25:47 Share
Steve H. Added a new review for:
1:87 Front Street Building (Design Preservation Models 120)
Front Street Building
Design Preservation Models 1:87
Reviewed on channel
CPR Classic Plastic Review
05. July 2018 at 00:57:03 Share
Thomas Poelkemann added a new photoalbum.
View album247696
Updated: March 30, 2016
30. March 2016 at 14:06:59 Share
Holger Kranich Looks even good in british markings!
30. March 2016 at 16:41:05
Sören Reifert Amazing work and the camo is superb!
30. March 2016 at 16:49:30
Christian Bruer Excellent work , I much like the weathered German markings and new British markings - seems to be painted?
30. March 2016 at 17:12:13
Thomas Poelkemann right, it is.
30. March 2016 at 18:15:46
Spanjaard no idea how i missed this one before.... what a beautiful camo!!!
04. July 2018 at 11:29:56
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01. July 2018 at 14:04:16 Share
Steve H. Added a new review for:
1:120 B-29 Superfortress (Hobbycraft 1151)
B-29 Superfortress
Hobbycraft 1:120
198x | Changed ???
Reviewed on channel
CPR Classic Plastic Review
20. June 2018 at 12:01:46 Share
Viktor Mullin Added a new review for:
1:35 HS-3 Schlitten 500Kg (Hauler HLM35004)
HS-3 Schlitten 500Kg
Hauler 1:35
Reviewed on
13. June 2018 at 13:54:11 Share
Viktor Mullin Added a new review for:
1:35 HS-3 Schlitten 500Kg (Hauler HLM35004)
HS-3 Schlitten 500Kg
Hauler 1:35
Reviewed on channel
13. June 2018 at 13:52:51 Share
Sven Schönyan added a new photoalbum.
24. April 2016 at 15:19:57 Share
View full thread with 67 comments
Norbert Steffens Yes you're right. It's more than interesting that there are several ways to create good sea scapes. Up to now, I only tried silicon, with good results, but i think only when there isn't a rough sea. But lets see what Sven result will look like
06. December 2016 at 20:20:16
Sven Schönyan So, after a while I came back to my Intrepid. Because the first water didn´t turn out as desired I built a new one. First I had to cut off the old styrofoam and apply a new one. After shaping the waves (a little bit smaller now) and cutting a opening for the hull they got a coat of plaster stone. With a little sanding I smoothed it the seascape and applied another layer of plaster this time an air drying type.
Because I want to get a good fit of the hull I first textured the plaster on one side of the hull and after a day of drying the other side.
10. June 2018 at 06:59:23
Christian Bruer Interesting but time consuming technique.
10. June 2018 at 17:59:02
Martin o I am going to buy this kit one day despite having no space for it.. The build is going nicely! Nice job on the hagar floor weathering!
10. June 2018 at 19:11:20
Lode Schildermans Smooth job, Sven. Curious how it will look in the diorama
10. June 2018 at 19:23:21
Norbert Steffens Big effort for your scape, but looks quite good so far.
11. June 2018 at 11:21:53
Martin Oostrom A large project it is. Like the rest I'm curious how she'll end up. The start looks very promising
11. June 2018 at 12:15:11
Sven Schönyan Thank you guys for your comments! It´s still a long way to go. Yesterday the plaster wasn´t as dry as expected so no work on it. Hope to find some time during this week.
11. June 2018 at 15:18:09
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Steve H. Added a new review for:
1:87 Forklift (Kibri 11756)
Kibri 1:87
Reviewed on channel
CPR Classic Plastic Review
09. June 2018 at 22:01:25 Share
Steve H. Added a new review for:
Reviewed on channel
CPR Classic Plastic Review
09. June 2018 at 21:55:10 Share
Kerry Cox added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: January 02, 2016
10. June 2015 at 23:26:31 Share
View full thread with 48 comments
Peter Hardy Thanks for putting on display again Kerry. Truely inspirational!
31. May 2018 at 08:30:45
Kerry Cox That was posted over 2 years ago mate. But I am glad I did. :)
As you can see. Camilla and Vegard are a couple from Norway. Delightful people I should say hi to again real soon. vepe
31. May 2018 at 09:01:19
Sören Reifert Some fantastic builds my friend ;)
31. May 2018 at 09:32:59
Kerry Cox Soren. Thank you my friend, but I have built a few over the last few years, and some, well before I joined this happy band of brothers. :)
31. May 2018 at 11:09:02
03. June 2018 at 17:40:41
Lode Schildermans Thanks for sharing this magnificant pictures, Kerry. No words can describe what I see, but Yoda. You're a true master of modeling
03. June 2018 at 19:38:49
Peter Hardy Hear hear.
03. June 2018 at 21:39:56
Kerry Cox Thank you all. :)
Vegard. Again, I apologise for the slack contact mate.
Lode. Your kind words are a real boost mate. :)
Peter, I will call you soon and have a chat.
03. June 2018 at 22:45:11
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Christian Bruer added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: May 24, 2018
18. January 2014 at 18:31:33 Share
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Lode Schildermans Always a pleasure to look at ships in diorama. I hope one day I'll be able to build one myself.
Christian, a top build, as always
26. May 2018 at 05:51:15
Guus Christian you never fail to amaze me. That is truly magical !
26. May 2018 at 18:06:59
Christian Bruer Kerry, thx for sharing the dynamic diorama. I much like it, excellent craftsmanship!

Thank you all Gentleman for your very kind comments and interest.

