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José Antonio Osorio (Bolika )



3 | 21. August 2020, 11:52
muy bueno el Leopard. bienvenido a SCM
(se te ha ido una foto familiar en el album😉 )
21. August 2020, 14:01
Bart Goesaert
looking good, but pls take care not to post out of focus pictures please. In the albums you can activate advanced options and turn the upside down pictures to the desired position. It seems there's a small problem with the captions, but once saved these disappear.

Model looks goods IMHO, could use some more cleaning up and filler before painting. for the tools you could use black, and some pencil to create damage, but this shiny paint isn't very lifelike...

seems harsh, but looking at the paintwork (which I like a lot...) and a bit more attention to the build this will be a complete stunner
21. August 2020, 14:19
José Antonio Osorio
Thancks my friend...is my thirst model build....i wanna listen and hear all comments
13. September 2020, 04:08


1:72 Leopard 2A5/A6 (Border Model TK-7201)

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