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M65 280 mm Atomic Cannon

All you need to know about M65 280 mm Atomic Cannon from a scale modeler perspective.


Category:Guns - Cannons
Guns - Cannons
Also known as:
Used from:1953–1963
Used by:Military
Model:M65 280 mm Atomic Cannon

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M65 Atomic Annie (Tankograd Publishing 3042)
M65 Atomic Annie The 280mm Gun M65 and its Soviet Counterparts 406mm 2A3 and ...
American Special Nr. 3042
Michael Frank, Jochen Vollert


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Gerald Willing Sir Grobian
Van Lee mertox

News Feed

October 8, 2020

Chris Vandegrift added a new project.
1:32 Atomic Cannon 280mm Gun with 50 Ton Transporters (Revell/Renwal 85-7811)
1 | 12. November 2016, 05:08
Robert Fuqua
Nice work on this massive kit! When my father was in the Army in the late 50's / early 60's, he was one of the Heavy Vehicle Operators that drove the tow tractors moving this thing all over Germany during the Cold War. You've inspired me to put all my other modeling projects on hold and build one in his honor (he passed away in July). It's rare to see anyone taking on this beast of a kit. Thanks for sharing! I just ordered one online. :)
5. October 2020, 18:41
Chris Vandegrift
Awesome, I'll have to watch for your project to crop up!
7. October 2020, 14:53
Steven Van Dyck
Nice choice, Chris. I built the kit myself and I know it takes a lot of space. Interesting to see it out of the box, because I totally tore it apart... Did you build a lot of artillery since?
7. October 2020, 16:32
Chris Vandegrift
Thanks Steve. No artillery yet. I did pick up the long tom tho.probably a winter build this year ????
8. October 2020, 02:40
Chris Vandegrift
Robert did he ever get that monster stuck? There's some tight spots in Europe! I met one of the communication officers at an event our club held at the local VFW. He had some great stories. My favorite was fire it, jump in your foxhole, wait for the blast to pass and fire again haha.
8. October 2020, 02:48
Robert Fuqua
Yeah he's said it was easy to get the tractor stuck or jack knifed due to the irregular drivability of the thing. Most people don't even know this thing ever existed!
8. October 2020, 14:55
Steven Van Dyck
When people see the model, they think it's science fiction.
8. October 2020, 16:06