Cheers, Christian
27. May 2018 at 09:11:04
Kerry Cox It certainly makes us want to do even better when we see others works and skills on display.
I love what we are all capable of and all of us are just as talented as 'them'. :)
27. May 2018 at 10:24:09
Christian Bruer Indeed that's the way progress will be made! Look to each other, learn from each other.
27. May 2018 at 16:30:08
Kerry Cox Christian. So very true master. :)
27. May 2018 at 17:35:58
Martien Lourens This is another nice piece of craft from your hands. awesome
27. May 2018 at 18:19:21
Christian Bruer Thank you Kerry and Martien. I'm glad you like it :)
28. May 2018 at 18:13:39
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Steve H. Added a new review for:
Reviewed on channel
CPR Classic Plastic Review
28. May 2018 at 13:59:43 Share
Steve H. Added a new review for:
Reviewed on channel
CPR Classic Plastic Review
28. May 2018 at 01:12:22 Share
Gábor Bélik added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 10 images
In progress
10. May 2015 at 17:26:33 Share
Gábor Bélik After approx 2 years sitting in a drawer I finally decided to repaint it and use it for a testbed for new techniques. Critiques are welcome
15. May 2018 at 18:09:34
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15. May 2018 at 08:46:34 Share
Ladislav Smutny added a new article to his personal gallery:
15. May 2018 at 08:44:39 Share
Philip De Keyser added a new photoalbum.
20 images
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Updated: November 02, 2015
22. September 2015 at 19:35:02 Share
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Clifford Keesler How did I miss this one? Fantastic.
23. July 2017 at 21:29:04
Spanjaard i missed it too... great job
23. July 2017 at 21:46:58
Augie very nice!
24. July 2017 at 17:20:08
Philip De Keyser Thanks mates!
27. July 2017 at 08:11:04
Ed Froix Also very beautiful
09. May 2018 at 07:18:36
09. May 2018 at 18:01:30
Cuajete Very nice work. Congratulations!
Which brand and scale is the model?
09. May 2018 at 18:16:27
Philip De Keyser Thanks Cuajete, this the Weekend Kit from Eduard in a 48 Scale
Grtz, Phil
10. May 2018 at 13:07:09
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Hien Vu added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: May 16, 2015
16. May 2015 at 04:18:41 Share
Terry Healey Fine job
03. May 2018 at 14:49:29
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Kerry Cox added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: April 28, 2018
08. April 2015 at 07:06:57 Share
View full thread with 39 comments
Chris Parsons I've worked on cross ram double 4 barrel hemis, my own 440 six pack dodge, and early corvette crossfire injection systems and thought I knew some nasty systems.... but 4 Buick mechanical injection systems driving both ends of the car? .... that's just nasty!
26. April 2018 at 23:18:00
Kerry Cox Apparently, Tommy was never allowed to "Compete" with the 'Showboat', having to content himself with "Demonstration runs". Poor bugger. It was a real asphalt destroyer. :) :) :)
27. April 2018 at 00:16:01
Peter Hardy A W E S O M E ! I dips me lid to the work put in so far Kez! Work of passion.
27. April 2018 at 10:16:25
Kerry Cox I have managed to try three times before on this kit but with no luck. Mainly because it a really old kit from the 50's. :(
The dies were crap then, and there has been no 'updating or retooling' like some other kits I know, so I do my best to bring it up to some sort of a presentable quality that I could compete with.
Peter, your words of encouragement mean a lot and they keep my interest up. Thanks my good friend.
Kez. :)
27. April 2018 at 12:35:51
James C You've done an amazing job so far on cleaning up the parts on this oldie mate.
Looking superb!
27. April 2018 at 19:29:24
Kerry Cox James. :) Thank you my friend.
There is a LOT of plastic on my workshop floor. ;)
It would be fantastic if the dies of this kit were blueprinted to bring it up to a better result and standard.
But I have had a lot of enjoyment getting the beast to this stage, having seen all the problems arise from the first two and having a better idea of the problems and remedies.
'Keep on truckin'. hahahaha
27. April 2018 at 20:43:35
James C Just goes to show that you can't beat experience!
27. April 2018 at 20:44:47
Kerry Cox That is for sure James. repetition sucks some times. But I am not complaining.
27. April 2018 at 21:29:53
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David Lengyel added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: July 15, 2014
15. July 2014 at 06:47:16 Share
Es-haq Khosravi Great job!
15. July 2014 at 15:46:51
Hunter Cummins Finally lol I saved the pictures for references on the figures lol
they are amazing
16. July 2014 at 00:59:56
Michal Z. :D interesting action dio! :)
26. September 2014 at 16:47:08
Es-haq Khosravi Really like the jumping soldier!
26. September 2014 at 16:57:03
Michal Z. yes! I like the one with panzerfaust :)
26. September 2014 at 16:58:23
Marko Excellent.
26. September 2014 at 17:03:10
Es-haq Khosravi What is the scale? 1:35th?
26. September 2014 at 17:47:14
David Lengyel Yep, that is 1/35.
26. September 2014 at 18:25:55
Pedro Silva Great Work
25. April 2018 at 09:52:21
David Lengyel I just came to realize that it looks like I have built this dio, which I didn't, haha. It's a work of David Foud from CZ.
25. April 2018 at 09:58:30
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JOHN THOMAS added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: April 24, 2018
29. January 2014 at 19:16:30 Share
View full thread with 44 comments
JOHN THOMAS I guest the more mats the better. I am looking for a larger mat to increase my work area.
16. February 2014 at 21:56:33
John Hoffmann I know this thread is older, but it made me smile. I have a corner desk and 3 or 4 tables in my basement hobby space, and my cutting mat is something like 30" x 36" but I still almost always end up doing all the work on about a 16" x 16" area at the front of the mat. All other flat surfaces are just places to place things I was just using, will get to soon, or might need again on one of the several ongoing projects.
23. April 2018 at 18:58:54
JOHN THOMAS Hey John, you are right about the cutting mat. I cleaned my work area a few weeks ago and added a Fold Up Spray booth and move some of my plastic storage bins around. I still need to do something about all my kits to make some more room. I have a 1/32 scale A-4E/F I need room to work on it.
24. April 2018 at 00:18:53
JOHN THOMAS I have cleaned up my modeling room some and moved things around and added a fold up spray booth. I will take some new photos and post them in a few days.
24. April 2018 at 00:26:56
Siegfried Mühlnikel That looks somehow familiar.
24. April 2018 at 09:58:13
Timothy Heimer Please don't clean it up! I have seen posts to where they are so organized it makes me sick! Hate to say it John but...I thought my area was bad! LOL
24. April 2018 at 12:26:23
JOHN THOMAS Hey Siegfried and Timothy, I did a little cleaning to make room for a new fold up spray booth and moved some plastic storage bins around. I added some new photos of today's 2018 work bench. I also show my new 1/32 scale A-4, will it fit, stay tuned.
24. April 2018 at 12:33:26
JOHN THOMAS BTW guy's, my modeling room is just 7 feet x 7 feet or around 35 square feet
24. April 2018 at 16:36:57
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Amera Plastics Added a new review for:
15mm 15mm Trench Set (Amera Plastic Mouldings M214)
15mm Trench Set
Amera Plastic Mouldings 15mm
2016 | New tool
Reviewed on
07. April 2018 at 10:27:07 Share
Gordon Sørensen added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: April 27, 2014
27. April 2014 at 20:54:59 Share
Jose Miguel Rodriguez Beautiful!!!!!!
28. April 2014 at 05:55:38
Martyn Fox What a cutie :)
28. April 2014 at 08:39:32
Clifford Keesler Nice buddy.
03. May 2014 at 00:56:59
Mike Kryza Your best friend... :)
25. December 2015 at 08:43:10
Timothy Heimer Everyone should have a 4 legged buddy with them! I have 3 that sit and watch me!
28. March 2018 at 20:23:45
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Frank Roth added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: October 23, 2012
23. October 2012 at 07:48:07 Share
Steve Wilson That's nice, "Direction East" more like the top of your local model shows gold medal list... Another great build Frank!!!
23. October 2012 at 08:17:10
SCM79 great scene, excellent placement of the figurines and horses to fill the diorama.
23. October 2012 at 09:20:38
Frank Roth Thank you mates.
23. October 2012 at 15:08:40
Spanjaard simply stunning. and being 1/72 is jaw dropping.... amazing level of detail!
22. March 2018 at 22:52:38
Alec K Your figure work is top notch
23. March 2018 at 13:40:08
KollHBM Very nice work for a diorama only about as big as a sheet of paper.
23. March 2018 at 22:29:03
Dave Flitton What figures did you use? These look great!
24. March 2018 at 05:26:05
Kim Branders Frank I like it. .
24. March 2018 at 07:43:46
Frank Roth Thx, a lot ....@Dave: The infantry figures are from Preiser, a German manufacturer.
The mounted figures are rebuilt Revell figures. The mounting one is composed of different figures.
24. March 2018 at 13:21:54
25. March 2018 at 05:10:50
Dan M Amazing! Even more so, considering it's 1:72
25. March 2018 at 09:09:45
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Frank Roth added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: October 15, 2012
15. October 2012 at 11:49:41 Share
Holger Kranich Its a beautyqueen under the 88´th!
15. October 2012 at 12:02:53
Vitor Hugo Sousa You got to love 1/72 ;)
15. October 2012 at 14:58:40
Steve Wilson What you might call a handgun :) Again brilliant 8)
15. October 2012 at 15:11:22
Aghis Barberopoulos Most impressive! Love it !
18. October 2012 at 16:29:47
Christian Wow! Excellent work!
18. October 2012 at 16:32:59
Bill Gilman Stunning! Braille scale rules!
18. October 2012 at 17:01:48
Frank Krause Aah, the guy with the big hands making us believe the 1:35 8,8 would be 1:72... ;)
Marvelous FlaK. Well done, Frank!
18. October 2012 at 17:15:40
Markus Kutsch Excellent.! Must be big hands (hö hö)
No ,realy excellent!
18. October 2012 at 18:20:36
Steve Wilson Lets give Frank a big hand for an excellent build... Clap! clap! clap! encore!!!
18. October 2012 at 18:27:43
Frank Roth Hi guys, you wouldn't believe how impractical such a giant hand is in daily life ;)
Thanks for the nice comments.....
19. October 2012 at 14:03:53
Spanjaard i got the 8.8 in 1/48, and I know it will not be even half a as good as what you have done in 1/72.... simply stunning detailed paintjob.... fantastic.
22. March 2018 at 22:56:01
Alec K Very well done, hard to add to what had already been said.
23. March 2018 at 13:37:59
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Frank Roth added a new photoalbum.
18 images
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Updated: October 22, 2012
22. October 2012 at 10:02:06 Share
Steve Wilson Might be "Bloody Omaha", but this vignette is "Bloody Good"... It's tiny details like the water spurting from the rear side of the Landing Craft that make this an interesting build... 8)
22. October 2012 at 10:25:54
Frank Roth Hi Steve,thank you.
22. October 2012 at 20:47:06
Luc B Excellent work
22. October 2012 at 20:58:46
Dave Flitton I have this kit. You have done an awesome job!!!
22. October 2012 at 22:42:56
SCM79 I love it, especially the scared guy in the back brings the necessary horror to the depicted scene
23. October 2012 at 09:18:57
Steve Wilson @SCM79 I agree very poignant :(
23. October 2012 at 09:22:08
Frank Roth Thanks for your comments :D
23. October 2012 at 15:09:42
Lionel Marco
Congratulation for this realistic presentation. It's really well done!

