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Arif Saeed (SID78)

Hasegawa JASDF F-15DJ 1/48


31 | 17. May, 15:40
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Alexander Grivonev
Dunno if this is supposed to be a camo or not, but this looks friggin amazing!
17. May, 18:01
Arif Saeed
I love the JASDF Schemes, just the best ever IMO
17. May, 20:48
Awesome, watching this for sure!
Will give a holler when I start my stencil monster, which will be soon as I am pretty hyped 🙂

Just wonder - dont the decals come with their own grey background? As you are masking all of those
18. May, 18:39
Arif Saeed
Thanks Daniel, the stencil data decals don't have the grey backing I'm afraid, so it's going to be a long haul, hoping to get the masks finished by weekend so I can put some paint down.
18. May, 21:59
Roland Gunslinger
? Really nice work so far. Your masking work paid off 👍
26. June, 20:47
Arif Saeed
Thanks Roland ??
26. June, 20:54
Clifford Keesler
Looking very nice.
26. June, 21:07
Arif Saeed
Cheers Clifford !
26. June, 21:50
26. June, 22:00
Arif Saeed
Maciej ??
26. June, 22:37
Awesome paintwork! Agree, I'm also a big fan of modern digital camo - sad that most of these planes are just for training purposes. Though the Ukrainian air force has digital camo as their default paintjob for their active planes.
Following for the rest of the build. 👍
27. June, 10:01
Arif Saeed
Thanks Alexander !
27. June, 10:16
Danumurthi Mahendra
the masking effort is unbelieavable!
27. June, 10:31
Arif Saeed
Danumurthi, I won't be attempting it again in a while I think ??
27. June, 16:00
Bruce Huxtable
Preparation is everything, for sure ? The rewards of your efforts are looking sharp ?
27. June, 16:06
Arif Saeed
Yes indeed Bruce, thank you !
27. June, 16:07
Fantastic work indeed!!
(I am very glad my dxm set comes with gray background stencils?)
Did you guesstimate the size of the gray fields or measured all the stencils?
29. June, 08:39
Arif Saeed
Thanks Daniel all measured against the Hasegawa decals, I have a set of DXM decals now for future builds.?
29. June, 16:31
Rui S
Nice paint job 👍
4. July, 22:07
Yeah, awesome work! 👍
4. July, 22:14
Arif Saeed
Thanks very much Rui, Alexander ?
4. July, 22:27
Looking great, a real eye catcher!
Did you leave the canopy open on purpose or is this still WIP?
5. July, 18:14
Arif Saeed
Thanks Daniel ? The canopy gave me a world of trouble fitment wise, it's pretty badly misshaped and I gave up trying to make it fit at this stage, I'm just going to have to live with it ?
5. July, 18:28
Konrad Limmer
Thats quiet impressive Arif!!! Awesome Eagle👍!
5. July, 18:30
uh thats bad to hear ... and good to know for my future plans
5. July, 18:31
Roland Gunslinger
Beautiful result 👍
5. July, 18:37
Arif Saeed
Thanks very much Konrad,Roland appreciate it !
5. July, 18:45
Clifford Keesler
Excellent job, Arif. A great looking F-15.
6. July, 00:32
I agree with Clifford. 👍
6. July, 08:18
Arif Saeed
Clifford, Neuling Thanks guys much appreciated ?
6. July, 09:13
Harry Eder
Great job! 👍 I like these JASDF aggressors...
6. July, 10:43
Great result!
6. July, 11:27
Arif Saeed
Thanks Harry and WhiteGlint ?
6. July, 14:50
What a machine this is!... As Clarkson would say! This looks AWESOME Arif! 👍
10. August, 13:32
Arif Saeed
Thanks Neil glad you like it mate, much appreciated!
10. August, 14:34
Arif Saeed
Thanks Gaston 🙏🏽
1. October, 17:36
Alex Rodionov
Superb Eagle. Very nice job. 👍
1. October, 17:52
Arif Saeed
Thanks Alex !
1. October, 17:57


1:48 F-15DJ Eagle 'Aggressor 2008' (Hasegawa 09832)1:48 J.A.S.D.F. Weapons Set A (Hasegawa X48-10)1:48 F-15C exhaust nozzles – late version (Aires 4336)3+

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