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McDonnell Douglas F-4B Phantom II

Tamiya | Нет. 61121 | 1:48

Boxart McDonnell Douglas F-4B Phantom II 61121 Tamiya


McDonnell Douglas F-4B Phantom II
Полный набор
2021 | Первый выпуск - новый комплект
4950344611218 (EAN)
Жёсткая коробка (открывается сверху)
McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II » Реактивные (Авиация)


McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II

McDonnell Douglas F-4B Phantom II
US US Navy (1794-now) Military
  • VF-111 Sundowners 153019 / 201 / NL
    USS Coral Sea
  • VF-161 Chargers 153020 / 100 / NF
    USS Midway
  • VF-51 Screaming Eagles 0456 / 100 / NL
    USS Coral Sea

Содержимое коробки

480x290x80 mm (18.9x11.4x3.1 inch)

977 g (2.15 lbs)

Хронология продукта



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Alternative SKUs for Tamiya 61121:
4950344611218 | TA61121 | TAM-61121 | TAM61121 | T61121 | TAM61121ST | MCDONNELL

Заметка: Цены и наличие являются ориентировочными. Также проверьте, действительно ли продукт соответствует!

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19 изображения
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Проект: Rock River 100
1:48 McDonnell Douglas F-4B Phantom II (Tamiya 61121)1:48 Scenic Display USS Enterprise CVN-65 (Uschi van der Rosten 3024)


Новостная лента

weird pick from tamiya i'll be honest
the market have no less than three F-4Bs right now -
hasegawa old yet decent phantoms, academy excellent and very affordable phantoms and ZM with their insanely detailed (and priced) phantoms
so im not sure where tamiya going to fall in here, and how they expect to top the other competition
5 | 27. January, 06:44
Roland Gunslinger
Öhm ... Did you build Tamiya's F-14s in 48nd scale? This is a dream!
27. January, 06:57
Roland Gunslinger
PS: #shakeandbake #tamicat
27. January, 07:01
Markus Antonius
It will be a clear winner for all modelers who apreciate an easy aproach on building without having to worry much about sanding and filing for sure. Also bear in mind that tamiya can compete and deliver the global market. They know exactly what they are doing. Same thing with their F-14s and BF109s (which was an awesome flawless build) in the same scale - you just have have got to keep beeing competitive.
27. January, 08:43
Maciej Bellos
Seeing how there isn't any trace of seamlines I guess it is Tamicat quality. So it will be a no brainer to get one of those.
27. January, 13:17
Soeren .
Well none of the three F-4Bs will do any money for Tamiya right?
Hasegawa kits are really hard to get / Academy is ok, but probably will lose against the Tamiya kit and ZM has NO! F-4B.

So its a great choice from Tamiya, because Phantoms will always be a good seller.
27. January, 13:44
Murad ÖZER
this is big T. Big T doesn't care about the market, it will release whatever it will release and steamroll over anything with great ease, case in point the 48 scale tomcats.

and tbh they will probably milk this puppy iaw the letters of the phantom alphabet from b all the way to j and beyond quite easily and gracefully knowing their level of engineering i am damn sure they will take a modular approach to kit enabling them to produce multiple variants without the causing slightest grief to the modeller. 🙂 that being said, why they didn't do this to f-16 variants, i really wonder.

now what i am awaiting is if and when tamiya will scale their tomcat and this phantom to 32nd. eventho they are available in 32nd scale already, due to their age they leave much to be desired compared to their recent subjects.... now that'll be the day.
27. January, 14:02
Soeren .
A new F-14 from Tamiya would be awesome.
The Phantoms are not that necessary, their 32th kits are still awesomew
27. January, 14:11
i do confess i havn't built their tomcat (yet!), im just sharing my thoughts about it
27. January, 18:31
Murat Seyhan
Tamiya's F-4B is a product and Tamiya as a company reflects its development and production cost to the price. It would be well designed and you won't be disappointed. Tamiya is producing this for profit. There is Academy's F-4B, Hasegawa's F-4B is hard to find and it is not new. Tamiya's distribution line is well established, you can find their models in every country. If you have the desire to build F-4B Phantom, you would find it for a price. Probably we would see F-4D in 2-3 years and after in 5 years, F-4E/J would be in the market. As you know F-4J was flown with JSDF. Maybe, update set for F-4E late model after the release of F-4E early model.
24. June, 08:24
No need to convice me, i bought one today, i heard good things about it
24. June, 12:09
Patrick Hagelstein
Mine arrived in the mail today from Andy's Hobby Headquarters. I immediately compared it to my Academy F-4B/N kit: Even with all the aftermarket stuff I gathered for the Academy kit, the Tamiya kit wins hands down! 😮 The breakdown, the finesse, the structural internals, it just blows the Academy kit clean out of the water! And that Academy kit is a dang fine kit on it's own... I'm preparing to move, but the first thing to unpack on my new modeling desk will be this kit for sure! 😄
30. June, 04:39
Patrick Hagelstein
A Tamiya F-4B??? I don't care it's only a CAD drawing now, I just want one!!! 😄
2 | 26. January, 19:52
Просмотр полной темы (19 Комментарии)
Slavo Hazucha
Probably will be a very nice kit. But the ZM standard already appears to be very high, according to trusted sources like youtube & co...

