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2.5 Ton GMC CCKW Redball Express Diorama Photo Album


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Bruce Huxtable
Liking these a lot 👍
18. August, 21:42
Robert Espenschied
beautiful so far...
18. August, 21:45
Thanks, Gents! Can't wait for the truck to get here so I can start on it 😄
19. August, 12:17
Took almost two months for the truck to finally arrive from France (1001 Hobbies) ... don't blame the store, blame the postal service leposte.fr
Finally can get started on the truck!
14. September, 16:23
Bruce Huxtable
Watching with interest 🙂
14. September, 20:20
Deuce & a Half truck components are assembled and now are primered.
Now comes my very favorite part, painting and weathering the vehicle.
17. September, 17:22
Deuce & a half is painted its initial coat of paint.
I painted it to look new, clear coat is next, and then will start the aging process.
You have to make it look new before it can look old.
23. September, 15:18
Bruce Huxtable
Starting to come to life 🙂
23. September, 18:26
Thanks Bruce!
Nearly done!
Just need to add mud.
I have AK Products' Splatter Effects Wet Mud.
Will be first time to use it 🙂
24. September, 19:16


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1:35 2 1/2 Ton 6X6 Cargo Truck (Tamiya 35218)1:35 10-in-1 Ration Cartons (Tamiya 12689)
US 2 1/2-ton 6X6 Truck
US US Army (1784-now)
ASCZ 3886 Trans. Corps Truck Co. Truck Nr. 49 4149196-S
1944 Red Ball Express FR
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