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Dornier Do 24

All you need to know about Dornier Do 24 from a scale modeler perspective.


Category:Aircraft - Propeller
Aircraft - Propeller
Also known as:
Used from:1937–1945
Used by:Military
Manufacturer:3R Dornier
Model:Do 24

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Kelly Wellington
US dakota roo
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Will Dixon added a new project.
1:72 Dornier DO 24 Reconnaissance Seaplane (Italaerei 122)1:72 Dornier Do-24 (Montex MM72092)
3. October, 01:40
Mark DeBacker added a new project.
1:72 Do 24 T (Eduard 72106)
12. September, 00:51
Mark DeBacker added a new project.
1:72 Dornier Do 24 Reconnaissance seaplane (Italeri 122)1:72 Dornier Do 24 (Italeri 122)
10. September, 05:30
Geoff Craig wants this item
22. August, 04:54
Geoff Craig
Anyone have this kit for sale in Australia?
22. August, 06:01
Andrea Brenco added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 6 images
1:72 Dornier Do 24 (Italeri 122)
Dornier Do 24 T
3R Military Wehrmacht Luftwaffe (German Air Force 1935-1945)
KüFl.Gr. 106 VH+ID
28. December 2019, 19:04
28. December 2019, 19:51
Oh ho...
28. December 2019, 20:31
Andrea Brenco
Thanks, it's an old build, I'm doing a little bit of order through my files and photos...
28. December 2019, 21:35
Alec K
I know it's a lot of work, but would love to see more pics of your builds. Very impressive
28. December 2019, 22:42
Melchior Added a new review for:
Aussie Modeller International
Aussie Modeller International
9. October 2019, 19:35
Wouter Roerdink added a new project.
Albums: 0
1:72 Dornier Do 24 (Italeri 122)1:72 Dornier Do24K conversion set (Blackbird Models BMA72053)1:72 Marine Luchtvaart Dienst (Dutch Decal DD72004)
21. March 2019, 20:22
Roger Trewenack added a new project.
27. October 2018, 10:15
Dmitriy Andreeshchev added a new project.
1:72 Dornier Do 24T (Italeri 1323)
Dornier Do 24 T-3
ES Military Ejército del Aire (Spanish Air Force 1939-now)
58 Esc. HR5.4 | Pollensa, Mallorca 1946
9. July 2018, 07:49
Alec K added a new project.
Albums: 0
1:72 Dornier Do 24 (Italeri 122)1:72 Do 24T Vacuform Canopy (Squadron 9173)1:72 Do 24 T (Eduard 72106)5+
26. June 2018, 18:04
Jim Camwell Added a new review for:
Unofficial Airfix Modellers' Forum
Unofficial Airfix Modellers' Forum
2. January 2018, 18:04
Lee Fogel Added a new review for:
26. June 2017, 21:08
Lee Fogel Added a new review for:
International Scale Modeller
International Scale Modeller
26. June 2017, 21:07
Lee Fogel Added a new review for:
In-box review
26. June 2017, 21:05
Larry Cherniak Added a new review for:
1/72 Aircraft News
1/72 Aircraft News
18. April 2017, 01:59
Александр Трошанин wants this item
31. March 2017, 19:14
Александр Трошанин
куплю модель самолета Dornier Do 24 T 1/48
31. March 2017, 19:39
Cuajete added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 142 images
1:72 Dornier Do 24 (Testors 868)1:72 Dornier Do-24 (Montex SM72092)
19. November 2016, 12:19
Steve H. Added a new review for:
Previewed on channel
CPR Classic Plastic Review
27. September 2016, 23:24
Mike Pullen Added a new review for:
20. August 2016, 01:07
Ed Hubbart added a new photoalbum.
28. June 2015, 01:40
Good luck on this one, still busy on mine. Can recommend the Eduard PE set for this aircraft.
2. July 2015, 05:27
Dave Flitton
Looking good!
11. October 2015, 08:15
13. February 2016, 05:06
Thomas Bischoff
another Dornier in the making ... only one tiny critic: if you use e.g. a sheet of white paper as a background it would make all the difference.
13. February 2016, 08:17
Look out for the gap between cockpit and body. The cockpit in the Italeri version (probably the same as Testors) is a big too wide.
13. February 2016, 15:26
so you didn't give up on this model .. great : )
23. May 2016, 19:05
Ed Hubbart
I give up and then I start again.
24. May 2016, 02:57
good for you, hope you achieve the desired result
24. May 2016, 04:11
Gordeanus Added a new review for:
19. May 2016, 11:15
Erik Francisco Zimmermann Added a new review for:
Previewed on channel
stefan plastikmodellbau
24. April 2016, 14:11
Erik Francisco Zimmermann Added a new review for:
Previewed on channel
24. April 2016, 14:07
Calvin Gifford added a new photoalbum.
25. February 2016, 04:08
Calvin Gifford added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 1 images
On hold
1:72 Dornier Do 24T Reconnaissance Seaplane (Italaerei 122)
25. February 2016, 04:01
Erwin BOVYN added a new photoalbum.
35 images
View album, image #1
5. February 2015, 19:32
View full thread (13 Comments)
Welcome Kerry.
Afraid it will be quiet for a moment cause I'm leaving on holiday and can't take it with me. Will continue on this kit second half of June again.
27. May 2015, 20:35
Kerry COX
Bon Voyage my friend, and I don't drink fast, so there will be some left by the time your back. :)

