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6 7 November 2021, 23:53
Exciting, I will watch here
8 November 2021, 04:34
Thanks! It's definitely a large kit, that's for sure! I'm hoping it will actually fit on the shelf above my desk when it's all said and done! Left shoulder isn't fully complete because I was letting the Tamiya Extra Thin cure overnight as I was a touch too rough when sanding nub marks down and a part snapped, but thankfully it was a relatively clean break in an area that's easy enough to fix.
8 November 2021, 12:50
Every journey begins with a single step.. walk on!
14 November 2021, 04:49
That's going to be a rather large step - that's a half inch grid on my cutting mat!
14 November 2021, 05:41
Your light is awesome! 🦾
14 November 2021, 07:49
Adrian Forest
The Eeevee is cool too. 😄
14 November 2021, 14:33
Thanks JD, it's a rather handy light, and is a lot more useful than my old setup of two Ikea Tertial lams! It doesn't put out as much light, but it's a lot more even, and much easier to control the amount of light (I usually have it at most 2-3 notches brighter than the lowest it will go, due to an eye condition). It also doesn't aggravate my eyes either, which is rather handy!

Adrian Forest, I agree, that sleeping Eevee is a rather fun little kit, doubly so with a little bit of seam line removal. The other Quick! Eevee will get his missing eye repainted - that sticker came off when I had to clean off the original clear coat that had flaked (which earned him the name Captain Fuzzbutt)
15 November 2021, 00:13
Progress on this will be delayed. Slipped on ice at work, landed on my right wrist and seriously sprained it. I'm left handed, but being unable to hold things while sanding or assembling for a few weeks means little to no work until it's headed. On the other hand though, this is giving me time to try and track down the Yujiao Land / Infinite Dimension / AnchoreT resin conversion kit...
18 November 2021, 23:33
Get well soon
19 November 2021, 05:31
It's nice to be working on this kit again. So many hidden details or things that transform and reveal. Just have the three weapons and shield left for the initial build, but I'm looking forward to that initial completion (and getting initial photos taken in the tent), as well as the resin conversion that should hopefully be shipping soon.
20 March, 01:40


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