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Bernhard Schrock (Yellowwing)

Wildcat Groupbuild-Grumman/GM FM-2 Crop sprayer N58918

Participants welcome


44 | 29. June, 16:19
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Hanno Kleinecke
That worked well and turned out convincing !
29. June, 16:45
Hanno Kleinecke
Headstart ! 🙂
23. August, 10:51
Wow, the paints on the previous project are not hardened completely the next wave is rolling 👍 And with a great start! I'm in!
23. August, 13:48
Robert Podkoński
Following of course!
25. August, 20:03
Sergej I
If you will not add proper manure in the model, I am not your friend anymore 😄 Great start and grabbing popCORN! 👍
25. August, 20:11
I will follow with great interest this assembly, I just ordered this Tamiya kit. I was hesitant with the hobby boss kit but after watching more unboxing videos, I think the Tamiya kit is more finely engraved despite its date of manufacture.
28. August, 16:02
Daniel Klink
Following with interest 👍
Couldn't imagine they were used as Crop Sprayers..
28. August, 16:03
Bernhard Schrock
Im very glad that the first row is filling up🙂
Sergej: I already talket to the farmer (see picture 14🙂 )
JL L: on original pictures it's the typical fuselage structure with overlapping panels well visible. Tamiya has done an excellent job reproducing this overlapping structure. This is the reason for my choice.
28. August, 17:18
you are absolutely right Bernhard, we can see it well in this photo (Photo 1) Divers | Album by Jlele

For my part here is why I chose this kit (Photo 2)
Divers | Album by Jlele

I am now doubly satisfied...
28. August, 20:07
David Funke
I think, I´ll take a seat. 😉
29. August, 19:21
Stefan Schacht
nice start, count me in 🙂
29. August, 19:30
Hanno Kleinecke
Engine ready for preflight runup, looks like it will run smoothly ! Throttle to idle, mixture auto-rich, magneto check 👍 🙂
9. September, 15:11
I am really impressed with the modifications made to adapt an FM2 from an F4F-4 base. 👍
9. September, 18:34
Hanno Kleinecke
Sehr schön propellert ! 🙂
10. September, 16:42
Bernhard Schrock
Thank you mates.
Hanno: es hat sich gelohnt die Blätter steckbar zu machen und sie getrennt zu lackieren. So habe ich eine saubere Kante zwischen schwarz und Aluminium.
10. September, 16:45
Great build again 👍
The engine is not bad, but a Small Stuff shows more details in 1/72 ?
Really pity, that it is not available in 1:48.
11. September, 14:57
Bernhard Schrock
The moveable clear part is actually to big because the material thickness. Tamiya made a compromise: the idea is to enable closed or open configuration.
I decided on the closed configuration and corrected the height of the part to match the windscreen contour.
11. September, 15:55
Roland Gunslinger
Watching with interest! Looks great 👍 Especially your masking/painting came out superb!
15. September, 16:15
What a paintjob 👍
15. September, 16:29
Gordon Sørensen
Another great looking project, Bernhard! I really like the idea for mounting the engine in the cowling with rods.
15. September, 19:02
Wow how the heck did I miss this!
15. September, 19:03
Robert Podkoński
Perfect paintjob, I wish I had a half of such abilities (and patience...) Looking fabulous!
16. September, 05:51
Eduardo Arguijo
Never stop surprising with the detail on your builds! Excelent Work!
16. September, 06:01
Roland Soderstrom
The painting is absolutely flawless, amazing
16. September, 07:25
Hanno Kleinecke
Beautiful colours, perfect !
17. September, 06:03
Bernhard, do you own a 3D printer now?
17. September, 12:39
Bernhard Schrock
Ich wünschte es wäre so… Aber ich nix 3D daher Vitamin B🙂
17. September, 14:25
Question: What color/hue/shade of wash did you use on the yellow?
19. September, 10:12
Bernhard Schrock
Treehugger: a mix of middle grey (50% saturation) and middle brown as base. But I used not overall the same mix to break the uniformity. I used the middle grey here and there a bit lighter grey and here an there a bit darker grey.
19. September, 10:22
Re. photo 62. I've ordered one of the second batch of 1:32 Viggen's from JetMads and I strongly suspect the 3d printed parts will require some surface treatment. Although the largest parts are (hollow) resin parts, the tail base is 3d printed. I plan to use liquified vallejo putty, or consider using that, to try level the surface, with minimal sanding, as the liquid putty should self level, but has poor filling quality the more it is thinned. Then I can apply the more liquid'dy putty with a small brush to avoid the mess that one typically gets if just smearing putty onto a model. Casual sanding of a surface is bad for the details and the edges tend to get rounded off if one isn't careful.
20. September, 13:59
Boris Belay
Great project and beautiful build ! I like your modifications to FM-2 and then to civilian service. I would only suggest that the seat would gain from being thinned down (or made from photo-etch), but that's a minor detail. The rest is inspiring indeed !
And I didn't know there was a Wildcat group build. I may join with an old project for a yellow-wing F4F-3 (Hobby Boss kit).
20. September, 17:39
Hanno Kleinecke
Makellos ! Tanks ( mit Stutzen) 🙂 sehen schon klasse aus !
21. September, 17:46
Bernhard Schrock
Boris: you are welcome🙂
Hanno: Danke. 4 Augen sehen mehr Stutzen als 2…🙂
21. September, 18:25
Hanno Kleinecke
First class result here - beautiful ! That is the way a proper spraycat is supposed to look like 👍
22. September, 18:45
Again some pictures of the original plane at the end of the build thread! WAHNSINN!
22. September, 19:09
Robert Podkoński
What a quickbuild! Fantastic!
22. September, 19:29
Daniel Klink
Cool project and absolute Convincing result Bernhard!!! 👍
24. September, 18:22
Hanno Kleinecke
The new photos do even more justice to this pretty little yellow fatty 😄 😄 , beautiful !
26. September, 15:10
Robert Podkoński
I am just overwhelmed with the quality and time of this built, not mentioning the beauty of the subject and fantastic photos. Simply perfect! Chapeau bas encore, Bernhard!
26. September, 16:40
Roland Gunslinger
Lovely build! Just Beautiful 👍 Congrats!
26. September, 17:20
Bernhard Schrock
Thank you mates! I'm glad that you like my Spraycat. After several helix with a lot of extra parts it was a welcome change. 🙂
26. September, 17:26


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