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Formula 1

All you need to know about Formula 1 from a scale modeler perspective.


Category:Vehicles - Cars
Vehicles - Cars
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Used from:1950–Now
Used by:Racing

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Laurent "HELLER-forever" Added a new review for:
Heller ForEver
Heller ForEver
1 | 3. September, 12:05
Bruno DUMARET added a new project.
On hold
1:20 Racing Pit Team (Tamiya 2011)
23. May, 10:44
Kars Jans added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 9 images
1:12 Driver Driving Figure (Model Factory Hiro P-1081)
16. March, 15:19
Wayne Peters added a new project.
1:20 Benetton B188 Ford (Tamiya 20021)1:20 Benetton B192 Ford (Tamiya 20036)1:20 Benetton B195 Renault (Academy 1564)21+
21. October 2019, 02:01
Mike Thomas added a new project.
Ferrari 641/2 F190
IT Racing FIA Formula 1
Ferrari 2 (Nigel Mansell) | 1990
17. May 2019, 01:27
Mike added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 8 images
1:20 Renault RE 30B Turbo (Tamiya 20018)1:20 RE30B 1982 Decal Set (Shunko Models SHK-D233)
Renault RE-30B Turbo
FR Racing FIA Formula 1
Renault F1 Team 16 (Alain Prost) | French Grand Prix - Circuit Paul Ricard Le Castellet, Var July 1982 (Result: 2) | Yellow with Black & White Trim
10. December 2018, 09:59
Marcelo Avedissian added a new project.
In progress
11. October 2018, 19:10
Quique Cerve added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 10 images
1:20 McLaren Honda MP4/5B (Tamiya 89720)
19. June 2018, 11:49
Valerii T. Added a new review for:
Previewed on channel
Valeriy T.
15. May 2018, 22:46
Andor Tóth
Same as Revell of Germany's 07211 but different boxing, and stating that it is limited edition
25. April 2018, 21:24
Andor Tóth Added a new review for:
Model Cars Magazine Forum
Model Cars Magazine Forum
25. April 2018, 21:14
Andrej Poje added a new project.
1:24 F2007 (Revell 07252)1:24 Ferrari F2007 Sponsorship Decal (Museum collection MCLDC-462)
23. April 2018, 15:03
bossy122 added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 2 images
On hold
1:20 Ferrari 126C2B (Studio27 ST27-FR2012)
Ferrari 126C2B
IT Racing FIA Formula 1
Ferrari 28 (Rene Arnoux) | Monaco Grand Prix - Monaco 1983 (Result: 2nd) | Red
15. February 2018, 04:11
Joining this one already in progress......I pull this one out of storage every now and again to see if I can get anywhere with it. I had to tear apart the gearbox et al as they were a crooked mess. I think I have it level now but the ass end still won't look too good. What I'm after is the chrome wings on the darker red Ferrari. Early on, Ferrari appeared to experiment with carbon fiber wings in practices but would fall back to the good ol reliable aluminum wings for the races ( best example would be Monaco of '83).
So i'll give this one another try.....fingers crossed.
15. February 2018, 04:23
Ola Hansson
Anyone found decals for this?
14. January 2018, 21:20
14. January 2018, 21:37
Steve Wilson
Oh! yeah, by the way, they're OK for year 2007 as well... ;)
14. January 2018, 22:15
Ola Hansson
Nice, thanks.
Was hoping for decales for the screens and keybosrd, but I will have theese to :)
15. January 2018, 08:45
Steve Wilson
I'm making my own for the screens Ola, going to put LED lights behind the screens as well, so that it looks like they are switched on.
15. January 2018, 10:37
Ola Hansson added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 7 images
1:20 PIT CREW Pitwall Stand C Set (Fujimi 11332)
14. January 2018, 19:57
Dave San Souci added a new project.
In progress
1:43 Ferrari 312F1 (Model Factory Hiro K-424)
10. May 2017, 02:41
Michael Kraft
Now I'm thinking back to "Grand Prix Legends"...
11. May 2017, 14:04
Roger Frei added a new project.
