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Dmitry Melnikov (Ditrich)

Ford-T 1917 Ambulance - early (Final)


52 12 March, 11:49
Mike Grant
Really nice work.
12 March, 19:34
Dmitry Melnikov
Thanks Mike!
12 March, 20:03
Daniel K
Great job. The used, yet maintained look comes across well.
12 March, 20:24
Zbynek Honzik
Great job! Very nice and gentle weathering. 👍
12 March, 20:28
Dmitry Melnikov
Thanks mates! This is an interesting color for weathering!
12 March, 20:51
Mike Siemers
So much detail, and fantastic job on the paint & weathering.
13 March, 02:35
13 March, 02:39
A masterpiece.
13 March, 09:16
Hanno Kleinecke
Unique subject, superrealisticly built and painted 👍
13 March, 14:38
Dmitry Melnikov
Thanks! I like the technique of the Great War and its unique technological aesthetics.
13 March, 16:09
Giannis Kaltapanidis
That's fantastic!
13 March, 16:55
Alain Mazeyrac
Superbe 😻
13 March, 17:18
Villiers de Vos
Very nicely done.
13 March, 20:50
Simon Nagorsnik
Exceptional good work👍👍
The whole painting goes together beautifully - you have created a very interesting object!
13 March, 20:56
Dmitry Melnikov
Thanks mates! I am glad that you liked my work.
14 March, 06:13
Michael Kraft
Very, very nice work, Dmitry! It is so much better than mine. But I will give it a second try, I've got the kit in my stash again and also some "Microdesign" parts, just like yours 🙂
14 March, 17:35
Michael Kohl
Very well done. Deserves even more pics. Hemmingway might have served with one of those back in Italy.
14 March, 20:30
Dmitry Melnikov
Thanks! I'll add more pics later)
14 March, 21:08
Tom ...
Wow. Absolutely love it! Amazing work. So good.
4 April, 06:29


20 images
1:35 Model T 1917 Ambulance (early) (ICM 35665)1:35 Ford-T Utility (Microdesign MD 035265)1:35 Wheel set for Ford T (denisssmodels.ru DMS-35024)
1917 Ford Model T
US US Army (1784-now)
SSU XXX 141858
1917 FR

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