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Paul Gallagher (tardate)

Spitfire Mk.Vc ER180 Algeria 1942


46 23 April, 04:12
23 April, 05:36
Robert Podkoński
Impressive! Can we ask for more photos of the final effect? 🙂
23 April, 06:29
Gary Kitchen
Great stuff. Great dio too looking forward to the additions.
23 April, 06:32
Very nice job
23 April, 07:03
Cool project!
23 April, 07:27
Guy Rump
Very impressive 👍
23 April, 09:41
Agreed! And a really impressive, concise, explanatory build album. I salute your work Paul 👌👍
23 April, 11:38
Kyle DeHart
Very cool
23 April, 21:11
Stunning dio. 👍
23 April, 21:26
Paul Gallagher
Thanks everyone for the kind comments. Robert - yes, I'll come back to finish this off in a few weeks or so and post some final pics. Have some Pit-Road 1:700 and 1:144 vehicles on the way for me to make a final decision on how far to push the forced perspective. I'll probably re-scale and re-color the "explosion" to match.
24 April, 03:01
Gary Bull
Very nice work. Really like it.
24 April, 04:04
Robert Podkoński
Looking forward to that, Paul! Thank you 😉
24 April, 05:40
Michael Kohl
Keen about the effect of the scale mix.
24 April, 06:30
Paul Gallagher
Nice little delivery from Hauler this week with some 1:120 vehicles to play the targets of opportunity. The 1:72 to 1:120 forced-perspective seems to work, no? I still have some Pit-road 1:144 and 1:700 on the way to see how far I can push it😉
1 May, 06:56
Robert Podkoński
Works perfectly, Paul! Looks really impressive!
1 May, 08:09
Certainly impressive!!!
1 May, 20:23
Michael Kohl
The scale mix works well.
2 May, 10:33
Very nice result. great work on the perspective.
2 May, 10:39
Yes! 👍 The perspective concept works, looks great 👏
2 May, 10:56
Dominik Weitzer
wow! thats a well made diorama with the right perspective! awesome.
3 May, 09:42
Paul Gallagher
Thanks for all your kind comments. I've just updated the diorama with some new Pit-Road 1:144 vehicles (wonderful new tool). It pushes the forced-perspective even harder and I think now even closer to the box-art😉 I think I can now call this done!
9 May, 16:55
Super cool boxart dio 👍 Also really like the happy/mischievous grin on this one. Somehow reminds me of my dachshund 😉
9 May, 19:45
Ralf Topeters
Superb cross-scale idea! Looks like a movieposter! 👍
9 May, 20:01


58 images
1:72 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vc (Airfix A02108)1:120 Tiger I Ausf. E (Hauler HTT120002)1:120 German staff car- hardtop (2 in set) (Hauler HTT120076)1+
Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vc (Trop)
US US Army Air Forces (1941-1947)
307 FS, 31 FG MX-P | ER180
November 1942 - La Sénia DZ
BS381C:362 BS381C:350 BS381C:104

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