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Peerke Schijvens (Peerke)

M4A3 76W HVSS Sherman

Many hours working on this nice Rye Field Model, and still hours to go...


Johan Schijvens
Nice work brother!
16 September 2020, 05:49
Jean-Michel Tilquin
Nice work, taking a seat for the next steps...
16 September 2020, 10:55
Marc Schnitzler
Looks nice ! How is the fitting of the lower and Upper Hull?
16 September 2020, 12:13
Peerke Schijvens
Thanks guys, I'm looking for tools to make the parts hover above each other. When I have, next steps will be made 😉. The fit is good, no struggles.
16 September 2020, 13:39
Peerke Schijvens
I really need some help and thoughts how I can make the parts hover. So ideas are welcome.
16 September 2020, 14:08
some transparent rods? or a transparent block carved to adjust to specific place (complicated, but possible)
16 September 2020, 15:08
or transparent rods, fit in holes of small transparent blocks, so it is not wobbly
16 September 2020, 15:09
Peerke Schijvens
yeah transparent rods would be perfect...tried it with some parts of transparent sprue's but the are not long enough...any ideas how to get long transparent rods? If you don't mind me asking...
16 September 2020, 16:49
Thomas K.
wow! 👍
16 September 2020, 19:26
1 meter is long enough ?😉
I got some from https://www.kunststofshop.nl/kunststof-staf/g-28 plenty of choices
if you prefer tubes they have them too
I got some samples of products from https://www.voskunststoffen.nl/ but not rods/tubes, but they certainly sell those
I have just ordered some flat pieces from https://plexiglasstunter.nl/ (actually from its mother company https://www.flexinplex.nl/). Not yet received it.
and there are other webshops in Nederland but I have not ordered from them yet
and of course, you can find them in Amazon
i hope this helps 🙂
16 September 2020, 21:23
Peerke Schijvens
1 meter will just be enough. Many thanks, will post the end result. 🙂
16 September 2020, 21:40
Peerke Schijvens
Finished for now....thanks for the support 🙂
20 September 2020, 16:58
Johan Schijvens
20 September 2020, 18:05
Philipp Knobel
Very nice idea to get the interior presented. I'm planning to build eventually a tank with interior too, yet usually the interior is visible very limited. The way you present it, really makes it possible to see much more of it. Will keep it in mind once I'm ready for an interior build myself. +1
20 September 2020, 19:50
very nice result! 🙂
20 September 2020, 21:05
Jean-Michel Tilquin
Amazing, an original way to show all that beautiful work
21 September 2020, 06:23
Peerke Schijvens
Thanks for the kind massages!!
21 September 2020, 18:57


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1:35 M4A3 76W HVSS Sherman (Rye Field Model RM-5042)

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