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Completed - Plague Marines


2 11 May, 00:41
Very creative use of fluorescent colors - lovely miniatures!
11 May, 06:34

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Needed to take a short break from armor modeling, so I decided to paint up some Grimdark style Plague Marines.
These are just the (kinda crappy) monopose Plague Marines I'd picked up secondhand at an Adepticon in 2017 or so and they've been sitting in the pile of shame, assembled and primed, since that time.

Base color here is Vallejo Air Zinc Chromate, chipped with hairspray and then washed with Streaking Grime. Details are done in a variety of Vallejo and AK acrylics, and then I came back in with oil paints to add more weathering, since I really wanted to make these guys look dirty and disgusting after thousands of years in service to the Plague God. Once that was done, a lot of the glow effects and blending on the fleshy bits was done with oils as well. Finally, I applied some super glossy Mod Podge to the fleshy bits and dry pigment to the rusty parts.

The bases are all scratchbuilt ages ago with cord, wire, bricks, and some 28mm skulls and posters. As I no longer play 40K, not sure these will get much playtime, but it was a fun project and they look good in the display case.

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28mm Plague Marines (Games Workshop 43-55)

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