23. October 2012 at 15:37:36
23. October 2012 at 17:18:49
Holger Kranich Do I know it from MV? Well done
23. October 2012 at 17:43:01
Spanjaard simply stunning. a master piece in 1/72
22. March 2018 at 22:51:41
Scott Dutton Awesome, and its 1/72nd
23. March 2018 at 12:40:25
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Frank Roth added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: October 15, 2012
15. October 2012 at 10:02:32 Share
View full thread with 23 comments
Christian I guess the bike is 1:35 oob, but the hand is 1:9 and scratch built :)
16. October 2012 at 17:38:54
Steve Wilson It says in Frank Roth's title it's 1:72???
16. October 2012 at 17:49:55
Spanjaard incredible that you can detail a motorbike in 1/72... my deepest respect for this little wonder! 90% scratch built.... out of this world
22. March 2018 at 22:53:44
Greg Baker Now that's cool!
22. March 2018 at 23:37:09
Alec K Excellent work
23. March 2018 at 02:03:35
Michael Hickey Frank, you have way to much free time on your hands to do something so incredibly tiny, I'm guessing your eye's are not the best and you just felt your way around that bike. I would hardly be able to see it let alone build it, my hats off to you, Sir.
23. March 2018 at 03:13:08
Björn Svedberg Wow, that looks fantastic! You must have really good eye sight to do something so tiny.
23. March 2018 at 07:20:40
Choppa Nutta Cute and cool, nicely done ! :)
23. March 2018 at 09:48:44
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Frank Roth added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: March 16, 2013
16. March 2013 at 19:22:36 Share
View full thread with 31 comments
Frank Roth Thanks guys.... :)
24. June 2013 at 19:31:04
Mike Grant Outstanding. Can you share how you made the palm trees?
24. June 2013 at 20:34:48
Stefan Suessemilch Outstanding Frank... this is a perfect example of how interesting this hobby is. Sometimes you have to be multitalent. Your eye for details, especialy for the flora is extraordinaire!!
24. June 2013 at 20:44:11
Jose Miguel Rodriguez Excellent work!!!!!
Really outstanding°°°
24. June 2013 at 20:47:11
Philip De Keyser Wonderful!!!!!!
25. June 2013 at 08:42:32
Robert Espenschied really nice diorama, congrats...
25. June 2013 at 09:08:22
25. June 2013 at 15:33:57
Spanjaard looking at some of your dios... simply incredible. hard to believe it is 1/72. the temple and the details of this one are a work of art. better than what many can do in 1/35 (including me)
22. March 2018 at 22:50:30
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Frank Roth added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: March 22, 2018
15. October 2012 at 09:42:48 Share
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Frank Roth Hello friends, yesterday I cut the diorama into two parts.
I never liked the Diorama really.
I meant, there's not really a center for the eyes view.
In a few days everything will be redesigned and revised. ( I hope )
Pics will follow naturally..... :)
03. January 2014 at 18:08:32
Michal Z. great dio! :)
I'm looking forward for the update :)
03. January 2014 at 19:10:11
Christian Bruer Very very nice! That reminds me to think bout Maj. Wilhelm Bach, the defender of the Halfaya Pass. I read about him for nearly 35 years ago in a book by Paul Carell about the Afrika Korps. Cheers, Christian
03. January 2014 at 19:38:47
Es-haq Khosravi Well done!
03. January 2014 at 20:10:00
Dirk Heyer Lovely diorama!
Wonderful weathering and a great paintjob at all!
04. January 2014 at 16:56:09
Lionel Marco
...And then it was the demise of the Queen of the battlefield (Matilda II)

Frank, I agree with your idea of focussing your diorama.
If I may suggest...
Maybe the problem is not so much the dioram itself the problem than the figures: they are nor focused, but each one seems to have a something particuliar and different to do:
one is carrying jerricans
one is washing himself
2 are having a snack
one is manning a shell
2 (in 2 differents parts) are working ont the firing position.
one find this place to noisy
and one is watching over there...
I think it will work better if the 2 standing near the Kubel and the one watching on the right of the gun were talking together with the 2 near the edge of the cliff
the rest of the gun crew must do one thing and only one.

