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Randy Collins (Librarian)

JS-2 Project


17 22 November 2020, 15:53
Good small scale build which deserves more photos!
30 November 2020, 09:05
Rui S
Very nice paintjob on the JSU-122S 👍
5 December 2020, 22:15
Is this this tge 2020 rebooting with updated parts, ie tge sponson area has been updated as to not have light show through?
1 June, 22:28
Randy Collins
Rick402: The light does come through on this model. I built a 2020 JSU122 and that had the open sponson also.
2 June, 11:30
I guess I'll order it and have to fix it myself I guess I kind of want it cuz of the Infantry Riders js2 Dragon kit anyways great job on your builds
2 June, 12:25
Randy Collins
Thanks; I was going to fix that gap also however as I dry assembled the pieces I decided it can't be seen. My model looks great and I've even forgotten about the gap until now. best wishes, Randy.
2 June, 21:11


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1:35 JSU-122 vs Panzerjäger (Dragon 6787)1:35 ISU-122S/152 (Eduard 35713)1:35 152mm ML-20S SPG (RB Model 35B63)4+

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