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Dmitry Melnikov (Ditrich)

47 mm Hotchkiss gun on a wheeled carriage


16 30 May, 19:02
Ben M
Looks great!
31 May, 02:03
Yes! And good presentation!
31 May, 09:02
Dmitry Melnikov
Thanks! It's an interesting experience with 3D printing. Not only assembling the model, but also making changes in 3D
31 May, 10:35
Simon Nagorsnik
And again a beautiful paint job from you!
The color elaboration looks very sophisticated.
I don't know what else to say about it.
31 May, 10:41
Dmitry Melnikov
Thanks Simon! I like to experiment with shades of the base color.
31 May, 16:04
Bruce Huxtable
Superb results in all aspects of this build - including the firing cord! You have a good 'eye' for sure 🙂
31 May, 16:12
Dmitry Melnikov
Thanks Bruce! Small details help to understand how it works. I look at old photos, photos from the museum and try to repeat) It's simple. A little patience and a lot of time)))
31 May, 19:34
Ben M
How do you do the color variation? It makes it look so realistic.
31 May, 23:20
Dmitry Melnikov
Thanks Ben! Base color is Tamiya acrylic. Next, artistic oil of different colors to give shades and weathering. Then drawing individual details with acrylic using a thin brush (wood, bronze parts, metal parts)
1 June, 06:13
Michael Kohl
Little model, great result. Color is the key. You nailed it.
1 June, 06:26
Robin (WhiteGlint)
Very nice work, also with the colours and weathering. 👍
1 June, 07:49
Dmitry Melnikov
Thanks comrades!
1 June, 08:34


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