On hold
1:24 F10 (Revell 07099)
21. September 2016, 18:08
Steve Wilson owns this item
2. December 2015, 13:05
2. December 2015, 13:17
Stefan Suessemilch
I'm still looking for some spare wheels... any idea Steve?
2. December 2015, 13:31
Steve Wilson
What for the F2007 Steffan???
2. December 2015, 15:01
Stefan Suessemilch
for example.... but could also use the Tamiya kit.... I don't know exactly which one to build for the dio
2. December 2015, 19:31
Steve Wilson
Aaaah! right, now I see, sorry, I understand... hmmmm!!! I'll have a think :S
2. December 2015, 22:33
Steve Wilson owns this item
28. August 2015, 15:44
Stefan Suessemilch
Summer sale at hiroboy.... ;)
28. August 2015, 21:41
Steve Wilson
Ha! ha! ha! you sussed me out Stefan, well done... ((( :D )))
29. August 2015, 11:12
Steve Wilson
I also bought...
And two packets of Modeler's Rods, two pots Zero paint Kevlar, Fujimi Porsche 917K 1000km Monza...
29. August 2015, 11:32
Stefan Suessemilch
Good choice mate :)
29. August 2015, 13:27
Steve Wilson owns this item
8. August 2015, 19:20
Miki Martonovich
Hi Steve, nice to meet you..
9. August 2015, 18:47
Steve Wilson
And you Hobbytech :)
9. August 2015, 19:15
Steve Desarzens owns this item
23. May 2015, 21:15
Steve Wilson
Hard rock fan, Scotch whisky drinker, building scale models... Am I looking in a mirror :o
23. May 2015, 21:38
Steve Desarzens
Indeed Steve, seems we have more in common than our first name… ;)
24. May 2015, 11:05
Steve Wilson owns this item
15. September 2014, 10:14
Steve Wilson
Little gem from Sandown Toy Fair...
No decals for doing Ferrari figures, but a very easy problem to overcome for us modellers ;)
15. September 2014, 10:48
Holger Kranich
But unfortunately not suitable for modern scenerys... It has no HANS... But ok, thats nothing we couldnt fix!
15. September 2014, 11:18
Holger Kranich
Is it just me or does one of them look like Senna?
15. September 2014, 11:21
Tim van Dooremalen
You're correct Holger. The driver represents Senna and the guy standing is obviously Ron Dennis (of McLaren).
15. September 2014, 11:28
Holger Kranich
Ahh, the glorious times of F-1! As the drivers where man and not pussys!
Remembers me of a quote Heinz-Harald Frentzen whos said: "In Monaco, i dont steer around corners, i let the car bounce around it!" LOL
15. September 2014, 11:52
Steve Wilson
Yep! it's Ayrton alright... yellow helmet, green stripes, although don't look very green on box...
I think it's a very iffy Mr Dennis, but I also think it's supposed to be him :S

@Holly. I don't want it for a modern scene, so no Hans etc isn't a problem...
I want it for my Ferrari F92AT or Ferrari 643, I'm thinking of doing one of them sitting in the pit garage waiting to go out on track, during qualifying. Just an idea at the moment, but it was cheap enough and I also knocked the guy down a bit with the price. I bought it for a GBP £5.00 seen it on eBay for £15.00 so I'm happy :)
15. September 2014, 13:21
Guy Golsteyn wants this item
29. April 2014, 14:58
Guy Golsteyn
Yes but i already ordered one at hlj ;)
29. April 2014, 17:01
Steve Wilson
((( :) )))
29. April 2014, 17:19
Roger Trewenack owns this item
31. March 2014, 12:47
Steve Wilson
I think it's a shame that...
This doesn't have Decals :(
31. March 2014, 14:06
Roger Trewenack
I certainly agree with you Steve - 'tis a pity that I only found that fact out AFTER I opened the delivered box!!! Any idea where to go to get decals?
1. April 2014, 01:30
Steve Wilson
Well!!!... As you asked :)
I bought some decal paper and a rattle can spray of Car Plans clear coat off eBay.
