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Convair B-36 Peacemaker

All you need to know about Convair B-36 Peacemaker from a scale modeler perspective.


Category:Aircraft - Propeller
Aircraft - Propeller
Also known as:
Used from:1946–1959
Used by:Military
Manufacturer:US Convair
Model:B-36 Peacemaker

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Maxim Finchenko added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 9 images
1:144 B-36D Prop-Jet (Hobbycraft HC1272)
Convair B-36 Peacemaker
US Military US Air Force (1947-now)
Strategic Air Command 44-92033 | 1955 | NM
2. September, 07:34
Doug Reed added a new project.
1:72 B-36 Peacemaker (Monogram 5707)1:72 Atom bomb Mark 17 (Black Dog A72034)1:72 B-36D B-36H RB-36E EB-36H Peacemaker (Warbird Decals 72031)2+
6. August, 04:52
17. June, 01:48
Vince Jackson added a new project.
1:72 B-36 Peacemaker (Monogram 5703)
Convair B-36H-1-CF Peacemaker
US Military US Air Force (1947-now)
42 BW Ser. No. 50-1087 | Loring AFB, Maine
28. April, 23:03
Bill Gilman Added a new review for:
In-box review
6. April, 14:08
Ernst Ling added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 39 images
In progress
1:48 B-36 Peacemaker (HpH models 48049L)
29. February, 15:37
29. February, 15:38
Ernst Ling
I've been working on both levels of the forward crew area, and am now placing Airscale decals in each one of he tiny engineer's panel. It's not for the faint of heart, and will be a long, LONG project
29. February, 16:03
Nathan Dempsey
Love to see some pictures. What a dream build.
29. February, 16:10
Mr Britmodeller Added a new review for:
15. October 2019, 11:22
Steve H. Added a new review for:
Previewed on channel
CPR Classic Plastic Review
21. September 2019, 16:10
Nathan Dempsey added a new project.
1:144 USAF RB-36 SAC "Big Eye" (Hobbycraft HC1274)1:144 Convair B-36 Peacemaker (Caracal Models CD144015)
30. August 2019, 17:42
Ian Oostelbos added a new project.
Albums: 0
1:72 USAAF B-29A "Enola Gay & Bockscar" (Academy 12528)1:72 B-47E Stratojet (Hasegawa K7)1:72 B-52 Stratofortress (Revell Monogram 85-5709)3+
7. June 2019, 07:09
1.5m wide. That's insane!
18. September 2018, 12:53
Wim van der Luijt
and they only charge €575,- for it :D
18. September 2018, 12:59
19. September 2018, 06:22
Soeren .
Fore a fiberglass and resin kit is the price more than ok.
Btw they are also gonna release a B-52 in 48 next year ;)