Another thing that bother me: the position of the gun lower carriage: i will rotate it 90°. the way it is now, I can' see how the front wheel carriage was removed without an harassing and dangerous movement so close of the edge of the cliff.

The spent shells are of no use in this case: When i see this diorama, I'm more thinking of the preparation of the position than an after action scene. So why is there some spent shells?
If you want them, they might be better placed between the 2 wheels carriages, in the opposite direction of the gun: Halfaya Pass was a long range shooting of slowly advancing tanks. the position of the shells seems to indicate that the position was nearly overrun And if they are there after an after-action cleaning, I hope the crewman who left some among the live rounds will be punished!

I hope it's not too harsh, but the quality of the models deserve a great diorama!

05. January 2014 at 07:04:10
Zsolt Czegle Sehr schöne Arbeit!
22. March 2018 at 19:34:04
Spanjaard excellent models and painting. absolutely stunning. but i would certainly listen to Lionel Marco suggestions. it makes sense and it will turn this in a master piece (without those figures and 8.8 deserve)
i must say that your 1/72 dios really look like 1/35... my respect for the level of detail you achieve in those figures and models. incredible
22. March 2018 at 22:46:25
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ForestFan added a new photoalbum.
3 images
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Updated: December 31, 2015
31. December 2015 at 15:42:55 Share
Benoit Mathier Very nice Vampire! What colors did you use? I find them very matching.
31. December 2015 at 15:45:49
ForestFan Thanks! AK extreme metal aluminium, and Xtracrylics RAF Trainer Yellows
31. December 2015 at 16:30:05
Ekki Good job.
01. January 2016 at 17:47:43
Thomas Ehrensperger Very nice airplane :)
20. March 2018 at 18:20:37
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Bill Gilman added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: February 18, 2012
18. February 2012 at 03:29:28 Share
View full thread with 23 comments
Erik Houghton Very crisp and clean build, sir!
11. May 2013 at 00:03:31
Bill Gilman Augie, is that Toom like Tomb (bad connotation), or did it come from the last syllable of Phantom?
11. May 2013 at 00:23:50
Steve Wilson I couldn't find any reference to "TOOM" but I did find reference to other nicknames. I also found reference to a character called "SPOOK", read on guys...

An F-4F on display described as the "World's largest distributor of MiG parts", because of the high number of this type of enemy aircraft shot downThe Phantom gathered a number of nicknames during its career. Some of these names included "Rhino", "Double Ugly", the "Flying Anvil", "Flying Footlocker", "Flying Brick", "Lead Sled", the "Big Iron Sled" and the "St. Louis Slugger". In recognition of its record of downing large numbers of Soviet-built MiGs, it was called the "World's Leading Distributor of MiG Parts". As a reflection of excellent performance in spite of its bulk, the F-4 was dubbed "the triumph of thrust over aerodynamics." German Luftwaffe crews called their F-4s the Eisenschwein ("Iron Pig" ;), Fliegender Ziegelstein ("Flying Brick" ;) and Luftverteidigungsdiesel ("Air Defense Diesel" ;).

Imitating the spelling of the aircraft's name, McDonnell issued a series of patches. Pilots became "Phantom Phlyers", backseaters became "Phantom Pherrets", fans of the F-4 "Phantom Phanatics", and call it the "Phabulous Phantom". Ground crewmen who worked on the aircraft are known as "Phantom Phixers".

The Spook:
The SpookThe aircraft's emblem is a whimsical cartoon ghost called "The Spook", which was created by McDonnell Douglas technical artist, Anthony "Tony" Wong, for shoulder patches. The name "Spook" was coined by the crews of either the 12th Tactical Fighter Wing or the 4453rd Combat Crew Training Wing at MacDill AFB. The figure is ubiquitous, appearing on every imaginable item associated with the F-4. The Spook has followed the Phantom around the world adopting local fashions; for example, the British adaptation of the U.S. "Phantom Man" is a Spook that sometimes wears a bowler hat and smokes a pipe.
11. May 2013 at 07:21:52
Rocker very nice.
11. May 2013 at 09:29:34
Bill Gilman The Spook character is well known - I would say nearly as ubiquitous as the Two-Tailed Tomcat.
11. May 2013 at 14:01:15
Augie Agree Bill.. both are as well known and timeless :)