I've photocopied the decals from the other A and B pit crew sets on to a sheet of the decal paper, I then gave the sheet a light coat of the clear, waited 15 minutes then gave it another coat of clear. I did that 4 or 5 times until I felt a good covering had been laid down. Treat it like an ordinary sheet of decals from here on... I've never done this for such a project before and I'm interested to see how it goes!!! I've only ever done the odd damaged decal before. I also intend to do some decals for the monitor screens as well, I'm in the process of looking for suitable images to use for this.
The whole thing is turning into a project build of its own, but should be satisfying to when finalized :D
1. April 2014, 06:30
Stefan Suessemilch
Ooops, thanks guys for the info about decals :)
1. April 2014, 06:41
Steve Wilson
Have you got this or are you getting it??? :)
1. April 2014, 07:13
Roger Trewenack
That DOES sound like another Project, Steve!!
I have some decal paper that I haven't tried using yet, so this could be a candidate.
I guess you need in advance to decide which team you're building for, and then tried to scan something from the web, although the F1 guys tend to be pretty touchy about their screens - certainly on the pit walk-thru's at the Australian GP, their gear tends to be turned off - it would probably be a lot easier to get shots of the "V8 Supercars" pit displays & substitute those - they're pretty advanced these days - so most spectators wouldn't know the diff.....apart from the "rivet counters"! I would imagine the British touring cars would be of similar technical detail?!?!?
1. April 2014, 12:18
Steve Wilson
Aaaaaahhh!!! Roger...
The joys of being a one team builder :D I don't have to pre-empt a choice of team!!!
As the kits were designed for the Ferreri team, as are the decals, is a nice bonus
I understand and I empathize for you though!!! :( ;)
I've been watching V8 Supercars on MOTORS TV UK.
I've really got into it, some exciting racing and tussles between drivers, great stuff 8)
1. April 2014, 13:08
Stefan Suessemilch
Steve, I thought about buying one. Wouldn't it be nice to build a dio showing a pitstop, pitwall etc? I think I could get some pics of the monitor screens from a video... anyway that will be a hell of a job... sometimes in the future ;)
1. April 2014, 13:48
Steve Wilson
Get the kit now while it's still available, believe me ;)
Any chance you could share the pics for monitors with me, please
1. April 2014, 13:53
Steve Wilson owns this item
4. March 2014, 12:22
Steve Wilson
I was looking for the Decals...
For this kit, as I want them for the project I'm working on.
Not only did I find the Decals, but I also found another kit as well...
Lord Wilson does it again ((( :D ))) LOL!!!
4. March 2014, 12:28
Steve Wilson added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 5 images
In progress
1:20 Ferrari 312T4 (Model Factory Hiro IK-001)1:20 Ferrari 312T4 (Model Factory Hiro P-1033)1+
Ferrari 312T4
IT Racing FIA Formula 1
Ferrari 12 (Gilles Villeneuve) | Dutch Grand Prix - Zandvoort DK August 1979 (Result: Retired) | Red
2. March 2013, 13:11
View full thread (16 Comments)
Alexander Aristides Cronvall
Ah, the new box syndrome ! i often have that problem when it´s time fore primer. but once the parts are in primer and the boring part is over the new box syndrome seems to fade away. but it's better to put it aside for a little while instead of forcing yourself to build. i've tried that forcing method, it often just turnes out to be another model in a shelf. all the fun parts like the history around the car and all the research just disappears in the blue.
2. March 2013, 17:10
Steve Wilson
I have in the past, had as many as 5 kits on the go at the same time. But be sure to keep them separate and away from each other, it is mind blowing as well.
2. March 2013, 19:02
Alexander Aristides Cronvall
I currently have everything packed down in boxes due to a splendid idea that i should renovate my apartment and make room for a mancave, which i really don't have time to complete. but with all the talking about Villeneuve, 126´s and 312´s the twitch "i must build" syndrome is biting my neck. need to solve this problem at once ! i think i need to have my weekly dose of glue and paint fumes in the morning to function as a human being :/
3. March 2013, 04:11
Steve Wilson
Ha! ha! ha! build away Alex (sniff! sniff! aaah gluey paint :P), the mancave can wait...
