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21 | 29. July, 01:00
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Roger Trewenack
That style circle cutter makes so many thing possible - Great Work! must remember that when I get around to my 1:12 cars.
31. July, 22:46
Thanks Roger, these circle cutters are a little bit hit and miss using the radius mm markings though their pin blades are excellent, Used Tamiya gold enamel for the circle and then thinned with x20 for the lettering.
1. August, 02:20
Martin Oostrom
What's with the the Aussie guys and engines? Hardly any difference between you and Peter Hardy on the extra detail level. Great work John
11. August, 08:38
Thanks Martin, yes Peter is an inspiration although if I've got this in my display cabinet and it has no detail then I may as well make a replica from silly putty and throw away my dribble cup ??
12. August, 03:09
Mona Abel
The Fabulous DFV Cosworth /Lotus 49 from the glory days of formula 1...fantastic job on that engine . I still have a few unfinished 1:12 scale crew (Tamiya) ,I purchased in the 80's to go with my 1:12 scale Lotus 78 . I can paint better than I could in my youth , with your build as inspiration I should finish a old project that's incomplete
15. August, 21:46
Thanks Mona
16. August, 07:53
The paint on the tires is nice.
18. August, 11:39
Andy J
Very nice. Clean work. Love the big scale models.
22. August, 15:53
looks good Jonn, may have to get myself some 1:12 cars one day
22. August, 15:57
Thanks Andy, Thanks Matt, yes there are few kicking around on ebay, their decals tend to be yellowing off a bit so for some of my other 1/12 f1 kits I'll be shops after market
23. August, 01:34
Andy J
I've had some snap fit suspension joints come undone when transporting to shows, but they go back pretty easily. Progress is looking great on yours.
26. August, 19:40
Cheers Andy, after looking on other forums it appears this kit is somewhat out of scale in a few areas, I'm inclined to agree as the tire width is large and the dfv is oversized as is the trans, though, I'm learning a lot along the way
27. August, 04:19
excellent job
28. August, 08:28
Rod -
very cool 🙂 I like pic 37 best.
28. August, 08:30
Thankyou Spanjaard and Rod
28. August, 09:40
Roger Trewenack
Wonderful job, John, and great motivation for anyone to get up and start building in 1:12th scale.
Must get on with that Mini!
I gather you didn't use any after-market components, nor strip any of the chrome? Tamiya's chrome polishes up really nicely!
Love the black and white photos at the end - Graham Hill would be chuffed!
28. August, 23:01
Was an interesting build, Roger, the exhaust system called for flat white as well as tedious to remove chrome just from the glue points so bleach removes this old chrome in minutes. The cones were stripped and sprayed with molotow. Currently starting 1/12 Ferrari 312T and the chrome on all of the wings is pitted so might try polish but failing this I can just redo, all the best with your 1/12 mini 🙂
29. August, 04:47
Martin Oostrom
Great job Jonn and quick too!
29. August, 07:09
Cheers Martin……..retired🤗
30. August, 09:22
Looks like the real thing! 👍
30. August, 10:21
Hanno Kleinecke
I second that, super convincing result, absolutely realistic !
30. August, 19:27
Rui S
I agree with Neuling. Top 👍
31. August, 01:19
Neuling, Hanno, Rui appreciate you all taking a look 😷 seems more time available to model, keep telling my self I've more than enough kits to go on with……..and then…..well, a bargain appears….dohhh! 🤩
31. August, 03:47
Martin Oostrom
Retirement, the envy of all regular working modellers 🙁
31. August, 07:27
Martin, never thought it would happen…life can have some intersections that allow for course changes

31. August, 09:32
Roger Trewenack
Yes Jonn, Retirement & Melbourne Lockdowns. Course changes indeed.
31. August, 23:36
Andy J
Retirement gave me the gumption to model again. 14 hrs a day trucking took up time.
1. September, 00:19
Andy J
40 years, 2.5 million miles, I had enough. Lol
1. September, 00:27
Cheers, Roger, Andy-well deserved rest.
1. September, 01:10
Rod -
2.5million miles, literally 100 laps of the equator
1. September, 03:13


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1:12 Lotus 49 Ford F-1 (Tamiya 12012)

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