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Warhammer 40,000 Science Fiction » Warhammer 40K | 32767–Now

Full kits
8mm Avenger Strike Fighter (Games Workshop 500-34)
Imperial Navy
Avenger Strike Fighter 4x Citadel Miniatures for Aeronautica Imperialis
Games Workshop 8mm
500-34 2020 | New tool
8mm Skies of Fire (Games Workshop 500-30-60)
Aeronautica Imperialis
Skies of Fire The Game of Aerial Combat in the 41st Millennium
Games Workshop 8mm
500-30-60 2020 | New tool
8mm Warbringer Nemesis Titan (Games Workshop 400-34)
Adeptus Titanicus
Warbringer Nemesis Titan with Quake Cannon, Volcano Cannon and Laser Blaster
Games Workshop 8mm
400-34 2020 | New tool
8mm Grot Bommers (Games Workshop 500-19)
Aeronautica Imperialis Ork Air Waaagh!
Grot Bommers
Games Workshop 8mm
500-19 2019 | New tool
8mm Eavy Bommers (Games Workshop 500-18)
Ork Air Waaagh!
Eavy Bommers 2x Citadel Miniatures for Aeronautica Imperialis
Games Workshop 8mm
500-18 2019 | New tool
8mm Questoris Knights (Games Workshop 400-29)
Adeptus Titanicus
Questoris Knights with Thunderstrike Gauntlets and Rocket Pods
Games Workshop 8mm
400-29 2019 | New tool
8mm Titan Battlegroup (Games Workshop 400-20)
Adeptus Titanicus
Titan Battlegroup 4x Citadel Miniatures
Games Workshop 8mm
400-20 2018 | Model set
8mm Imperial Knights (Games Workshop 400-05)
Adeptus Titanicus
Imperial Knights 3x Citadel Miniatures for use in Adeptus Titanicus
Games Workshop 8mm
400-05 2018 | New tool
28mm Objectives (Games Workshop 40-43)
Sector Imperialis
Games Workshop 28mm
40-43 2017 | New tool
28mm Sentinel (Games Workshop 99120105007)
Sentinel Imperial Guard Walker - Mars Pattern
Games Workshop 28mm
99120105007 (99250105009) 2000
28mm Leman Russ (Games Workshop 0785)
Warhammer 40,000
Leman Russ Imperial Battle Tank
Games Workshop 28mm
0785 1994 | New tool
28mm Predator (Games Workshop 871207)
Warhammer 40,000
Predator Imperial assault vehicle
Games Workshop 28mm
871207 1989 | Changed parts
28mm Land Raider (Games Workshop RTB11)
Warhammer 40,000
Land Raider Battle tank of the 41st millenium
Games Workshop 28mm
RTB11 1989 | Changed box
28mm Imperial Land Raiders (Games Workshop RTB5)
Warhammer 40,000
Imperial Land Raiders Battle tanks of the 41st millennium two detailed plastic kits
Games Workshop 28mm
RTB5 1988 | New tool
Multi-kit sets
8mm Wings of Vengeance (Games Workshop 500-01-60)
Aeronautica Imperialis
Wings of Vengeance The Game of Aerial Combat in the 41st Millennium
Games Workshop 8mm
500-01-60 2019 | New tool
28mm Prophecy of the Wolf (Games Workshop PW-60)
Prophecy of the Wolf Alpha Predators Hunt Amidst The Ruins Of War
Games Workshop 28mm
PW-60 2020 | Changed parts
28mm Indomitus (Games Workshop 40-01)
Games Workshop 28mm
40-01 2020 | New tool
28mm Pariah Nexus (Games Workshop 102-74)
Kill Team
Pariah Nexus Kill Team Expansion
Games Workshop 28mm
102-74 2020 | New tool
Detail and Conversion sets
28mm Valerian and Aleya (Games Workshop BL-02)
Talons of the Emperor
Valerian and Aleya 2 Citadel Miniatures
Games Workshop 28mm
BL-02 2020 | New tool
28mm Shadowspear (Games Workshop SP-01-60)
Shadowspear Faith and Fury Clash in the 41st Millenium
Games Workshop 28mm
SP-01-60 2019 | New tool
28mm Blackstone Fortress (Games Workshop BF-01-60)
Warhammer Quest
Blackstone Fortress Dark quests in the 41st Millennium
Games Workshop 28mm
BF-01-60 2018 | New tool
28mm Space Ork Raiders (Games Workshop 99172003001)
Build+Paint Series 1
Space Ork Raiders
Games Workshop 28mm
99172003001 2016 | Model set
28mm Dark Vengeance (Games Workshop 60010199008)
Dark Vengeance Starter box
Games Workshop 28mm
60010199008 2012 | New tool
32mm Eisenhorn (Games Workshop N/a)
Eisenhorn Black Library Celebration 2018
Games Workshop 32mm