If I were to build one, I´d go for one of the gorgeous JSDAF "Goodbye Phantom" schemes - like the last one in the ZM line-up... May still happen in the early 2030´s 😄
28. January, 13:40
Patrick Hagelstein
Hi Slavo! Yes, I can fully agree on ZM having a really high standard as I have their F-4S in my stash and a club member built the F-4D and it looked great! 👍 Thing is though, that ZM doesn't have an F-4B or F-4N in their line-up yet. Since Tamiya put in an F-4B and knowing Tamiya's quality, I'm more than thrilled right now. If ZM were to bring out an F-4B, then it would be a very hard comparison between the two, but for now I would pick up that Tamiya F-4B blindly. 🙂 I'm hoping though that either one of those companies would bring out a soft wing late F-4E/F/G. Fingers crossed for that! 😉 But aren't these glorious times to be a modeler? 😄
29. January, 01:17
Maciej Bellos
Those late E/F/G are something missing in this scale, so somebody will release it sooner or later.
29. January, 04:19
Konrad Limmer
I'm also looking forward to the late E and G version.

Anyhow a few days ago I got the new early E from ZM. Awesome looking kit a lot of details and possibilities to show it at the end of the day. The decal sheet looks also very impressive there are more than 400 decals to apply on this one 🙂!
In case that there is only one decal option you will have to apply them all 🙂...

I love this plane and I don't know really why but hey yes there are great times for this hobby and I believe once this one is available I put it into my stash 🙂.
29. January, 06:34
I finished ZM f-4e few weeks ago and it was a joy from start to ginish
24. June, 21:22
Udo Teuteberg
In this life I won't buy this kit, I'd rather buy three Hasegawa kits with the money. Tamiya now lives in another world with her prices. Around 100 € for a bit of plastic, that's almost 200 DM. Never ever.

1 | 16. April, 18:09
Eric Thornton
In Japan it's $75, $60 pre-sale which is is reasonable. $100 is too much.
16. April, 18:36
Roland Gunslinger
In Germany, most Japanese kits are relatively expensive. This is nothing new. The Tamiya Tomcat also costs around 90 € in Germany. You only get them a little cheaper most of the time. Also Gundams.I do not understand the problem 🤔
PS: In addition, there is no F-4B from Hasegawa, right?
16. April, 18:45
Sebastian Meyner
Since the DM ceased to be a valid currency 20 years ago, your comperison is a bit flawed, however I give you that: Yes 100,- would be too much! But do look around: MBK has them as pre-order for under 90,-€. I personally pre-ordered mine for 75,30€ incl. discount from The48ers.com.
16. April, 18:51
Markus Antonius
I agree - it is quite expensive, given that you also can buy aditional "hop-up-parts" from tamiya itself to that kit as well. But take into account, that one can easily price up badly tooled kits with resin and etched parts also - and it seems like this tamiya tooling in 48th scale is the new benchmark without the need of further sets.
16. April, 20:09
Luckymodel has it for 70$
26. April, 06:43
Udo Teuteberg
Reefta and postage than I got my 100 bucks. Noch, I wan't.
26. April, 15:05
Well if i buy it i take the bulk shipping of 120$ order + 12$ shipping they do, but yea i gey your poimt, it better in the level of ZM
26. April, 16:53
So markings for Sundowners, Chargers and Screaming Eagles then!
24. March, 01:32
Martin Weinpold
I look forward to!
23. March, 14:14
Sarunas D
Nice! I found a Japanese product page that has more photos: https://www.tamiya.com/japan/products/61121/index.html
4 | 27. January, 13:32
Markus Antonius
Thanks Sarunas!
27. January, 15:07
Waiting for Tamiya to update their 1/48 F-15 kit.
9. March, 06:00

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