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Moreno Baruffini (Pliniux)

My HE 112B in progress


28 October 2021, 17:35
Robert Podkoński
Another brave man who tackles a RSmodel kit. Keep my fingers crossed for your perseverance... And I will follow with pleasure, of course 😉
28 October 2021, 17:49
Moreno Baruffini
Many thanks mates!!!!

@Robert:Yes...Today, I have been working on the two engine covers...Very bad slots...But I usually work on vintage kits, so I should be ready!
28 October 2021, 18:03
Moreno Baruffini
Well mates...I have to be sincere: although the instructions are a bit vague, part 34 is missing on the sprue and you have to sand almost every piece... I'm really ENJOYING this build: the kit is simply and the parts are well engraved, and I really like the line of this plane. I'll try to do a good job on the camo!
1 November 2021, 09:38
Robert Podkoński
The most important fact is that you are really enjoying this build, Moreno 😉 Keep calm and carry on!
1 November 2021, 15:16
Moreno Baruffini
Dear Robert, I just had funny moments trying to fix the wings to the fuselage...These kits really need brave men! 😉
7 November 2021, 14:40
Moreno Baruffini
Time to resume this project: in the past week I worked filling and sanding...Not finish yet!
26 December 2021, 19:03
Good hard-job 👍
26 December 2021, 19:12
Moreno Baruffini
Still working on this project! (Don't worry, I'll try to finish all the open projects).

A bit disappointed by the AK real colours: they are very difficult to manage - they dry very fast and tend to clogging my airbrush - and the RLM 63 seems to me too green...For sure I have to practise more
14 May, 16:31
Живко Джаков
I have the same problems with Hataka. 🙂
14 May, 16:55
Well done so far, Moreno 👍
17 May, 17:31
Moreno Baruffini
Masking finished!
Waiting the retarder to arrive, and I'll start apply the colours for the camo
18 May, 13:13
Ben M
Nice work on a difficult project. Which retarder are you using? I used Ak paints on a tank because they came in conveniently premixed colors but I did find myself thinking I would have been better off mixing Tamiya and spraying. I did have problems with tip dry but I live in an extremely dry area.
18 May, 13:21
Łukasz Gliński
Following. Having the same project in mind too.
18 May, 13:26
Moreno Baruffini
Hi Ben, thanks! I'm using the AK real colours kit for Luftwaffe pre war camos, I also experienced tip dry... I'll try the AK retarder.
...Here in northern Italy the climate should be quite wet, but we are facing a lack of rain in the last months... Climate change 🙁

Thanks for the following Lukasz!
18 May, 13:36


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1:72 Heinkel 112 B (RS Models 92140)
Heinkel He 112 B-0
ES Ejército del Aire (Spanish Air Force 1939-now)
2 Reg. Mixte 2-5
June 1946 - Tauima Aerodrome, Nador

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