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Matthew Haycock (spitfire0612)

RRAF Hawker Hunter FGA.9


8 | 11. May, 16:29
Matthew Haycock
Colour call outs require sky underneath with dark earth and green camouflage on the top.
So far the kit hasn't been too bad, although the cockpit is completely out of scale and subsequently the photoetch and ejection seat aftermarket leave a lot to be desired.
That said, overall a good fit, some filler around the wing joints but for a 1997 tooling it's gone together well.
Next step is finishing the sky colour and then starting on the top camo pattern.
11. May, 16:43
Maciej Bellos
I have been consudering this kit in the Academy boxing with the Kuwaiti markings. Going along nicely.
11. May, 17:40
David Taylor
Got the Airfix 6.I think it will be hard to beat.
11. May, 19:01
Matthew Haycock
Kuwaiti markings would be an interesting scheme, much like the RAF WW2 desert scheme.
12. May, 19:52
Matthew Haycock
I too have the Airfix one, hoping to do that in RAF colours later in the year.
12. May, 19:52
Matthew Haycock
Update #2 - Decaling underway after applying a gloss coat. Still some more painting to be done touching up the intakes and painting the black sections on the nose and top of the tail. Pylons and ordnance is being built and painted ready to attach later on. Going well so far!
16. May, 10:38
Matthew Haycock
Update #3 - Finished today, landing gear, ordnance and the usual lumps and bumps went together really nicely and when it is finished it does look really nice. Apart from the fit issues mentioned earlier this is a really nice kit, perhaps a more affordable alternative to the Airfix kit. Would highly recommend!
22. May, 16:23


1:48 Hunter F. Mk.6/9 (Italeri 2708)1:48 Hawker Hunter Ejection Seat with Safety Belts (Quickboost QB 48 550)1:48 Hawker Hunters International Operators (Xtradecal X48203)
Hawker Hunter FGA Mk.9
RH Military Royal Rhodesian Air Force (1963-1970)
1 Sqn. RRAF121
1967 - Thornhill AB

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