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Dmitry Melnikov (Ditrich)

PzKpfw II ausf.D


35 14 August 2021, 11:07
That is exceptionally good!
14 August 2021, 15:05
James C
I agree... Superb pictures as well 👍
14 August 2021, 18:26
Mark K
14 August 2021, 19:06
Dmitry Melnikov
Thank you, comrades!
14 August 2021, 19:22
Rui S
Very Nice work 👍
15 August 2021, 16:29
Excellent work in detailing and weathering!
17 August 2021, 09:27
Zach Wilson
looks fantastic
17 August 2021, 18:13
Dmitry Melnikov
Thank you mates! I like to work with models, when assembling which you need to add something from yourself. I like to make homemade parts and structural elements. Coloring is also an interesting stage, but it is difficult for me to achieve the desired result in weathering! It turned out in this work and I like the result myself)
17 August 2021, 19:13
Tobias Fuss
You certainly turned the Ark model kit into something exceptional!
17 August 2021, 21:53
Adrian Forest
How's the build on this kit? I'd love to build an Ausf. D but I keep hearing this kit isn't great!
18 August 2021, 00:48
Dmitry Melnikov
Adrian, the build took a long time, but with very long breaks. There are no photos of the process before painting
18 August 2021, 07:54
Jean-Michel Tilquin
I agree with all of the above, very nice!
18 August 2021, 08:15


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1:35 Pz Kpfw II Ausf D (Ark Models 35016)1:35 2cm KwK 30 L/55 Barrel (RB Model 35B25)1:35 Universal tracked transport trailer Renault UK for Renault UE (Mirage Hobby 35216)1+

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