Enjoy. ! :)
27. May 2015, 22:04
Aghis Barberopoulos
I made this kit many many years was a very decent kit that could still stand today with some additional work.
28. May 2015, 19:24
Hi Aghis. It still is a decent kit, so typical Italeri style, rather basic and still good detail. Hope the paintwork will bring it to a higher level.
29. May 2015, 05:34
Bart Goesaert
we will hope with you, any paintjob allready in mind?
29. May 2015, 07:13
Hi Bart. No special paintjob, think of building the aircract on the boxart from the 106th Küstenflieger gruppe that operated in the Baltic Sea. Will however first paint some silver on the metal parts like floats, nose and engine and see if I can add some chipping to it as these aircraft would have had in real from contact with the water.
29. May 2015, 15:01
Thomas Bischoff
I somehow missed the new pictures. Top work! The trolley turned out very nice as well.
13. February 2016, 08:20
Tx Thomas. I put the Hanomag RL40 tractor in front of it as a tow and also started rebuilding another Do24T to a Do24MS with an anti magnetic mine ring. Seems only 1 of those was build and there is only 1 known picture of it. My guess is that they took the mine ring from a BV138 and added it to a Do24T. Quite a challenge.
13. February 2016, 15:23
Erwin BOVYN added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 35 images
1:72 Dornier Do 24T Reconnaissance Seaplane (Italaerei 122)1:72 Do 24 Transport Carriage (Kora Models C7205)1+
Dornier Do 24 T
3R Military Wehrmacht Luftwaffe (German Air Force 1935-1945)
KüFl.Gr. 106 VH+ID
5. February 2015, 19:30
Could I please ask for your help as this Do24 doesn't make me life easy.
The kit is provided with decals for two aircraft: VH + ID for an aircraft from the 106th Küstenfliegergruppe and KD + BH for an aircraft of a no further described Seenotgruppe in Syracuse 1943.

I always like to check out my references and I like to build an aircraft that really existed.
So now I encounter a small mistery by NOT finding any references at all regarding both aircraft.

On this special site:
are no known references for any of the aircraft as in the kit.

and when I check out Küstenfliegergruppe 106 than do I find some references to that unit but none to any Do24; instead they only speak of Do18.

I also bought the new book written by Peter de Jong "Dornier Do 24 Units" edited by Osprey series Combat Aircraft nr 110 but no referece to those aircraft either, no pictures, no markings, no profiles, nothing.......

I therefore would like to ask if any one of you guys out there could provide me with some new refereces. Can someone prove that one or both of these aircraft really existed and did fly with those units??????
The units did exist but the registration markings on both aircraft are a big question mark. I'm not used that Italaerei would release something with "would-be" markings but you never know, it's an old kit and maybe it wasn't so important in those days.

If nobody can help me I will be obliged to add some markings of an aircraft that did fly in those units and that is proven to be historically correct.


