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A-10A Thunderbolt II - Europe One Camouflage


44 | 21. July, 15:04
Ferenc Sarka
Awesome build. I made the same version a half yaer ago. It was a difficult one with the three colour. Your is much better!
21. July, 20:26
Great build - I thought it was 1:48 scale at first, it is so detailed. I was thinking about getting a plastic aircraft stand like what is shown in your first few pictures, would you recommend that item?
21. July, 21:38
Thanks John G and Ferenc for your nice comments. I have added rivets to this Italeri 1:72 kit. I recommend an stand, but not that. It was bought on AMMO Mig Site. The problem is that you need to glue it and some parts are deglued when it passes some time. Maybe the ones in AK-Interactive site should be better.
22. July, 06:27
Looks very good! Great colors!
22. July, 08:53
nice job
22. July, 09:05
Thanks guys for all your nice comments and likes !!
22. July, 14:48
John Thomas
Nice work
22. July, 17:33
Thanks for the advice.
22. July, 19:50
Ferry Dierckxsens
Fantastic work!
22. July, 20:48
Łukasz Gliński
My fav US camo and fabulous build 👍 Respect
23. July, 13:21
Christian Bruer
Very nice finish and colour modulation 👍
23. July, 13:41
Mirko Römer
Coolest camo scheme ever! Great model!
23. July, 16:02
Wow, also didn't realized its 1:72 and not 1:48 - definitely some very nice paintjob! 👍
Also like the little detail with the bullet holes on the engines. 👍
24. July, 13:06
Paweł W.
Great job!
24. July, 13:51
🙂 I really love your appreciation, taking into account that this is my 12th model, I am a newbie 😉
24. July, 14:02
24. July, 14:08
Rui S
Yes, Nice paintjob 👍
25. July, 16:29


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