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Airbus A400M Atlas

All you need to know about Airbus A400M Atlas from a scale modeler perspective.


Category:Aircraft - Propeller
Aircraft - Propeller
Also known as:
Used from:2009–Now
Used by:Military
Manufacturer:EU Airbus
Model:A400M Atlas

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Clifford Keesler stormrider509
B Navyaircraftguy
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Thorsten Ungerechts added a new project.
1:72 Airbus A400M "Atlas" (Revell 03929)1:72 A400M Grizzly (Scale Aircraft Conversions 72042)1:72 Fotoätzteilset (Revell 00721)3+
Airbus A400M-180 Atlas
DE Military Bundeswehr Luftwaffe (German Air Force 1956-now)
LTG 62 54+01
2014 - Wunstorf
1 | 12. July, 15:14
Dave Flitton
This is going to be a monster - I am reserving my seat for the show!
12. July, 15:26
Reaper_lead added a new photoalbum.
57 images
View album, image #57
Every time I work on this, I forget how big it is. Final Matt clear coat is on, and now it’s time to add the gear, prop...
Project: A-400M
1:72 Airbus A400M "Grizzly" (Revell 04800)1:72 A400M Grizzly wheels w/ weighted tires (Armory AW72506)1:72 Airbus A400M Grizzly (Eduard CX312)
36 | 3. July 2020, 23:05
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I'm glad i kept them, although they were quite fiddly to get on there
19. May, 13:46
Re. photo 45 and silvering. I suspect that adding some decal liquid before adding the decal might help (I never really bother doing that myself. Adding Microsol (iirc) should help a little making the decals stick, but one have to avoid fiddling with the decals after being brushed with Microsol (soften the decals).

Good luck with the numerous long black decals on the top side. I had to work smartly and do some dry fitting to make sure I could make the line decals connect in the end on my 1:144 model. Removing some adhesive from Tamiya masking tape and taping some of the decals on for "dry fitting" might help.
19. May, 14:15
i used sol before and set after getting them in place for all of the decals. Unfortunately, it didn't help much. Even with the gloss coat I put on, the texture is still fairly rough, so im suspecting that is the cause of a lot of it. I ordered some glosscote, and will give the aircraft a good coating of that before I add any more decals. Hopefully that is the cause of the issue
19. May, 16:27
Dave Flitton
Watching this Beast come together.
25. June, 04:23
Looking sweet!
25. June, 17:27
Geewiz added a new project.
1:72 Airbus A400M "Atlas" (Revell 03929)
3. June, 23:35