Now i just need to get more for my wall
11. May 2013 at 16:05:07
Daniel Klink Fantastic Result... with this rather average kit....Love it!! Cheers Daniel
16. March 2018 at 12:18:45
16. March 2018 at 12:34:15
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Fernando Correia added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: April 09, 2016
28. March 2016 at 22:28:45 Share
Guido Haesevoets Looks nice!
29. March 2016 at 06:57:00
Christian Bruer Yep, well done
29. March 2016 at 17:03:13
Choppa Nutta puts rather a lot of 1/72 models to shame ! :)
09. April 2016 at 11:42:02
Fernando Correia thanks guys it was a great return to modeling after 12 years. A lot of fun!!
09. April 2016 at 22:14:51
cs-tbr Looks great Fernando!!! what Po.A.F. did you use?
12. March 2018 at 18:03:56
Fernando Correia Hi. If you mean the decals I got them from a US supplier (don't recall the name) long time a go.
13. March 2018 at 09:58:35
Günther Debiscop nicely done for that small scale (y
13. March 2018 at 10:59:50
cs-tbr Sorry, exactly I meant decals... I wanted to try doing an A-7 but it's impossible to find PoAF decals...
13. March 2018 at 20:21:21
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Steve H. Added a new review for:
Reviewed on channel
CPR Classic Plastic Review
11. March 2018 at 23:36:30 Share
Steve H. Added a new review for:
1:87 Ashmore Hotel (Walthers 933-3764)
Ashmore Hotel
Walthers 1:87
Reviewed on channel
CPR Classic Plastic Review
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Timothy Heimer added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: July 22, 2016
22. July 2016 at 14:37:46 Share
View full thread with 35 comments
Clifford Keesler The Merlin 66 produced 1,490 HP/ with a war emergency power rating of 1,720HP. It was capable of 441mph at 25,000 ft.
10. March 2018 at 02:53:03
Peter Hardy Are we becoming, rivet counters?
10. March 2018 at 03:01:38
Kerry Cox Thank you Clifford. :) I love being informed, as I didn't know they could get to that altitude. !
10. March 2018 at 03:02:39
Clifford Keesler I hope not.
10. March 2018 at 03:02:58
Peter Hardy Two stage super chargers will do that for ya!
10. March 2018 at 03:04:27
Clifford Keesler That they will.
10. March 2018 at 03:05:09
Timothy Heimer Anyone interested in this kit, I do know where one is for $50 in the states.
10. March 2018 at 03:13:07
Peter Hardy Yeah I'll take it
10. March 2018 at 04:22:37
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Kerry Cox added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: October 11, 2015
09. October 2015 at 01:31:20 Share
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Kerry Cox Derek. Would you believe that when I submitted it for 'classification' at a comp I wanted to enter, a scrutineer said, "This is not a doll house competition". And after agreeing I could put it in "Large Diorama" section, (Hastily created),, the diorama was placed by them after I had placed it where I thought the public had a good view of it, at the back of all the other tables and could hardly be seen. Was I pissed off. ? Well........say no more. :[/
09. March 2018 at 09:52:53
Kerry Cox Peter, Mr Attenbrough spoke in ways I can only say was of an eloquent nature and of great knowledge of the species. Leaving nothing to the imagination. Please pass on my thanks mate. :-0
09. March 2018 at 09:55:46
Peter Hardy Never short of an adjective either! He is over tonight to watch the Cowboys net the Sharks, I'll pass on your personal adulation.
09. March 2018 at 10:38:35
Kerry Cox Thurston is just the best thing that happened to Rugby League. I am sure David will agree. :) hahahaha Top game mate.
09. March 2018 at 11:17:28
Timothy Heimer I hope Peter feels better after unloading! Kerry I don't know why you associate with him but oh well. That was so wrong of them to put your great work inn the corner! I would've been pissed too!
09. March 2018 at 12:24:31
Peter Hardy Kerry, I have been described in the past by a few people as "intimidating" let me know his address and I will correct his attitude. What a wanker! Just resourcing the figures would have been a challenge! Stop the crows! Now I'm piss*d off!
09. March 2018 at 21:48:41
Kerry Cox The attitude Mr T has is like a dead dingo's donger. All dried up with nothing to offer. hehehe :)
09. March 2018 at 23:05:45
Peter Hardy Still angry about it now hours later myself. Couldn't imagine how seething you were at the time.
09. March 2018 at 23:09:15
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Markus Antonius added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: December 21, 2015
21. December 2015 at 13:33:07 Share
Bart Goesaert nice one...
21. December 2015 at 13:46:23
Holger Kranich The figures head with the barret Looks outstanding!
21. December 2015 at 15:02:32
Markus Antonius Thank you :) @Holger: it is an old Verlinden "nato tank crewmember" - facepaint is simply humbrol flesh tone and vallejo acrylic fleshtone shade
22. December 2015 at 09:47:50
Michael Keenan This looks great, good job.
07. March 2018 at 20:16:00
Markus Antonius Thank you Michael :)
07. March 2018 at 20:29:43
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Volmir Batista added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: March 08, 2015
08. March 2015 at 03:42:16 Share
Xenia V. Looks great! One of my favourite Phantom schemes.
08. March 2015 at 04:09:51
Ekki Very nice!
08. March 2015 at 11:07:55
soheil moghisi very nice.
09. March 2015 at 16:00:43
Volmir Batista Thank you, so much guys ! The kit received some scratch ; the radar antenna in the tail, the ejection handles and fans ( but it's not visible ... )
09. March 2015 at 23:40:08
Ulf Petersen Very nice! The model deserves a better illumination for its pictures... ;)
10. March 2015 at 06:00:47
07. March 2018 at 19:02:14
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Petr Chmelík Added a new review for:
1:48 The Mersu (Armycast M&M ACD 48021)
The Mersu
Armycast M&M 1:48
ACD 48021
2017 | New tool
Middelkerkse Modelbouw Vereniging
Reviewed on
Middelkerkse Modelbouw Vereniging
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Steve H. Added a new review for:
Reviewed on channel
CPR Classic Plastic Review
05. March 2018 at 00:40:44 Share
Steve H. Added a new review for:
Reviewed on channel
CPR Classic Plastic Review
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Alberto Michieletto added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: March 01, 2018
17. April 2016 at 09:18:52 Share
View full thread with 20 comments
Alberto Michieletto Thank you very much Andy W., This is my First work on a ship, I hope it's a good job.
15. October 2017 at 10:11:24
Andy W. I got only two ships and one U-Boat on my "Completed" counter. It's a really good job, especially in that relatively small scale.
15. October 2017 at 14:43:03
11. February 2018 at 10:51:36
01. March 2018 at 13:18:44
Dave Hamilton You've done a fantastic job. Beautiful.
01. March 2018 at 13:44:48
Konrad Limmer Very cool! Looks fantastic
01. March 2018 at 19:59:56
Andy W. Great Work Alberto.
01. March 2018 at 20:41:10
Alberto Michieletto Thanks a lot Dave, Konrad and Andy.
03. March 2018 at 10:34:08
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Wojciech Kucza added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: July 04, 2016
04. July 2016 at 21:50:25 Share
Rui S Nice work place
28. February 2018 at 13:16:11
Wojciech Kucza Thanks a lot! But it's usually much less tidy and organized ;)
28. February 2018 at 13:39:11
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ice added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: March 13, 2013
13. March 2013 at 20:59:12 Share
Dave Flitton Some really cool paint schemes here. Thanks for sharing these pics!!
13. March 2013 at 21:31:37
MoJo Thanks for sharing
13. March 2013 at 22:44:46
uncle chop chop Cool pics thanks for sharing u made my day
13. March 2013 at 22:58:52
Holger Kranich Wonderful pictures of a sad day! I love pic 15!!!
14. March 2013 at 08:19:49
Michal Z. great pictures! :)
06. March 2016 at 18:45:34
Ekki Excellent pics.
06. March 2016 at 18:56:41
Doug Great photos. Thanks for sharing!
06. March 2016 at 19:14:01
Mac Felsing Cool photos. When will we see the finished models on you shelf?
25. February 2018 at 14:51:20
ice Thank you. My stash could provide several of the kits needed but my actual projects need to be finished first. ;)
25. February 2018 at 15:16:41
Burkhard D Cool, thanks for sharing!
25. February 2018 at 15:50:22
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Maurits van der Aa added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: February 24, 2018
28. October 2011 at 21:23:50 Share
Timothy Heimer Here's a nice classic!
24. February 2018 at 14:04:47
Maurits van der Aa Yes from the Can-Am period. I have a lot of these Can-Am cars in my stash
24. February 2018 at 20:50:59
Timothy Heimer Can't wait to see the rest! too cool.
25. February 2018 at 01:41:55
Maurits van der Aa Only in my stash... not one of them on my workbench yet
25. February 2018 at 02:27:05
Scott Hastings Very nice
25. February 2018 at 02:49:53
Kerry Cox I do like the addition of the metal screws and rivets. A nice touch.
25. February 2018 at 03:36:59
Julian Herrero aka Yuri Hummm ,,,, good stash you've got
25. February 2018 at 06:11:22
Vinny Panda Beautiful.
25. February 2018 at 06:14:34
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Maurits van der Aa added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: February 24, 2018
28. October 2011 at 21:35:53 Share
Timothy Heimer Nice work!
24. February 2018 at 14:05:15
Helge Lippert Just amazing!!!
24. February 2018 at 18:13:26
24. February 2018 at 18:40:39
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Gerald Jonker added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: February 19, 2018
17. May 2015 at 09:45:10 Share
Ekki Very good work.
17. May 2015 at 15:21:29
Christian Ristits Wow, you did an excellent job on this Tornado! I would be scared if I would have to apply at these decals!
17. May 2015 at 17:57:12
Ulf Petersen Very nice decal work, Gerald!
18. May 2015 at 05:03:32
soheil moghisi Really nice
18. May 2015 at 13:14:26
Gerald Jonker Thank you for your comments. Christiaan Risits, The decals are of very good quality, which makes it easy to work with this decals.
18. May 2015 at 18:07:16
Gerald Jonker In this album, I'll post more pictures in the future of special paint Tornado`s and Phantom of the German Air Force.
