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Brian Hunt (Jedra7609)

Airfix Folland Gnat

Airfix Folland Gnat T.1 in 1/48 Scale - painted in the Yellowjacks scheme using Alclad 2 Milspec paints and finished with Klear Kote.

I made a huge mistake with the Klear Kote, initially spraying at far too low a pressure so the varnish did not atomise properly. I then overcompensated and sprayed at too high a pressure and too much varnish! This meant it took over a week to dry and in the meantime while it was still slightly tacky I tried to wet polish it leaving fingerprints everywhere!

Lesson learned - do not use a product for the very first time on your model!

I have since practiced on spoons and have got the hang of how to spray Klear Kote properly. This was me at fault and not the product!

Anyway, I was very happy with how the Milspec Signal Yellow turned out. It went on well and gives a nice shade (it looks slightly more orange in my pics, but this is my camera!). Given the troubles I have had with acrylic yellows in the past, the Alclad paint was really good.

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3 | 22. May, 23:32


1:48 Folland Gnat T.1 (Airfix A05123A)
Folland Gnat T.1
GB Military Royal Air Force (1918-now)
Central Flying School XM698
1961 - Gloucestershire

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