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Thomas L. M. (TomLem)

Progress log


2 | 26. October 2020, 08:36
David Taylor
Hi Thomas I have just bought said beast,are you going to paint the track links first or built.I built up tracks for Pz 2 Luchs then painted and nearly had a disaster.
29. October 2020, 18:52
Thomas L. M.
Oh no, what happened? I usually paint my tracks once assembled. Just the tracks assembled I mean, not on the model. I have to say that these, (and other 1/16 projects) are going to be my first plastic tracks as I replace all my 1/35 tracks with metal ones. What was this disaster?
30. October 2020, 07:33
David Taylor
I built them up all 98 per side then did Humbrol 27003,it dried and solidified the tracks.It took me 2hrs gently easing them to be workable to wrap them around the running gear.
30. October 2020, 17:42
Thomas L. M.
I never used Humbrol. I currently use Vallejo and Ak Real colors, and Alclad for metals. Occasionally Tamiya, but I think their colours are not as accurate as Ak's. Never had any problem with my tracks but I definitely see how this can happen. I will be careful as I never built workable plastic tracks before. Thanks for the insight.
30. October 2020, 19:43
David Taylor
the tracks have metal pins which is a bonus but Pz1 are plastic so I will be pre painting the links first then assembling them.Looking at the instructions there is a lot of sub assemblies to build.
30. October 2020, 22:47
Thomas L. M.
Yeah, the plastic pins, from what I have seen so far in videos, seem to fit quite tightly as well, making the tracks a bit too stiff-looking to my liking. I am thinking about a way to thin them down a bit to allow more flexibility and natural-looking sag.
I also have the Luchs kit but would like to replace the plastic tracks with a resin alternative.
I have only just moved house and everything is still packed in boxes all over the place. I am looking forward to resuming my current Panther build and getting started on the smaller panzers!
31. October 2020, 18:46
David Taylor
The Luchs kit is brill but the fit at times is iffy.I spent abit extra on a replacement barrel which was well worth it.Added a commander for scale .Lovely little ish when done.Still looks tiny against a Tiger B.
31. October 2020, 19:58


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1:16 Pz.Kpfw.I Ausf.B (Takom 1010)1:16 Pzkpfw I Suspension Set (T-Rex Studio TR16001)1:16 Set of 2 barrels for guns MG13k (short) used in Pz.Kpfw. I Ausf. A/B (Aber 16L-18)4+

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