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Tiger I - Girls und Panzer

I think I am done.
The wheels and tracks did give me some headache.
Working with a paintbrush is not really my strength, so the wheels are somewhat sloppy. But I will keep working on it and hopefully will get better in the future.

I will probably do some minor adjustments in the future, when I will place this tank on it's diorama base after the Königstiger is finished.



1:35 Tiger I Kuromorimine Girls High School Version (Platz GP-6)
Pz.Kpfw. VI Ausf. E Tiger I
JP Racing Kuromorimine Girls High School
Kuromorimine Girls High School Version


4 | 13. December 2020, 16:02
James C
Tidy work so far mate
13. December 2020, 16:23
Thanks, mate.
It's a nice kit, the quality is good in my opinion, but I kind of struggle with the instructions. They are not always very clear.
Especially those hose/pipe things on top of the engine deck as I could not figure out how two of them are supposed to be attached.
Sadly, I didn't take a lot of pictures during the build so far. I used Tamiya Flat White as base colour and sprayed Dunkelgelb in a marble pattern on top of it to create some colour variation. I am quite happy with the results so far.
After the clear coat has dried, I'll need to attach the headlights I forgot and give the Tiger its decals and another layer of gloss varnish.
13. December 2020, 19:08
Got some work done the last few days.
I applied the decals on monday after work as they really are not many.
Yesterday, I sprayed the second gloss coat only to find that decal "1" on the back of the turret disappeared? It was still there when I left the decals to dry the day before, so I am kind of puzzled and somewhat annoyed. Could not find it anywhere around the tank.
I don't know what to do about right now. Maybe some kind of camo net?

On the bright side: I finished the second gloss coat and painted the rubber tracks.
I will probably start weathering this weekend.
16. December 2020, 18:54

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