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Al (danboone)

Tiger I

Tiger I by Academy 1/35 with interior


6 | 31. July 2020, 18:15
Bob Hall
Top Notch, Top !
1. August 2020, 03:24
5. August 2020, 08:44
Thanks guys. I'm not a fan of full interior kits though.
5. August 2020, 19:30
Interesting seeing the model next to a forest.

I've been wondering if I should make some trickery to my Challenger tank, by blending two photo, so that I can show this tank in a farm field, and remove the excess (the stand) so that the tank *maybe* looks like it is really in the field in 1:1 size. 🙂 That way one can match the lighting and get some realistic shadows, and match it with the field nearby, if one takes the photos at the same time of day and with the same angle vs sun/shadows.
5. August 2020, 19:42
If you are using your phone's camera it has amazing capabilities to give depth of field or to bore down, I encourage you to do this! Also it's not trickery, it's art. Frankly I photograph outdoors because there is no substitute for sunlight to add realism.
12. August 2020, 12:13
I've just finished the Tiger I by Trumpeter and it's on my finish table for weathering, will post another album later this week. Having built the Tiger I by Academy, AFV Club and Tamiya, this was the best; the cast surface texturing was superb.
12. August 2020, 15:01
Wayne Lee
Superb detail on exhaust pipe, rust/texture is very convincing! Bravo!
12. August 2020, 15:20
You should have a go at the Trumpeter kit one day Anna, it's really one of their better ones.
12. August 2020, 23:22
Thank you Wayne, all I need to do for inspiration is look at the piles of rusty junk outside my barn ha!
12. August 2020, 23:23
13. August 2020, 08:57

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