3. March 2013, 08:15
Alexander Aristides Cronvall
I'm working on it as we speak :)
3. March 2013, 09:20
3. March 2013, 09:24
Guy Golsteyn
Any progress on this one? ;)
3. March 2014, 09:39
Steve Wilson
Hi Guy...
I've posted some pictures, I admit not far, but I'm desperately trying to finish my Fujimi 248 Michaels Last Ferrari Drive and of course the Chris Amon 312...
I'm approaching this one in between the other two, don't want to rush it but the figures are coming along nicely, I'm doing the track it'll sit on at the moment... I'll get some more pics up soon, honoured you're watching :)
3. March 2014, 12:54
Markus Berger Added a new review for:
8. February 2014, 14:33
Guy Golsteyn owns this item
31. May 2013, 11:52
31. May 2013, 21:33
Markus Berger Added a new review for:
27. April 2013, 06:22
Steve Wilson
Hi Markus.
Here is an English translation. Hope you don't mind?:-
Now after the pit crew set A & B, I present the set C.
This set contains the command post on the pit wall and four figures.
Logically, the best you combine this set with the other two sets.
These are indeed due to the decals intended for the Ferrari F2007.
But now comes the rub. The set C has no decals.
No advertising for the characters, no label for the command post. Not even decals for the monitors there.
At first I could not believe it and thought that would have the decals in the Schchtel simply forgotten.
But a quick search on the Internet revealed that accompany really no decals.
For me, unfortunately, totally incomprehensible and a big minus.
On the kit itself gibts nothing to complain about.
Fujimi provides 11 branches cast with lots of parts. All branches are gray Plastk.
The parts are cast clean and error free.
This then gives another instruction.
Nice complement for a 1:20 diorama boxes
- No decals
But that is not nice, at least a few of the general sponsors would be able to settle. What a pity!
27. April 2013, 09:29
Steve Wilson
I would love to see this in 1:20, I'd snap it up... :S
9. March 2013, 10:25
Steve Wilson owns this item
1. March 2013, 12:20
Frank Krause
Hmm, looks like as if one of your Ferrari's will find its way into a dio, Steve? You make me curious!
2. March 2013, 11:08
Steve Wilson
Yes Frank!!! Thanks for interest... I have a few ideas but it's basically based on a Gilles Villeneuve tribute. I was very fond of Gilles, he was not of, unfortunately, Championship material. But he was the greatest daredevil, truegrit, never give up at all costs, racers I have ever seen driving in Formula 1. His downfall was not being able to slowdown when his car was having problems and also not being able of thinking strategically. But damn he was exciting to watch, edge of the seat stuff. So I'm playing with ideas, doing some drawings, looking at loads of pics on the internet. Will update if interested
2. March 2013, 12:19
Frank Krause
Hi Steve, as mentoned - you make me curious. Keep it coming!
2. March 2013, 12:21
Toshio Nakamura owns this item
15. February 2013, 21:58
15. February 2013, 22:16
Toshio Nakamura
The umbrellas look good as they are vacume formed and very much to scale thickness. This is a figure kit I wish they would re-issue.
15. February 2013, 23:25
Alexander Aristides Cronvall
i will keep an eye open. they would fit perfec in a little simple start grid diorama.
16. February 2013, 01:27
Stefan Suessemilch added a new project.
1:20 Tire Changing Pit Crew (Tamiya 20031)
26. January 2013, 22:16
Guy Golsteyn completed this item
27. September 2011, 17:32
Aghis Barberopoulos
I am jealous now... ;)
27. September 2011, 17:39
Guy Golsteyn owns this item
27. September 2011, 17:37
Aghis Barberopoulos
That's a real model!!! :) :) :)
27. September 2011, 17:38
Guy Golsteyn owns this item
19. September 2011, 20:55
Aghis Barberopoulos
Tough one! I find it difficult enough having to paint guys in about these figures ? :)
19. September 2011, 21:09


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