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F-15 Galm 2 Complete with WIP Pictures


23 | 14. June, 00:36
Following. 👀
14. June, 11:03
14. June, 17:59
Falk Röllig
14. June, 18:10
That's some really nice paintwork 👍
23. June, 20:05
Nils Steyaert
"yo buddy, still alive?"
following 🙂
23. June, 20:21
@WhiteGlint Thanks! I think the strokes around the camo turned out really well!
23. June, 20:23
@Nils Steyaert Hey nice to have you here 🙂
23. June, 20:24
Some reflections and final thoughts:

I am very pleased with the result overall, especially considering this is my first time using an airbrush. I was quite surprised that I didn't make any stupid mistakes such as dropping the parts on the ground or having paint splatters on the surface. The only thing I'm a little dissatisfied about is that there are some orange peels on the paint surface, especially in the corners, which left some ugly textures after the weathering. I have yet to found a way to paint large surfaces perfectly smooth, maybe waiting a bit longer between coats would help. Anyway, enjoy the pictures! I can now spend more time on my Su-30SM and some other planes currently on the bench.
12. July, 03:29
Mona Abel
It looks great ,we are our own best critic . If that's the first time using a airbrush ,the next project will be even better .I'm looking forward to your next build
12. July, 03:38
@Mona Thanks! The Su-30SM is coming along nicely, stay tuned!
12. July, 03:47
Very nice job.
12. July, 17:38
Great job and nice pictures!
I really like the paint job and the weathering.

You are using (mostly) lacquer paints, right?
Do you use Mr. Color Leveling Thinner? I believe I've seen some videos on youtube where it's been praised to make perfectly smooth surfaces.
Appearently you can also mix it with Tamiya Acrylics and get nice and smooth results.
Never used it myself yet or lacquer paints in general, so I am not sure if this is helpful, sorry. Right now I am still figuring out acrylics, though I got some lacquer paints in my stash for an JASDF F-2A waiting to be assembled.
12. July, 18:44
Roland Gunslinger
Really nice 👍
I built the egg version of Galm 2. Nice to see the original 😄
12. July, 19:04
@Roland Hey! I came across yours while researching for this build!
12. July, 20:48
@WhiteGlint Yes I mainly use Mr. Color lacquer and their leveling thinner. I can spray small surfaces perfectly smooth. It's just that I get impatient on large surfaces after the second coat or so and kept spraying back and forth, maybe a little more patience would help.
12. July, 20:51


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