2. September 2015, 17:18
2. September 2015, 17:27
Tx Martien, always nice to have more references.
The MLD only flew the Do 24 K version equipped with Wright Cyclone engines. I'm looking out for the Do 24 T series as used by the Germans.
Tx anyway for the link, very interesting interior pictures.
2. September 2015, 17:36
Erik De Smet
Erwin, ik vermoed dat de Italeri codes VH+ID en KD+BH " fantasie " zijn; probeer aan de decals te geraken van de latere versies van de kit van Revell of Italeri, die wel verifieerbare codes hebben. Beide merken hebben een "spare parts" service.
4. September 2015, 07:58
Bart Goesaert
zo'n vermoeden had ik ook al. p bovengenoemde site heb ik bijna alle codes vergeleken met de serienummers en er zit geen enkele tussen die qua lettering ook maar een beetje in de buurt komt. Ik kijk eventueel eens of ik nog het revell decalvel heb ...
4. September 2015, 08:01
Beiden bedankt, Tx to both.
Meanwhile I discovered a new russian site that has many pictures of Do 24 and it proves that KD+BH did exist and fly in the Mediterranean. Also found a picture of the one an only Do24MS equipped with a magnetic anti mine ring.
Will hold this project till my return from holiday and see if there are more answers to my questions.
4. September 2015, 11:51
Wim van der Luijt
count me in.....would like to see what you make of this project.
4. September 2015, 12:39
I finally ended up building CM+IV from who I did find pictures and could use part of the decals I had in the kit.
The build was a struggle till the end with parts broken on the sprues needed to be replaced.
Anyhow, despite the fact that it took much longer than expected, I did enjoy the build and finishing it to a rather decent standard. Having acquired recently some other older build Do24T's it could very well be I will tackle some restauration work on them, you never know do you.
13. October 2015, 17:55
Gustavo Antonelli added a new photoalbum.
40 images
View album, image #39
1. September 2015, 23:56
View full thread (23 Comments)
Gustavo Antonelli
Hi guys, thank you very much!
I gave a wash with my mix of brown ink, acrylic matt black, water and detergent. I had also worked on the weathering details, with different grades of a mix of brown and black pastels diluted with turpentine for the exhausts stains, and a lighter mix of the the same pastels and orange for the rust stain effects.
Then I gave a coat of our Future equivalent, "Blem autobrillo" (I'm afraid that the product has changed to another brand :(). Then I applied the decals.
The next entry should be the last one, with the kit finished. It lacks giving a last matt coat, removing the masks, and rigging and mounting the radio wires.
12. September 2015, 19:37
Martien Lourens
When I see orange triangles. I get warm inside me :) . nice progress. I'm curious about the end result
13. September 2015, 10:08
Gustavo Antonelli
Thank you very much Martien! Happy to notice that this humble build wakes up so good feelings!
15. September 2015, 01:00
Gustavo Antonelli
Done! :). It was difficult to find a good place to take pictures, cause it's pretty big!
15. September 2015, 01:08
Antonio R
Wow Well done Gustavo really excellent work, it it nicely build and painted, also like the weathering.
15. September 2015, 04:30
Nice build Gustavo, congratz
15. September 2015, 15:08
Roberto Rocat
Well done!
15. September 2015, 19:37
Gustavo Antonelli
Hi Antonio, Erwin, Rboerto, thank you very much! :)
16. September 2015, 12:28
Gustavo Antonelli added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 40 images
1:72 Dornier Do 24 (Italeri 122)
1. September 2015, 23:28
Gustavo Antonelli
I decided to add some scratch built interior details, based on the very good pictures that can be found at
2. September 2015, 00:00
Ed Hubbart added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 53 images
On hold
1:72 Dornier Do 24 (Testors 868)1:72 Do 24T Vacuform Canopy (Squadron 9173)
28. June 2015, 01:39
Robin Thwaites added a new project.
In progress
1:72 Dornier Do 24T (Revell 04362)
12. June 2015, 13:48
Gustavo Antonelli Added a new review for:
Previewed on channel
Greg Huff
29. May 2015, 03:33
Mine has Blue stripe, no Swedish decals, no Japanese on box
25. February 2015, 23:53
arne vd burg Added a new review for:
Flevo Aviation
Flevo Aviation
1. January 2015, 20:43
Glenn .
Note the bonus decals are only available in Australia, The importer adds them.
8. January 2014, 15:08
Juan M Leria
Italeri has taken too long to include the decoration of the last Do 24 that was in flight, returned to Dornier in 1971, after twenty-five years of service; landing in Lake Constance after direct flight from Majorca. Currently still flying, 'reborn' as Do 24ATT.
23. September 2013, 06:54
Adam Added a new review for:
2. July 2013, 16:23
Markus Added a new review for:
14. June 2013, 10:45
Wim van der Luijt Added a new review for:
Swannys Models Forum
Swannys Models Forum
9. March 2013, 14:35
Kelly Wellington added a new photoalbum.
24. November 2012, 22:51
Kelly Wellington
First time juggling three turrets and a cockpit in joining fuselage halves.

It will be the first time I've weighted a kit. I thought the tail might be heavy in the Do-24, and it is. I could've weighted the nose, but it's past that now. I can still, and will, weight the engine nacelles. It's high and not far forward enough, but it'll help...and give the craft some 'heft'.

First time in a long, long time joining a wing to fuselage with just struts. I did not follow the instructions. Consequently, I had one strut that was too short (and got a 'lift') and the strut positioning is not perfect.

Am still dithering on the color blue, but have made two choices. I think I'm going to go with the Master Modeler 'Dunkelblau' for the top color and 'Light Grey' for the the bottom color. Dutch Decals 'Orange Triangle' decals have been ordered and on their way from Aviation Megastore.

