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Villiers de Vos added a new photoalbum.
74 images
View album, image #68
Step 4: Interior
6 | 30. August, 11:08
Villiers de Vos
This is the first time that I see instructions in a plastic kit that consists of photographs. The instructions are leaving a lot to be desired for. I can see a lot of trial and error on my side🙂
30. August, 13:19
David Taylor
Watching this one.could'nt find an Eduard 1/16 so got a Torro one and aded detail and crew.
31. August, 20:56
Mark K
I just had a look at the instructions online and I see what you mean. I certainly don't envy you the task of deciphering them!
1. September, 01:37
Villiers de Vos
It is indeed a challenge. There are only these partial "glimpses" to work from and no locating tabs.
1. September, 07:10
David Taylor
Instructions seem vague.
1. September, 14:28
Villiers de Vos
The only way to make sense of the instructions is to work through small portions of each step in the instructions at a time.
6. September, 04:23
I love this gadget .... In its day I started modifying the one from 21st Century Toys, and then Dragon brought out this marvel
14. September, 15:02
David Taylor
Got to be one of my fav soft skinned vehicles.
14. September, 17:38
Major Flannel added a new project.
In progress
1:72 Thorneycroft 1 1/2 Ton Parcel Van (Keil Kraft K309)1:72 Fowler Class Z7 (Keil Kraft K304)
2 | 8. September, 09:41
Major Flannel
Mann Egerton Co. Ltd. Famous a/c subcontractor during WW1. Might change to de Havilland Props division depending on which aircraft goes with it in a diorama.
8. September, 09:44
Alex K
This will be lovely!
8. September, 10:04
Major Flannel
It surely will. Need to find the company livery for the late 20s atm, Norwich is sometimes associated with yellow as per their football team. Decided to use with a postwar Sopwith Snipe ( Toko ) or DH 9A (Eastern Express). Got some civvie figures to go. Thanks Alex.
8. September, 16:23
Major Flannel
Very toylike basic kit. Started with seats out of Fir and making the feets pedals. The chassis is best viewed permanently glued to a base of some kind it is so skeletal.
9. September, 10:43
Major Flannel added a new photoalbum.
5 | 8. September, 16:59
Major Flannel
Much later, but cream and red.
8. September, 17:00
Wonderful model! More photos please!
9. September, 09:18
Major Flannel
Try to grab "Janes' Aircraft of 1919". To start, section 1 has hundreds of period manufacturer advertisements, full page and smaller. Not spoiled for choice of diorama Companies, from Sopwith all the way down to duralumin suppliers. But, black and white throughout, unsurprisingly. Also its the heaviest book ever typeset; £10 postage!

Settling on Cream with Vermillion trim for the Mann Egerton van. I'll keep digging though. Thanks, lads.
9. September, 09:41
Major Flannel
Ordering a FWD flatbed to go with the Thorneycroft. Roden makes 2 chassis; canvas top and ammo truck iirc.
Image from 'Military Transport of WW1' (Blandford Press)
9. September, 09:43
Daniël S added a new project.
1 | 20. July, 13:54
Eddie * added a new photoalbum.
12 | 17. June, 23:52
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Eddie *
Thank you ??
2. July, 23:26
Rui S
Very nice pink panther 👍
Imho, the teaser is photo 14 😉
3. July, 11:26
Eddie *
Thanks Rui S. I concur…
15. July, 19:04
15. July, 19:04
Tough looking truck, ready for any dodgy neighborhood. Nice build!
15. July, 19:07
Eddie * added a new photoalbum.
43 images
View album, image #1
Simple out of the box build. Just added a texture to the seats and seat backs with a corse file, whether it survives pri...
13 | 14. April, 16:22
What colour should these seats be ?
14. April, 17:13
Eddie *
I would have thought brown leather.
17. April, 17:26
So you use ink for the highlights ?
20. April, 19:46
Eddie *
I tried...
21. April, 19:28
Rui S
Nice Dio 👍
19. June, 12:01
Eddie *
Thank you ??
20. June, 14:18
Eddie * added a new project.
1:35 S.A.S. Land Rover "Pink Panther" (Tamiya MM176)
1 | 18. June, 10:46