Btw this kit was already released last year.
19. September 2018, 06:47
Yes, but the B-56 will be "only" 1.2m wide. ;)
19. September 2018, 06:59
Dutch added a new project.
1:144 B-36D Prop-Jet (Hobbycraft HC1272)1:144 Convair B-36 Peacemaker (Caracal Models CD144015)1:144 Convair B-36 (Includs RF-84) Mask (E-Z Masks 261)
Convair B-36 Peacemaker
US Military US Air Force (1947-now)
44-92095 | 1953 | NM
8. June 2018, 10:15
Calvin Gifford Added a new review for:
In-box review
13. May 2018, 08:45
Lt D added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 7 images
1:72 B-36 Peacemaker (Monogram 5703)1:72 B-36 Common Stencils and Insignia (Warbird Decals 72003)
13. November 2017, 17:47
Augie wants this item
3. November 2017, 18:28
Wilfried Bogaerts
What a box under the Xmass tree! I've heard of a €575 price tag (that's without wingfold option ;) ) and limited to 100 units? :S :o
4. November 2017, 07:22
Alistair Graham
I couldnt believe it when i saw it in the new kits list and saw the scale im sure it would be large is it was 1:144 never mind 1:48
4. November 2017, 09:07
Lol a girl can dream
4. November 2017, 14:13
Burkhard D
LOL - collectors' edition comes with "mine is bigger than yours" bonus sticker. I hear HpH Models is planning Howard Hughes' Spruce Goose in 1:24 :D
5. November 2017, 22:17
Yeah, tho its not the size, its the aircraft and the scale, I build mostly in 48 so
5. November 2017, 23:28
Urban Gardini
Oh yeah, this one just screams Augie all the way!
5. November 2017, 23:38
Tim Sloan added a new project.
1:144 B-36B Peacemaker (Hobbycraft HC1271)
24. October 2017, 00:57
Scott Espin added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 0 images
1:72 RB-36H Peacemaker (Revell Monogram 5710)1:72 B-36 Common Stencils and Insignia (Warbird Decals 72003)
20. August 2017, 02:59
Ekki Added a new review for:
IPMS Nederland
IPMS Nederland
16. July 2017, 10:19
Scott Tait completed this item
6. June 2017, 15:44
Scott Tait
Built one in the 90s impressive when built lostvin a house fire amongst other kits , have another in the stash
7. June 2017, 02:04
John Irwing added a new photoalbum.
5 images
View album, image #1
11. October 2013, 09:18
Urban Gardini
Like it so far n' it's really nice to see the "Holy Grail" bein' built as it's one of those kits that few build due to the sheer size of it.
11. October 2013, 09:57
Irving González
Huge plane good
19. February 2017, 01:57
Christian Keller
OMG what a Monster ;)
19. February 2017, 08:07
David Thor
Wow! Excited how it goes on!
19. February 2017, 09:05
Me too.
19. February 2017, 09:28
John Irwing
Planning to get it out of storage beginning of March. Thanks for the comments.
19. February 2017, 10:19
Urban Gardini
Yes, where to put it when it's built. But there's at least the option of not gluing the wings shut for ease of transport and storage. Looking great so far mate!
19. February 2017, 11:13
Peter Klin Added a new review for:
In-box review
3. January 2017, 14:52
Peter Klin Added a new review for:
In-box review
3. January 2017, 14:50
Augie wants this item
13. November 2016, 19:54
View full thread (25 Comments)
Dave Flitton
I thought you would by the 1/32 scale :)
14. November 2016, 18:21
Dave Flitton
It wasn't called the Magnesium Overcast for nothing
14. November 2016, 18:21
Lol Dave, I might be tempted if they did one.. but I doubt the CAA would like what I'd do! lol
14. November 2016, 18:26
Would make a nice coffee table :)
14. November 2016, 19:35
Dave Flitton
I think someone already built a B-36 flying model complete with turbojets - larger than 1/32 - of course it took a few people to manage all of that hardware
14. November 2016, 20:22
Wilfried Bogaerts
It's huge, that's true, but a wing fold set would make it fit on your shelf, go for it Augie ! :D
15. November 2016, 08:12
Glenn .
anyone who buys this will end up divorced! :)
Youtube Video
that guy must be single!

15. November 2016, 08:16
Lol thanks willy :)
15. November 2016, 17:56
Tim Dix added a new project.
1:72 RB-36H Peacemaker (Revell Monogram 5710)
6. January 2016, 21:09
Vimal Indrasoma owns this item
8. August 2015, 06:10
Vimal Indrasoma
Oh, wow. I did a search and nothing came up so I added this - now there's stacks of them! How come?
8. August 2015, 06:17
Glenn .
The number was entered with a space 72 003 it was already on the database as 72003 i reported it as double!
8. August 2015, 06:23
Vimal Indrasoma
I actually searched for ALL Warbird decals first ... and Warbird actually has a space in there!
8. August 2015, 13:12
Vimal Indrasoma
Oh b*****, I had actually searched for Warbirds instead ... my mistake, sorry!
8. August 2015, 13:14
Robin Thwaites added a new project.
On hold
1:72 RB-36H Peacemaker (Revell Monogram 5710)
18. June 2015, 08:26
P J added a new project.
Albums: 0
1:72 Boeing KC-135A Stratotanker (AMT/ERTL 8848)1:72 Boeing B-47E Strato-Jet (FROG F277)1:72 Boeing B-52 D Stratofortress (Revell 04608)2+
10. May 2015, 13:34
Burkhard D owns this item
18. September 2014, 21:38
Mathias Carl
Die will ich dann aber auch gebaut sehen :)
Dürfte ein ganz schöner Brummer sein.
19. September 2014, 10:38
Burkhard D
Das Teil ist in der Tat riesig. Wenn ich es dann mal baue - das ist durchaus vorgesehen - dann sicher mit abnehmbaren Flügeln. Hat wohl knapp 1m Spannweite. Hab's gerade gebaut bei einem Kollegen gesehen (als Luftwaffe 1946 What-if!)
19. September 2014, 10:46
Mathias Carl
:o nen Meter ist schon mal ne ordentliche Hausnummer.
Fällt dann aber auf jeden Fall, das Modell. :)
19. September 2014, 18:53
Edgars Bizūns
Ja ja, only thing I understood is that will be as a Luftwaffe What-if? :)
6. February 2015, 23:58
Burkhard D
No way. I've sen that, it's nifty. But I like NMF with Stars'n'Bars :)
7. February 2015, 09:03
Soeren .
Die will ich definitv auch gebaut bei dir sehen Burkhard :) Meine wird vermutlich noch einige Zeit im Karton ruhen ;)
10. February 2015, 11:57
Craig Swain added a new project.
Albums: 0
1:72 RB-36H Peacemaker (Revell Monogram 85-5712)1:72 B-36 Peacemaker (Monogram 5703)1:72 RB-36H Peacemaker (Revell Monogram 5710)
10. June 2014, 00:51
James Added a new review for:
1. March 2014, 21:24
John Irwing added a new project.
Albums: 2 with 9 images
In progress
1:72 B-36 Peacemaker (Monogram 5703)
4. October 2013, 09:44
John Irwing
The Yellow Hawk is there for a scale comparison.
4. October 2013, 10:09
John Irwing added a new photoalbum.
4. October 2013, 10:08
Derek Thompson owns this item
2. August 2012, 06:02
Tim Vereecke
Hi Derek, seems you found the "add to stash" button :) nice collection so far
2. August 2012, 06:03
Derek Thompson
So much plastic... So little time...
3. August 2012, 05:14
3. August 2012, 06:51
Hi everybody,

