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Christian Kohl (Chrisse)

Westland Lynx AH-7 / 1:48 / Airfix



10 | 13. September 2020, 15:38
Christian Kohl
Hello everybody! My Lynx is currently being built, which is why I only uploaded one picture. In the next few weeks I will post more pictures and inform you about the progress ...!
13. September 2020, 15:43
Christian Kohl
Hello everybody. Today I started painting the main and tail rotor. This section was done quickly. The decoration of the rotors with decals is quite extensive and in progress. I will probably finish it tomorrow so that I can at least present the rotors to you tomorrow ...
18. September 2020, 18:36
Christian Kohl
Hey guys, the rotors for the Lynx are now ready. The individual pictures describe the individual stages and the colors and utensils used, right up to the finish. Mr. Mark Softer made the decals soft!
19. September 2020, 08:48
19. September 2020, 13:43
Christian Kohl
Thank you, Laurent...!! ;)
19. September 2020, 14:20
Nathan Dempsey
Looking nice. Can't wait to see the finish.
19. September 2020, 14:56
Christian Kohl
Thank you, Nathan. The remaining components are now primed with Alclad II Gray Primer & Microfiller. The next step is the camouflage with subsequent lightening and post-shading ...
19. September 2020, 15:50
Christian Kohl
Hello everybody! The camouflage of the Lynx was glazed and applied freehand, not completely covering. This should give the impression later that the paintwork appears to have faded from solar radiation ...!
20. September 2020, 11:30
Christian Kohl
Hello dear like-minded people! The Lynx is now glossy lacquered and equipped with the decals. after a further layer of gloss varnish, a wash (black) was applied, which was then sealed with a matt clear varnish. A couple of oil paints for filtering added the finish. A few more small parts, then the Lynx is ready for use in the showcase ... :)
27. September 2020, 17:44
27. September 2020, 19:39
Nathan Dempsey
Excellent finish.
27. September 2020, 21:23
Christian Kohl
Thanks David and Nathan. Final photos will follow ... :)
27. September 2020, 21:44
Christian Kohl
Hello everyone, the Lynx project is now complete ... ;)
28. September 2020, 13:06
David Taylor
I have the Eduard extras,did you use any or is it oob.
28. September 2020, 18:12
Christian Kohl
Hello David. It's complete oob!
28. September 2020, 19:30
David Taylor
good few years ago I had the good fortune to be invited onto HMS Ocean.Got some good pics of RM Lynx with uneven loadout,Hellfite starboard and MG port.Thats how my build will eventually turn out
28. September 2020, 19:35
Christian Kohl
Can't wait to see the first pictures ;)
28. September 2020, 19:55
David Taylor
Athiast when it comes to computers.
29. September 2020, 19:02

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