I'm pleased with my usage of the 'Burnt Metal' covering here on the 'Steel' engine pistons and the 'Copper' exhaust pipes and engine nacelle rings.

I have since placed the 'lifted' strut and it fits fine. A picky builder would notice it, but probably not before noticing the 'off' placement of another strut end. I just added the spinner covers and am ready to add the props to the engines. I think I'll lave the engine off until the second upper coat.

I put Tamiya primer coat down on the undersurfaces. I can say I'm not pleased. Lots of schmootz. It'll take some delicate fabric sanding.
25. November 2012, 01:03
Dave Flitton
Looking good so far
25. November 2012, 02:50
Holger Kranich
A lot of great work! Head on!
25. November 2012, 05:18
Philip De Keyser
I like what I see so far, it is a big beautifull plane, keep the pix comming Kelly ;)
Greetz Phil
25. November 2012, 09:24
Kelly Wellington
Heh...misplaced the tiny circlets which were to be glued to the propeller shaft backs. So, I sliced off cross-sections of one of the larger sprues and then put a dab of glue on the tip end of the shaft and attached the sprue cross-section disks. It seems to work fine. I started adding in the, those engines have some pretty sizeable ball bearings. " 8^O}
25. November 2012, 20:23
Aghis Barberopoulos
Beautiful aircraft. Interesting project to see.
25. November 2012, 21:05
Kelly Wellington
Yeah...I bought the kit on the basis of the interest in the craft construction. I thought it a very interesting craft. It was only once I'd pulled it out to start, and began looking around at the information on it that I was even more impressed. First, although it is usually shown in Third Reich colors, it was actually commissioned by the MDL (the Netherlands Naval Aviation Service) as a replacement for their earlier Dornier seaplane. The design and production was done for MDL and they took possession of them after the inception of the war and divided them between home country stations and Netherlands East Indies assignments. The Wermacht was not particularly interested at the time, as they had committed to the BV-138 as the primary seaplane for the Wermacht. The subsequent history generated a goodly number of possible liveries...The Dutch rigs were inducted into the Wermacht after the 1940 invasion of the Netherlands and subsequently served in every theater of the war. One was sequestered in Sweden and reassigned to the Swedish air force. The rigs assigned to the Dutch East Indies were either destroyed by the Japanese advance, or retreated to Australia, where they were either repatriated to the Aussies or served as a Dutch air force in exile. Evidently, in 1944, the Germans gifted twelve to the Spanish government for the explicit use as search and rescue aircraft in the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterrenean Sea around Spain. Then, after the war, the French Navy used them.

Not only that, but the grandson of the founder of Dornier has renovated one with entirely new engines and regularly provides it for UNICEF work in the South China Sea area.

A really cool rig with a fascinating history and many good works to its name.
25. November 2012, 21:52
Kelly Wellington added a new photoalbum.
This album no longer exists
0 images
This album does not contain any images.
Project: Dornier Do 24
1:72 Dornier Do 24T (Italeri 1323)
24. November 2012, 22:33
Kelly Wellington added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 25 images
1:72 Dornier Do 24T (Italeri 1323)
14. November 2012, 05:09
Kelly Wellington
I changed my mind on the Ju-52. I've got this Do-24 with the box that is falling apart. The internal bag is still sealed and the decals look old but in good shape.

I'm itching to do a seaplane.

Evidently, despite the spare selection of decals, I could do this as a German, Dutch, Spanish, or Australian. The Dutch version is pretty...but, I'll probably go with the German version, North Sea/Atlantic.
14. November 2012, 05:14
Kelly Wellington
I'm leaning towards doing the MLD version....but what color blue is the blue of the Netherlands Naval Aviation Service seaplanes, prior to 1940?
16. November 2012, 05:19
Tigers! Tigers! owns this item
11. June 2011, 15:35
Aghis Barberopoulos
I built this many years ago...nice kit - Now I am waiting for the special hobby 1/48 kit...any news ? :)
11. June 2011, 15:59
Tigers! Tigers!
Hi aghis
its still waiting to be issued as far as i know, but there are others on the market a vacform and the Fonderie Miniatures kit but watch out for this one it takes a lot of work to get it to shape up
14. June 2011, 09:11
Aghis Barberopoulos
Aah, yes, I know the Fonderie Miniatures quality by looking at the Hs126 of theirs... By the way, I like the booby trap in your avatar :)
14. June 2011, 18:47
Tigers! Tigers!
thanks aghis, for the comment best looking bomb i have ever seen !! LOL
9. July 2011, 18:14


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