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Mona (kestrel)

M41 in Lebanon

built a Tamiya Kit #35055 , A M41 In Lebanese Army service


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Robert Podkoński
Looks really good so far - I am always impressed by 1/35 armor modellers patience with regard to running gear (not mentioning the tracks... 😉)
9. July, 19:30
Ahmet Eren İspir
Nice build and profile pic ?
9. July, 20:26
Thanks you guys this ones practice . This inexpensive kit didn't come with the items other manufactures provide , today I made the muffler for the auxiliary engine that's located on top of the right muffler ,I do not like the plastic/rubber tracks and the tools leave a little to be desired also .I need to practice my weathering "effects" so I do not disappoint myself ,building my Centurion or Merkava
12. July, 03:20
I finding the the most difficult part of this build isn't Updating/modifying the kit ,or the little base it sits on But , what decals to put on it....
16. July, 23:25
Mark K
Very nice - "practice" or not!
17. July, 00:57
Thank you Mark
17. July, 02:00
Yes it's practice all right ...after a day of fussing with PE , should have known better than to pick up the air brush ...look's Horrible now , because I hurried so I could post a pic , ugh
21. July, 00:09
Mark K
While I am grateful to everyone who posts photos of the progess of construction, lately I have been finding it much less stressful to wait until a project is substantially completed - much more satisfactory to focus on the build without worrying about producing photos…
21. July, 01:26
Jan Peters
Nice, seldom seen subject.
Watching with interrest
1. August, 16:31
Robert Podkoński
Good work so far, Mona. Very realistic painting.
2. August, 05:48
Thank you ,Jan and Robert for the words of encouragement
2. August, 13:42
Nice weathering. 👍
4. August, 10:33
Thank you ,still a little more to go .decals and some pigments yet
4. August, 12:56
Peter G
Beautifully painted!
4. August, 13:41
Alex Rodionov
Very realistic. ?
6. August, 03:59
Thank you Alex
6. August, 05:06
Everything is working out well. Nice!
7. August, 06:01
Robert Podkoński
Awesome dio and perfectly done model. Congrats, Mona!
7. August, 07:01
I agree with Robert. You really graded this aged kit up! 👍
7. August, 09:46
Thank you very much R K , Robert and Neuling , I really appreciate your compliments and input on my work
7. August, 14:29


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1:35 Lebanese Tanks & AFVs Part 9 (Star Decals 35-C1279)1:35 M41 Walker Bulldog T91E3-Track (AFV Club AF35046)1:35 M-41A3 Walker Bulldog (Eduard 35504)

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