18. May 2015 at 18:10:14
Scott Dutton Truly magnificent, love the tiger schemes but they scare the hell out of me. Well done.
28. May 2015 at 21:53:43
James C Striking scheme mate.. Awesome!!!!
28. May 2015 at 23:14:11
Gerald Jonker Thanks all, This Tornado I have built for the Tornado Special Interesting Group, UK. Soon this Tonka is picked up by one of the members, and then goes this Tonka to England for model shows.
20. June 2015 at 07:02:16
Stephan Ryll Very nice builds and pictures - I like them a lot :-k
19. February 2018 at 18:36:50
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Gerald Jonker added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: February 18, 2018
18. January 2016 at 21:39:20 Share
Olivier Waouh ! What a collection... As a teenager I had built most except Lancaster, Halifax, Beaufighter and Horsa but clearly not with your level of skill. And I like the airfield scenes too. Congratulations !
18. February 2018 at 10:57:05
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Gerald Jonker added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: February 17, 2018
21. October 2013 at 13:38:41 Share
View full thread with 25 comments
soheil moghisi Very nice
18. May 2015 at 13:15:43
Christian Ristits Thats an incredible collection, so many cool aircrafts! Thanks for sharing them with us!
18. May 2015 at 18:52:53
Rob van Dodewaard Very impressive
18. May 2015 at 18:54:10
Brian Cox Awesome!
18. May 2015 at 21:21:32
Arash Zakeri Impressive
18. November 2016 at 12:43:48
Clifford Keesler Awesome collection, thanks for sharing.
19. November 2016 at 15:24:44
Marco Tessari Well done!!! ????????????
19. November 2016 at 15:48:49
Jens Impressive collection You should not have claustrophobia ;)
17. February 2018 at 11:41:27
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Jorge Ferreira added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: August 12, 2014
12. August 2014 at 21:59:31 Share
Timothy Heimer Another fine piece of work!
12. February 2018 at 18:06:11
Vinny Panda Superb..."Forza Ferrari".
12. February 2018 at 19:22:25
Spanjaard looking really nice
13. February 2018 at 11:48:07
13. February 2018 at 13:02:12
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Timothy Heimer added a new photoalbum.
View album168663
Updated: March 15, 2015
15. March 2015 at 00:54:06 Share
Es-haq Khosravi Great job!
15. March 2015 at 11:51:39
Timothy Heimer Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it.
15. March 2015 at 12:55:38
Mathew Nate Great job! I love this proppeller effect.
10. February 2018 at 14:53:48
Timothy Heimer The prop is from Prop Blur. You can google them.
11. February 2018 at 13:25:00
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Steve H. Added a new review for:
1:87 Warehouse (Pola 11557)
Pola 1:87
Reviewed on channel
CPR Classic Plastic Review
10. February 2018 at 15:14:02 Share
StreetBlisters Added a new review for:
1:24 SB-RG (StreetBlisters 10003)
SB-RG 16"
StreetBlisters 1:24
2017 | New tool
Reviewed on
28. January 2018 at 16:30:38 Share
StreetBlisters Added a new review for:
1:24 SB-RG (StreetBlisters 10003)
SB-RG 16"
StreetBlisters 1:24
2017 | New tool
Reviewed on channel
The Scalemodeling Channel
28. January 2018 at 13:10:19 Share
StreetBlisters Added a new review for:
1:24 SB-RG (StreetBlisters 10003)
SB-RG 16"
StreetBlisters 1:24
2017 | New tool
Reviewed on channel
28. January 2018 at 13:09:31 Share
2 different boxes appear to exist
1:35 Stalinetz-S2 (Wespe Models WES 35015)
Wespe Models 1:35
WES 35015
27. January 2018 at 19:36:34 Share
Heiko Drescher added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: September 20, 2015
20. September 2015 at 18:07:17 Share
Christian Meyerhoff Very clean build! This is really gloss red! Where did the background of Your pics came from? These pics are wonderful.
20. September 2015 at 18:54:31
Heiko Drescher Thanks Christian! I really practiced for a long time to get such a shiny finish and I have to admit, that I'm a little bit proud about it. ;) The background are printed textures. You can find hundreds of them at
21. September 2015 at 09:50:41
Christian Meyerhoff Thank You for this link!
21. September 2015 at 10:21:37
David Brown Beautiful build Heiko,clean & shiny....a nice deep shine!
02. October 2015 at 15:22:22
Stefan Suessemilch Good job Heiko Nice scene for the photos ;)
02. October 2015 at 16:50:17
Heiko Drescher Thanks guys!
03. October 2015 at 09:44:33
hcsaba68 Hi, very nice job ! This is a base revell kit or you have been used any Detail up sets ?
07. January 2018 at 19:43:20
Alexander G. lovely finish!
07. January 2018 at 19:46:12
Spanjaard stunning shine. it is simply like the real deal..... good reason to be proud!
what do you use to polish it to that level? apart from lots of patience of course :)
07. January 2018 at 21:16:13
Heiko Drescher Thanks guys and sorry for the late answer. This model is build out of box, no details added. The shiny finish is a result of patience (indeed! ;) ) but also of standox 2k clearcoat (3 or 4 layers), a lot of sanding and finally polishing with tamiya fine compound....
27. January 2018 at 10:36:59
Spanjaard patience usually pays off... and certainly did it here :)
27. January 2018 at 10:57:28
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Steve H. Added a new review for:
Reviewed on channel
CPR Classic Plastic Review
27. January 2018 at 03:43:06 Share
Steve H. Added a new review for:
1:87 REALSCHULE (Kibri 8420)
REALSCHULE secondary school
Kibri 1:87
Reviewed on channel
CPR Classic Plastic Review
26. January 2018 at 13:09:08 Share
Oliver Zwiener added a new article to his personal gallery:
24. January 2018 at 07:03:23 Share
Steve H. Added a new review for:
Reviewed on channel
CPR Classic Plastic Review
24. January 2018 at 02:30:22 Share
Glenn . added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: October 23, 2016
28. March 2016 at 00:35:12 Share
View full thread with 18 comments
Glenn . Thanks Kerry yes i got one of those little Swedish cabinets a bit fiddly and delicate to put together but it keeps the dust off my expensive barbie dolls! But as you can see not much room left in the room now!
23. October 2016 at 04:39:18
Melf Boyens Great stuff, didn't know there is a Marty McFly figure out there! The table with the Leia holograph if fab...never seen it before and yet so new. Never sell this stuff Glenn , the moment you sell is the moment you miss them and when you close your eyes one day you have other worries than buying a glass cabinet :)
23. October 2016 at 11:58:31
Glenn . Thanks Melf, Check out HOT TOYS / Sideshow website to see more of this great stuff. The Table with Leia hologram comes with the R2-D2 unit. R2 opens up like a Swiss army knife! The table has a bright LED under the clear blue Leia figure!
23. October 2016 at 23:27:07
Spanjaard truly impressive collection!!!
20. January 2018 at 12:50:37
Kerry Cox This has taken my breath away Glen. One of THE most impressive collections I have aver seen mate. A true credit to your skills and patience. :)Salute.
20. January 2018 at 13:11:29
JOHN THOMAS Nice collection
20. January 2018 at 13:15:37
Alec K That DeLorean is fantastic
20. January 2018 at 14:06:37
Glenn . Thank Guys! :)
23. January 2018 at 12:07:05
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Oliver Zwiener added a new article to his personal gallery:
23. January 2018 at 09:39:32 Share
Kjeld Pedersen added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: December 25, 2015
21. December 2015 at 22:31:57 Share
View full thread with 37 comments
Spanjaard impressive collection :)
11. January 2018 at 21:11:44
Bastian Bäuerle Impressive! But who keeps the already built models clean? XD
11. January 2018 at 22:02:56
Mike Daniels Amazing collection and den. Who does the dusting ?
11. January 2018 at 23:37:40
Nikolaos Kouzinis Very nice collection!!!
12. January 2018 at 11:12:33
Timothy Heimer TANKS for sharing that! Wow
12. January 2018 at 12:52:56
APC227 Hold up a second there, people are actually finishing kits? :D I envy you, really impressive collection.
12. January 2018 at 13:27:22
Kjeld Pedersen Hey all of you. Thanks for your comments. It is 2 years ago the photo was taken, and yes i clean the models, when i think they neat a clean up. Normaly when i go to a contest or show, Best regards Kjeld
15. January 2018 at 22:41:39
Peter Hardy I didn't miss it Tim!
15. January 2018 at 23:21:29
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Steve H. Added a new review for:
1:87 Mercedes Truck (Kibri 10246)
Mercedes Truck
Kibri 1:87
Reviewed on channel
CPR Classic Plastic Review
15. January 2018 at 00:29:41 Share
Kamil Feliks Sztarbala Added a new review for:
1:35 PIN-UP PILOT (Royal Model 788)
Royal Model 1:35
2017 | New tool
Reviewed on
14. January 2018 at 10:57:35 Share
jcdomizio added a new photoalbum.
View album0
Updated: March 14, 2016
14. March 2016 at 03:30:12 Share
Mike Grant That must be pretty big in 1/72 Very nice work.
14. March 2016 at 16:15:38
14. March 2016 at 17:56:47
Łukasz Gliński That is huge - nice folks in the cockpit btw.
14. March 2016 at 18:37:06
Ján Hrabik where is possible to buy?
14. March 2016 at 18:42:54
Peter Mollenhauer Very good!
14. March 2016 at 18:51:02
jcdomizio Search in Facebook like Replicas by JC
14. March 2016 at 20:31:15
jcdomizio Thanks for your comments.
11. January 2018 at 02:26:13
jcdomizio you can buy in ebay
11. January 2018 at 02:26:50
13. January 2018 at 17:31:09
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MRMLA added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: April 11, 2016
Project: Boeing X32
1:72 MB.Mk.16A (Pavla Models S72047)
11. April 2016 at 18:17:58 Share
Dave Flitton Are you going to put a big tiger mouth on the intake????
11. April 2016 at 19:38:15
Dave Flitton ...or shark mouth?
11. April 2016 at 19:38:28
MRMLA Oou Dave, this is a sad story, going to dissapoint You, no mouth, just boring prototype pitch-gray... ;)
12. April 2016 at 16:37:19
Ekki Following.
12. April 2016 at 18:14:46
Dave Flitton Ahhhhhh :(
13. April 2016 at 18:05:49
Germen V this is a nice little kit to built, but you are going to take it a step up.
13. April 2016 at 18:08:33
Burkhard D Oh, yeah. That dog of a kit...I can live with the wing being in the wrong position. But the tail surfaces should be flush with the side of the fuselage and the fuselage should be flat-sided. I'm half through that...

