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No Lena (Bandai Spirits 5060927)
Figure-rise Standard
Lena 86 -Eighty Six-
Bandai Spirits
5060927 (2536234) 2021 | Produto novo


No Lena (Bandai Spirits 5060927)
Figure-rise Standard
Lena 86 -Eighty Six-
Bandai Spirits
5060927 (2536234) 2021 | Produto novo


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WhiteGlint adicionou um novo álbum de fotos.
14 | 22. September, 12:00
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Nice 😎
14. November, 20:10
They look good already, I like the subtle wheatring. Now I am curious about the diorama.
15. November, 10:52
Thank you JD and Torsten.
First dio is in progress. Inspired by the box art I thought about placing one of the Juggernauts on an elevated position like a destroyed or damaged highway bridge.
Maybe I can reduce the size a bit but due to their legs even the smaller Juggernauts still need some space.
18. November, 18:39
Simon Nagorsnik
what a big canon!
you base looks very interesting!
you can see where it's going....
20. November, 13:30
Thanks Simon, but the base did not develop as I expected and I was not very happy with it.
Currently I am working on another base for the "Artillery Juggernaut" where I want try out some stuff I've seen Uncle NightShift do.

I really do need a hot wire cutter for that styrofoam, should make it a lot easier. 😄
That and maybe some other material, to be able to create different settings in my dioramas. Most of the time it is either a concrete apron or some grass and bushes and I crave a bit more variety. Pictures will follow around the weekend.
1. December, 12:12
WhiteGlint adicionou um novo projeto.
80 imagens
Em progresso
1:48 Juggernaut (Shin use) (Bandai Spirits 5060742)1:48 Juggernaut (general purpose type) (Bandai Spirits 5060743)1:48 Juggernaut (Long Range Cannon Type) (Bandai Spirits 5060932)
15. September, 21:10