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F-14A Razgriz Finished (WIP included)

Update: Finally completed this model, time to move on to my next project before Winter comes.

P.S. iPhone cam messes up the white balance quite a bit.

As of now it's at near-finish state. I didn't bother to take too many pictures and now I regret that fully...

About the model itself, Academy's new tool fits superbly. However, there were tiny issues through out the build. There were often height differences around mould lines. Some small details were lost on the bottom rear fuselage. The air intakes fit nicely, but the height difference was significant enough to warrant full re-scribing the seam. To my surprise, the nozzles don't line up perpendicularly. I only caught this problem after they were painted separately. But with all that said, I assume it's still the best 1/72 Tomcat out there.

As for paints, I believe Hasegawa's instructions mixed up the nose and fuselage colour. RLM 66 Black Grey is definitely better for the fuselage than the nose. Though I would say the end result isn't that intolerable. The weathering was easy to do with reference to Ace Combat 7's Razgriz skin. No need for walkarounds for this build.


16 | 21. September 2020, 09:53
Agustin Prellezo
That Tomcat looks very good! I had read that Hasegawa´s kit was the best Tomcat until Fine Molds and GWH appeared. I had no idea of the high quality of Academy.
21. September 2020, 19:39
You can open a lot of panels with GWH and Fine Molds but they're quite pricey. For a beginner like me this is perfect.
22. September 2020, 02:37
Donald Dickson II
I did this as well only it was the kit that was boxed as the Razgriz plane. Good job!

F-14 Razgriz Ace Combat | Album by smokeriderdon (1:72)
22. September 2020, 02:49
Nils Steyaert
looking forward to seeing this one finished 🙂
Razgriz, Launch!

Youtube Video

22. September 2020, 06:44
Slavo Hazucha
Very cool - I find the Razgriz Tomcat the absolutely best fantasy variant. Especially when attention is paid to the subtle shading of the black coat, there are some hi-res pics from later AC games that look absolutely gorgeous!

You did a great job on depicting this one, nice 👍

Does anyone know about 48-scale decals (or even a full model?) that would be realistically available?
22. September 2020, 07:41
As far as I know there are only 1/72 and 1/144 scale Ace Combat models.
I guess you would have to print the decals yourself. Luckily you can find a lot of the emblems online you could scale up or down. Vectored graphics would work best. Never printed decals myself though... 🤔 I will try it sometime.

I really wish we'd get some more AC kits, especially of the many fictional aircraft...
22. September 2020, 18:31
She's looking great already. Really nice job with the weathering. 👍
Did you use oil paints or pigments?
29. September 2020, 11:05
@WhiteGlint panel liner wash and oil paint dry brushing
29. September 2020, 22:44
Clifford Keesler
Nice looking Tomcat.
30. September 2020, 00:31
Thanks, kengdad. It really gives the F-14 an interesting look without being overwhelming. Maybe I'll give it a try on my Su-47 or the chinese fighters waiting on the shelf.
30. September 2020, 10:30
Very clean and careful build!👍
7. October 2020, 08:35
Slavo Hazucha
Very cool result & shading work with the black surfaces 👍
7. October 2020, 08:56
Donald Dickson II
Very nicely done sir! The kit I did the wings had to be done in one position or another. Did you do something to change that or was yours set with that option?
7. October 2020, 16:34
@Donald Dickson II The instruction says to choose one way or the other, but it doesn't hurt to make them movable.
7. October 2020, 20:19
Donald Dickson II
Did you just not glue them?
7. October 2020, 22:52
@Donal Dickson II In order to insert the wings after painting, I had to leave the joints movable since the wings can only be inserted at the intermediate angle. This is the Academy 2019 tool, I'm not sure how other 1:72 tomcats work.
7. October 2020, 23:17
Donald Dickson II
OK, Im an idiot. I could have sworn it was the Hasegawa you did. Never mind. I didnt say anything except great build!!!! 😄
8. October 2020, 01:18
8. October 2020, 02:58


1:72 USN F-14A (Academy 12563)

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