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JD Mithran’dir

News Feed

Mike Carroll added a new photoalbum.
2 images
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New: 27. July, 21:50
3 | 18. July, 22:34
Rui S
I like it 👍. Scale? More photos?
25. July, 14:52
Mike Carroll
1/35. Italeri's re-released Crusader II kit. The original kit is 30 plus years old.

27. July, 21:46
Mike Siemers added a new photoalbum.
5 images
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Italeri HSS-1 Seabat on a scratch built carrier deck. Didn't have the decals I wanted so the "NAVY" and "10" are stenci...
7 | 23. July, 02:12
Guy Rump
Nice build 👍 Your scratch carrier deck is great!
23. July, 09:33
Very good looking Sikorski!
23. July, 09:39
Christian Bruer
Very nice work and presentation on the Carrier Deck section 👍
23. July, 13:45
Argento 1975
Excelent work👍
27. July, 20:33
Blaposphere added a new photoalbum.
19 | 25. July, 03:46
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Christoph Schnarr
Great work and cool markings!!
25. July, 19:42
love it! 👍
25. July, 19:44
Stefan Schacht
very nice modell and cool idea 👍
25. July, 19:54
I'm kinda wishing to see this thing hover prior to flight
27. July, 10:31
Nathan Dempsey
That is a beautiful machine.
27. July, 19:43
Neuling added a new photoalbum.
22 images
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Project: Game over!
1:35 T-34/85 Composite Turret (MiniArt 35306)1:35 GAZ-67B (Trumpeter 02346)
15 | 26. July, 14:15
Thomas T
Once again: fantastic work, Neuling. It's about time you change your nickname to something more suitable for your skills!
26. July, 15:35
Thank you Thomas! I guess I stick to "Neuling" ("Ältling" would not be a good choice for a nickname.).
27. July, 08:10
Eric Martin
Magnifique travail de détail, j'aime beaucoup
27. July, 08:14
From every angle we get a full story with details aplenty. Another great example of Neuling art...
27. July, 19:15
Daniel Klink
I really dont know how you do this stuff in that quality, in these numbers.
Your works are stunning and amazingly well done and of incomparable authenticity with every single Rollout! Just wow!!!
27. July, 19:19
James C
Superb looking scene and wonderful pictures as always 👍
27. July, 19:19
Roland Gunslinger
Build and pictures in perfection 👍
27. July, 19:21
BC NRA added a new photoalbum.
9 | 3. June, 20:35
Cristian Bordina
Wow, yours is much nicer than mine !!! Compliments
26. July, 15:46
This isn't the one I was taking about. I'm working on the EXACT airfix kit you built with folded wings. It's still in progress, though.
27. July, 14:05
The one like yours is here -> BCNRA
27. July, 14:25
Mike Siemers added a new photoalbum.
5 images
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10 | 24. July, 02:38
Rui S
Clean & Well organized👍
25. July, 16:22
25. July, 16:26
Mike Siemers
Thank you gents, appreciated!!!
27. July, 01:09
Tip this upside down, and you would have a picture of my desk (compliments on your tidy workspace, well done)
27. July, 10:22
JD added a new photoalbum.
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Battle ready in about 2 weeks..
2 | 27. July, 00:32
My Chia Pet Tank. Because, why not?
27. July, 00:37
Mark K
Why nit indeed!
27. July, 02:39
Johan van Meerloo added a new photoalbum.
5 images
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Project: 000 walrus mk1
1 | 25. July, 12:17
Bruce Huxtable
Good luck, Johan, how are the engine supports looking? On mine, they were badly deformed ☹️
25. July, 12:27
Johan van Meerloo
they look good, only missing tailwheel
25. July, 13:53
Johan van Meerloo
and decals ofc
25. July, 13:53
Bruce Huxtable
I have the French Navy decals, if you are doing that version?
25. July, 15:48
Johan van Meerloo
thanks, but Im going to do the british version, I like to build either RAF, RNLAF or some others depending on if they ever flew with the two above
but very kind to offer them
25. July, 16:08
Johan van Meerloo
so going to see If I can find some fitting ones
25. July, 16:10
Bruce Huxtable
No worries Johan. Enjoy the build 👍
25. July, 18:13
Neuling added a new photoalbum.
15 images
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Project: Flakbunker
1:35 20mm FlaK38 mit Sd.Ah.51 (Tamiya 35102)1:35 Pkw.K1 (type82) Kübelwagen (Tamiya MM106-300)
55 | 16. February, 10:44
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Juskifo, I have seen bunkers all over Europe and in the U.S. 👍
29. May, 09:03
Danumurthi Mahendra
I love the execution and the photography

24. June, 11:20
Thank you Danumurthi!
25. June, 08:43
Roberto Rocat
I missed this work of yours...I like it!
25. July, 07:57
Grazie Roberto!
26. July, 08:53
Noss BODE added a new photoalbum.
7 | 18. July, 06:59
Rui S
Well done 👍
25. July, 14:46
Thanks a lot 🙏
26. July, 01:58