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Mona (kestrel)

Merkava MK1 Hybrid

A Tamiya kit # 350127 Merkava MK1 ,modified(kitbash) to be a MK1 Hybrid


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Good start!
16. August, 06:24
Karel Doležal
Great anti-slip layer
16. August, 07:31
Thank you guys ..its slow going , now that I'm past the anti slip material . On to assembling the tracks (oh,what fun)
16. August, 14:20
You seem to enjoy it...
16. August, 21:53
Oh joy ..they are going to take me a few days .If my fingers were youthful maybe quicker but
17. August, 00:08
Ahmet Eren İspir
Agreed, looks good
17. August, 08:49
Hi, and thank you Ahmet , its a slow roll but I shall gain some speed.
17. August, 15:24
It looks great. Could you please provide more details of how you added the anti slip texture?
29. August, 23:20
@ Spanjaard The texture on the lower portion of turret is Mr White Putty( by Mr Hobby) thinned with a drop of AK Rc701 thinner applied in a stippling motion . Then I used Mr Surfacer 1000 to prime . Vallejo Matt Varnish 70.520 was applied with a #1 brush, thick dabs (but neatly) then evenly drizzle fine sand with a spoon (better to work in small segments )then tip over so excess sand falls off ,
30. August, 05:19
thanks a lot Mona Abel
30. August, 07:21
i think that JJ Scenery 95276 is missing in the database, maybe you can add it 😉
30. August, 07:30
Now I can start the diorama
10. November, 01:32
Bobby Thumbs
Dayym Mona!! you went all out on the anti slip. Excellent work. You need some idf tank girls for this one
10. November, 06:05
Rui S
Very Well done 👍 Looking forward to see the Dio 😎
10. November, 10:56
Nice one, Mona! 👍
10. November, 11:54
Michael Kohl
@Bobby: no IDF tank girls anymore. They tried it (with TV documentation and the like) and cancelled it again. Girls often serve as instructors at the tank corps but not as tank crew.
@Mona: great paint work with the brush again. I am always impressed by your skill with it. Like the color of your Merk too. Which one did you use?
Looking forward to the dio.
10. November, 15:44
Thank you Everyone , @Michael Kohl I used two different shades and brands , after the base of Mr.Surfacer 1000 , I sprayed (Paasche mod. H) Mr.Color #529 IDF gray2 , then a over spray of AK#RC095 IDF sand gray . Two different MIG filters(with a brush) Ochre for light sand #1503 , Tan for yellow green #1507 .MIG panel line wash Orange brown #1616 ,Africa Korps wash #1001 . all the other work was done with a brush .using mostly Vallejo acrylics and Ammo by MIG .MIG pigments also, maybe too much but I was having fun
10. November, 19:55


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1:35 Modern IDF Tank Track 2 - Reinforced Bata'sh Track (Wolfpack WP12002)1:35 Merkava Chains (Workable) (MJ Miniatures MJEZ35008)1:35 Towing cable for Israeli Merkava I & II Tanks (Eureka XXL ER-3561)1+

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