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Peerke Schijvens (Peerke)

Chevrolet Truck

Long range desert group/30cwt


Peerke Schijvens
What a mistake…the truck is not the same as on the original photo. I Will finish it, next time I have research better.
4 January, 22:44
Peerke Schijvens
Not historical accurate, But a lot of fun building it!
9 January, 16:05
Guy Rump
The weathering is very impressive 👍
9 January, 16:11
Don't worry about the wrong car. You can put everything on any car of the LRDG.
You made a good job!
9 January, 17:56
Peerke Schijvens
Thanks Acki!
9 January, 20:06
Jean-Michel Tilquin
I agree with Acki, there were so many improvisations, you couldn't go wrong... nice work.
17 January, 17:13
Peerke Schijvens
Thanks mates! Indeed Kathleens he better stand up and hold on!!
17 January, 20:58


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