13. April 2016 at 19:48:24
Benoit Mathier That will be very interesting! Following!
16. October 2016 at 17:25:20
Alec K Sweet! Just watched Nova's "Battle of the X-planes" again the other day and wondered if anyone kitted Boeing's entry. Good to know! I personally liked it better than the X-35. Nice work
04. June 2017 at 15:18:31
Aris aka Amen Hey, nice project and well studied! Following too.
06. January 2018 at 02:20:29
06. January 2018 at 03:10:42
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Roland Melin added a new photoalbum.
13 images
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Updated: January 05, 2018
09. April 2012 at 11:53:37 Share
Guido Haesevoets Nice collection of cars you have there!
09. April 2012 at 18:45:10
Spanjaard nice indeed :)
05. January 2018 at 15:54:37
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Steve H. Added a new review for:
1:35 BRDM-2/3 (Cyber Hobby 9137)
Cyber Hobby 1:35
2012 | Model set
Reviewed on channel
CPR Classic Plastic Review
26. December 2017 at 21:38:42 Share
Stefano Added a new review for:
1:35 Cougar MRAP 4X4 Wheels Set (Real Model 35278)
Cougar MRAP 4X4 Wheels Set
Real Model 1:35
2015 | New tool
Reviewed on
21. December 2017 at 23:19:00 Share
Jens added a new photoalbum.
04. June 2016 at 14:01:53 Share
Michael-a Oha, hast du gut hinbekommen
10. December 2017 at 19:02:55
Julian Herrero aka Yuri Nice paint job
16. December 2017 at 21:41:12
Jens Thank you thank you