I'm still looking for the assembling instructions of the B-36 "Big, bad and beautiful" Monogram 5707, scale 1:72.... If there is one of you who can email me these instructions, I will gladly appreciate..
Salutations!! THANKS!!!


25. July 2012, 11:36
Holger Kranich
Hi Colleux!
When you click on the item and scroll down, you can see who has it in his stash. Maybe you just ask them? There is, f.e., a nice guy called Urban Gardini. I would ask him! :)

Greetz, Holger
25. July 2012, 11:41
Frank Krause
Urban's full service! Nice, Urban!
25. July 2012, 16:27
Urban Gardini
The worst part was to get the stash back in order again deep under the couch were it lives.
25. July 2012, 16:41
Frank Krause
Why packing back? Build it... ;)
25. July 2012, 16:42
Urban Gardini
No place for it as it is now. Need a bigger apartment n' some dedicated storage for it...
25. July 2012, 16:43
25. July 2012, 17:13
25. July 2012, 17:17
Urban Gardini
Sweet mate! Is that the old Matchbox Valrus?
25. July 2012, 17:18
25. July 2012, 17:19
Holger Kranich
Great conversation! Lol!!! ;)
25. July 2012, 18:34
Tigers! Tigers! owns this item
2. February 2012, 20:03
Urban Gardini
Wohaaaaa! Nice one mate!
2. February 2012, 20:04
Tigers! Tigers!
umm looks like the same kit just a box and decal change, found this one hidden under a large car kit that i dont remember getting ! if you have anything on my wish list im willing to part with one cheers TT... :)
2. February 2012, 20:11
Urban Gardini
Not for me though, one is just the right number...
2. February 2012, 20:41
Bill Gilman
I built this one about 25 years ago. What a monster! Luckily the B-36 is not NMF, but painted high-speed silver. Made the job a lot easier! I built it on commission for a hobby shop owner, who hung it from the ceiling in his shop. It didn't survive a rapid loss of altitude that happened one day when the wire snapped!
2. February 2012, 22:17
Tigers! Tigers!
nice one bill, she sure is big!. doing her in nmf would be a task and a half but even hss is no easy feat, i did shy away from these untill the advent of ali-clad which in mho is the best thing since sliced bread, have you used it at all? BTW hope he had shop insurance for falling bomb ..... ers LOL ;)
3. February 2012, 07:36
Bill Gilman
I've just started using Alclad. Have a look at the Lightning project in my photo albums. This is my first job with Alclad - I love the stuff! And no, the shopkeeper didn't have falling bomber insurance..LOL. He closed up the shop about 5 years after I built the B-36 for him.
3. February 2012, 16:07
Tigers! Tigers!
nice job on the lightning bill, did you use the black under coat on that one? i have found differing undercoats give slightly differing shade finishes and is useful as alclad is not cheap.
6. February 2012, 19:59
Urban Gardini owns this item
5. December 2011, 17:41
View full thread (44 Comments)
Holger Kranich
Haha, Martin, that joke was good!!! :)
15. December 2011, 07:28
15. December 2011, 08:02
15. December 2011, 08:05
Urban Gardini
Holger, how can you be sure that Martin was jokin'?
15. December 2011, 12:40
Holger Kranich
I just hope it, Urban, i just hope...
15. December 2011, 12:46
Holger Kranich
And as i am informed , swedisch houses are not the smallest...
15. December 2011, 13:00
Urban Gardini
True that but the box in question isn't the smallest either...
15. December 2011, 13:36
Holger Kranich
Good idea Ecurie!
Urban, maybe you can make a garage from the box and rent it to tourists! :)
15. December 2011, 13:42


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