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Paul Gallagher (tardate)

8-1 Aerobatics Team Chengdu J-10S


34 15 January, 16:23
Mark Broughton
Great twist on an inflight pose for a model, very ingenious!
15 January, 18:29
Paul Gallagher
Thanks Mark. Now I discovered it poses a whole new lighting challenge to get a good photo!! Might need to wait for some daylight..
15 January, 18:40
Robert Podkoński
Wow! Fantastic model and innovative way of presentation! I am truly impressed with your creativity here, Paul!
15 January, 18:42
Paul Gallagher
Thanks Robert. It's a nice scheme, isn't it? Usual Trumpeter though.. unnamed scheme and no decals for it. But my masking skills have improved😉
15 January, 18:55
Robert Podkoński
Indeed, it is, Paul 🙂 Masking must have been a tedious process here - but the effect is worth your perseverance and skill.
15 January, 19:02
Robin (WhiteGlint)
Very cool presentation 👍
15 January, 20:27
Łukasz Gliński
That is such a great build, love the scheme and the display concept 👍 How did you manage to make these nicely curved wing masks?
15 January, 21:44
Roland Revolvermann
Really Niiiice 👍
15 January, 22:04
Rui S
Great idea 👍
15 January, 22:05
Michael Kohl
Jo, cool idea and execution!
15 January, 22:11
Guy Rump
Like it 👍
15 January, 23:41
Oh YES! 👏 This is indeed VERY COOL! 😎💯
15 January, 23:45
Good idea to counter the notorious modelers problem: lack of shelf space! 👍
16 January, 05:14
Villiers de Vos
A very nice presentation.
16 January, 05:56
Alex Rodionov
Great idea and realisation 👍
16 January, 07:28
Paul Gallagher
Thank you everyone for the compliments, I'm glad you are enjoying it😉
Łukasz - I ended up making 5 patterns for masks; a tedious afternoon of measuring and scaling from the paint scheme diagram!
16 January, 08:46
16 January, 10:55
Hang Li
This is amazing! Very interesting idea👍
16 January, 12:09
Tom B.
Realy cool presentation 👍 Really suits the dynamic look of the plane and the paintjob!
16 January, 14:23
Thomas Kolb
Superb masking! And what a great presentation idea!
16 January, 14:34
great way to display a great model 👍
Wonder if they used the same seats as the F-14D or a "not-so-licensed" home production, those really look familiar despite the armrests
17 January, 18:24
Paul Gallagher
Thanks again to all! Daniel - yes, the seats do look very similar but I don't know the design lineage.
18 January, 15:14


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1:72 J-10S fighter (Trumpeter 01644)1:72 US Pilots with JHMCS helmet seated in a/c (PJ Production 721142)
Chengdu J-10S Vigorous Dragon
CN 中国人民解放军空军 (People's Liberation Army (Chinese) Air Force 1949-now)
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