she looks finished as shown in the link :)

16. December 2017 at 22:06:34
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Evgeny Brovkin added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: March 16, 2016
01. February 2016 at 09:33:02 Share
Spanjaard excellent job Evgeny
16. December 2017 at 15:41:09
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Steve51 Added a new review for:
1:700 USS Alaska CB-1 WWII Battlecruiser 1945 (MidShip Models MPK307)
USS Alaska CB-1 WWII Battlecruiser 1945
MidShip Models 1:700
200x | New tool
Model Warships
Reviewed on
Model Warships
13. December 2017 at 05:37:22 Share
Eugen P. Added a new review for:
REMOVED1:8 US Police Motorbike (Revell 07915)
US Police Motorbike
Revell 1:8
This review was removed
12. December 2017 at 04:44:44 Share
Choppa Nutta added a new photoalbum.
View album199608
Updated: September 19, 2015
07. August 2015 at 02:28:21 Share
View full thread with 15 comments
Glenn . Mmm... maybe a little too much information on the conversion of the chocolate cake Choppa! :) The Interesting thing about the Haunebu from Hand & Head is that it is exactly the same as the other kit they released of it boxed as the famous Adamski UFO from the 50-60's (with a few different parts!) but the scale is shown different on that box!
16. August 2015 at 04:16:55
Choppa Nutta Yeah sorry about that Glenn, I was trying to be funny, guess I know how that turned out then ;) :D

Odd scales I know, 1/72 for the Haunebu and 1/48 for the Adamski...... ??
well ok then so plenty of room for idle speculation then :D
I'm gonna stick a 1/48 cockpit from an MD500 in there, well more or less :)
16. August 2015 at 04:58:55
Glenn . Sounds good! I was laughing about the choccy cake! I like toilet humor as much as any 7 year old does! :) The Adamski version was released by WAVE in 1/48 scale, I got both! would have been cheaper to buy some garden lights!
16. August 2015 at 05:15:40
Matthias Weiss Want this chocolate cake...
17. August 2015 at 05:36:54
Choppa Nutta Too late Matthias, you won't want this chocolate cake now, guaranteed :D

Yeah Glenn I was tempted but the garden junk said YooFoh every time I walked past it :D
Drilling out the windows was challenging and doing it with an electric drill was a bit frightening just coz of the zoom factor once the drill got a bite of the plastic, very difficult to control so the larger windows were done by hand ....... tediously long to do hence only 3 of the 9 windows are larger, also I was concerned about weakening it and breaking it.

But it is going to get some kind of a cockpit and a few internal LED's seeing as it already has a battery compartment, and I have worked out a way to make the bottom removable for battery access :)
18. August 2015 at 14:36:01
18. August 2015 at 16:04:55
Christian W This idea is a w e s o m e!!
23. October 2017 at 09:38:18
Thomas Hopfensperger Absolute great!! Full Monty! Always for something completely different.... Don't mention the Star War!
08. December 2017 at 17:07:10
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Wim van der Luijt added a new photoalbum.
3 images
View album0
Updated: December 07, 2017
30. April 2013 at 09:12:29 Share
Wim van der Luijt This is me, showing my four year old around in the Soesterberg airplane museum....his first modelshow and he liked it a lot... :D

Building two revell easykits together afterwards was also a lot of fun...
30. April 2013 at 09:15:00
Steve Wilson Nice one Wim.
Catch em! young, keep em! interested. 8)
30. April 2013 at 11:27:01
Dave Flitton The future of the hobby starts right here!!
30. April 2013 at 12:17:16
Timothy Heimer Like father, like son! Imagination is a great key in life as well.
07. December 2017 at 12:56:50
Jens sehr schön , deine Sammlung kommt in gute Hände :D
07. December 2017 at 13:49:50
Wim van der Luijt actually guys that was ages ago (the album got updated to show a product)....but my son has this Hawk (Airfix A55202A, 1:72) little kit waiting to be build during the xmas vacation and i really hope he will enjoy it as much as I did when I was a kid

1:72 Hawk (Airfix A55202A)
07. December 2017 at 13:58:03
Patrick Hagelstein Wim, good to see young kids getting excited about something other than digital! This Hawk should be an excellent project for this Christmas! Have fun and keep him exploring!
07. December 2017 at 14:22:49
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Guy Golsteyn added a new photoalbum.
11 images
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Updated: March 29, 2012
29. March 2012 at 13:14:17 Share
View full thread with 22 comments
Aghis Barberopoulos I agree with Zimmermaniac, if I tidy up my paintstock, I end up losing it !!! ;)
31. March 2012 at 14:46:59
ahmad hekmati very god jobs Golsteyn
03. November 2014 at 09:03:49
Steve Wilson ...
Aaaah!!! The maestro's realm, nice to know where a little tiny bit of me ended up!!! :D fantastic space Guy, like Tim... Jealous ;)
Not really, I jest, I'm happy with what I've got!!!
03. November 2014 at 10:21:39
JOHN THOMAS Very nice setup and display area
03. November 2014 at 13:13:05
Chris Nally Fabulous Guy nice to see Race cars here
06. December 2017 at 14:52:55
playtime 222 Nice spot.
06. December 2017 at 15:28:35
Kim Branders Heaven on earth.
06. December 2017 at 19:13:55
Rui S Nice, and very organized
Are those Ikea cabinets, with glass sliding doors?
06. December 2017 at 19:46:48
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Andy W. added a new photoalbum.
13 images
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Updated: March 29, 2014
29. March 2014 at 21:28:57 Share
JOHN THOMAS Very nice. I just love Tom Daniel's Cars. When I was a kid I built just about all of them. I still have a large collection of unbuilt kits
29. March 2014 at 21:47:03
Andy W. Thanks for your Comment, Thomas. I too have still a few other Show Rods in Stash, wich want to be build ;)
29. March 2014 at 21:50:12
Tim Annear Nice one Andy! Love the shape of the C Cab and this is a classic.
02. December 2017 at 21:08:55
Andy W. Thanks Tim. Much appreciated mate
03. December 2017 at 07:02:55
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